You know it’s a good day when…

@MaisonValentino is reminded of little ol’ you…

MaisonValentino tweet: This look is so fierce it makes us think of you gritandglamour

I love you too, Valentino, and your fierce red leather deliciousness




What’s made your day lately? Finish this sentence in the comments: 

You know it’s a good day when…



  1. You know it’s a good day when the you play Guns and Roses to the baby in your belly and he kicks like crazy! xxxxx

    1. HAAAA! I love it! I’m sure that’s just the beginning of many good days with your wee one! And thanks for, you know…THIS!

  2. Your mate who’s design director at Aldo, tells you to wild in the flagship London store and pick whatever you want (without taking the piss!)… Man that was a beautiful day.
    Also loving Caitlins answer, my little guy also loves a bit of G n’R too, he does a jiggle and my belly just heaves!

    1. Ah, going wild on someone else’s buck…ANYWHERE…always a good day! Glad to hear your babe is also feeling the G’n’R. Every self-respecting guy loves some Axel!

  3. … you look out your window only to realize that you do indeed live in Singapore…

    (how wonderful to get a Valentino shout out— especially such a gorgeous one!)

    1. OK, whoa, alright, SINGAPORE? Lord, how did I MISS THAT? Happy that it’s making you happy right now. That’s a huge move. For some reason I want to recommend my homesickness pages to you again, but I know you have done this before, you know them too.

      Now I’m going to click over to NOH and try to catch up!

  4. Oh, so far nothing very special has happened to me, in order to indicate that it would be a good day. But I am very impressed by your example! 🙂

  5. Ummmm…..hello?!!! This is the best tweet ever!!
    How fabulous was that???
    I would love to have Valentino tweet me one day 😉

  6. When Vahni leaves a comment on my latest blog post- lol. It’s been a lot of good days lately- and Valentino has been SERIOUSLY rocking the fashion boat- I love their last collection- and what a big compliment to get a tweet by them. And that coat is soooo you.