Tried and True: Pratima Skincare

Certified organic. 100% natural and cruelty-free. No parabens, GMOs, artificial fragrance or colors. 100% recyclable glass packaging.

If you’ve been searching for a nourishing skincare line that is as elegant on paper as it is in the packaging, search no more. Pratima Skincare, which is based on the sciece of Ayurveda, is truly all that.

See how beautiful?

Pratima Skincare products

Now let me tell you about my experience using Pratima Skincare products…

My Favorite Pratima Skincare Products

Featured in the video:

What’s your Dosha?

Take the Pratima Skin Analysis Quiz to discover your dosha!

Pratima Skincare tips for Pitta Dosha

Are you fascinated by the science of Ayurveda too? I know I am. It explains so much…like why this fiery little Pitta tends to prefer cold salads and beverages, and AC-controlled summers. Got to keep that fire in check!

Did you take the test? What’s your Dosha? 


  1. This product line looks intriguing! I have used Organic Pharmacy for a bit— but it is insanely expensive. This looks more affordable, while still meeting my quality standards….. wonder if it is available in Singapore?

    1. Oh, boo, I just looked. They don’t do international orders…maybe someone from your U.S. home can send you a little care package? The products are very reasonable in terms of price and very high quality. I don’t think you would be disappointed. Hope you and little S are well over there!

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    1. You know, I never got into Aveda, despite trying. But so many people swear by their products! They do smell good. I guess I always found them too heavy in one way or another. Thanks for your comment, my dear!

    1. Alissa, I could never get into Aveda either. Trust me, this line is very different, and infinitely better!

  3. I love that your are reviewing Pratima Products. I have been using them for a few months now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. I am Pitta dosha as well and I love the cleanser, the purifying essential oil, and soothing lotion (for my breakouts). I also started reading Dr. Raichur’s book Absolute Beauty which actually tells you how to make a lot of the skincare at home. Its like a bible for anyone who is interested in beauty.

    1. Hi Viv, thanks for your comment! I have to say I really love them too, especially the Pitta Essential Oil, and the Eczema/Psoriasis oil…it really is incredible, and I will reorder it for sure!

  4. Always love your videos! Oh, that sandalwood mask sounds amazing. I’ve use organic and herbal-based skincare products because of my allergies. These look like wonderful products, Just took quiz Pitta Dosha fire/water! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Madison! So you’re a Pitta too! It’s unfortunate that Pratima doesn’t currently ship internationally, because the products are so worth it!

  5. I would love to know how you determined which foods cause flare ups! The dude’s had eczema since he was a baby and I haven’t been able to narrow down any foods that cause it. He always has flare ups after his swim lessons, so I think the chlorine isn’t great for his skin. I’m definitely intrigued by these products!

    1. Kristin, as I’ve mentioned before, I passed a food allergy test with flying colors. But that is not nearly comprehensive enough to detect food sensitivity/intolerance (not all-out allergy), and testing chemicals is another test entirely. What I will say is that I’ve discovered that I’m very, very sensitive to some food additives and preservatives, namely sulfites and sulfur dioxide. Like you, I’ve had a hard time determining exactly what all the triggers are, but those two I know for sure.

      Sulfites are in a TON of stuff, and eczema is a common reaction. I only know about the sulfur dioxide because I had dried figs I bought (hardly ever eat them dried, usually I eat them raw), and after my left eye swelled up completely, I checked the label and that was all that was included. I’m still not convinced that tainted soybean oil and considerable amounts of sodium nitrate haven’t been culrpits too. I had a seriously bad double eye swell over Easter weekend after having a lot of Nova Lox (smoked salmon, but with a ton of crap in it, vs. just plain old smoked salmon, which doesn’t bother me).

      As far as foods, is he having any nut products yet? Wheat? Soy? Milk? Try eliminating all and re-introducing one at a time to see if any of those are the culprit.

      Also, I’m not surprised that his swim lessons cause flares (though I’ve found chlorine helps mine in small doses). The more dry an existing eczema patch gets, the worse it gets, and we all know chlorine is murder on the skin. I did find that the eczema/psoriasis oil I mentioned above does help—but there are a lot of moisturizers that will do the trick too. Prescription steroid creams actually stop the itch, then dry your skin out so badly that they actually ruin it permanently with long-term use. So if he has been prescribed any, try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

      If he’s itching and scratching dab some white or apple cider vinegar on the itchy spots. It might sting for a second if the skin is broken, but then it quells the itch naturally. You might think about putting some A-D ointment or Vaseline on his eczema spots prior to swim lessons to seal in moisture and keep the water out.

      That’s all I’ve got for you, babe. Hope this helps and that he outgrows that eczema! My nephew has had it from birth too, on his hands, mostly. It is NO fun. That I know.


  6. This last two years I only have been using organic beauty products and it made aclot if difference. I am always looking for new stuff to try, this looks and smells( i trust you on that) gorgeous, I am going to check it out, thanks!

    1. Simona, I’m not easily impressed. I WILL be reordering several of these products. They really are fantastic.

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