WVW: New Classic*

I’ve been hearing for years that white jeans are the new denim staple. And for those same years, I’ve been incredulous. How could white be better than black? Uh, white across this ___?

It’s not that I don’t like white. I actually really love it. But it is ridiculously hard to keep clean, it can be too sheer, and unless you have the right cut, it can add a good 15 pounds to your look. But as part of my commitment to broaden my horizons in 2013, I decided to give white jeans a try.

Enter Zara coated white skinnies.


*WVW: What V Wore:
A bunch of old stuff. And these Zara skinnies.


White jeans are officially a new classic in my closet. I lucked out and found a pair with all the right details…gold zips at the ankles, not too big in the waist, not too sheer. Score.



  1. I think you look fabulous in them! I know what you mean about white adding on the kilos visually and the whole see through thing but these sound like they’ve worked a treat. I love the side zips on the ankles. This is a great casual look and I love how the furry gilet amps up the glam factor!

  2. I like that these are coated+zippers … I think that would push me to buy a good fitting white jean. I always felt white denim is “going brave!” I have white trousers that I love, but could use a great white denim. I love yours here!

    1. I’m obsessed with ankle zippers! Though I will admit that after laundering these the first time, they didn’t fare so well. The coating seems to “hold” onto marks! So not happy about that. Will probably look for a non-coated pair.

  3. I have been a fan for a few years…and ironically the tush is my biggest area….but somehow I feel fabulous in them…all depends on the cut and fabric. Huge fan of white jeans.
    They look great on you and LOVE the zipper accents.


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