WVW: Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active*

As much as I’ve posted about fitness here on G&G, you know it’s an important part of my life. As such, activewear also plays a pretty important role; I’m either dressed to the nines and in five-inch heels, or in lycra/spandex and my trainers.

When I’m lifting weights at the gym, I’m very specific about what I wear. It has to look good, allow full movement, not show sweat, and keep “the girls” in place (that’s another post—the importance of keeping your bosom bound properly during high-impact activities). When I’m walking, which I do several times a week, or hiking, I still require clothing that is functional and stylish, but I don’t need or want the same level of support. I don’t wear the same tops I wear in the gym for walking at a good clip—they’re a bit too binding and uncomfortable for low-impact activities. READ: I can’t breathe!

Intro to Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active

When Kmart asked if I’d take a look at some samples from the new Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active line, I thought, OK, let’s see what you’ve got. I liked that they asked me to look at the samples before committing to trying them.

Clearly, I liked what I saw…

V wearing Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active

*WVW: What V Wore:
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Ruched Track Jacket • Sofia by Sofia Vergara Ruched Scoop Neck Tee
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Ruched Waistband Capri  • Nike Shox Navina trainers

The line (which runs large—all the pieces I’m wearing above are a size small), is fun and flattering. I loved the pattern on the shirt and waistband of the capris, and I knew these pieces would be ideal for my outside-of-the-gym activities.

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active available at Kmart

Why outside-of-the-gym?

As I mentioned above, I need major support in the gym: tops with a built-in shelf bra that I pair with additional support pieces. I prefer tank-style tops that allow full range of movement, and compression pants that help keep everything in place.

The Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active shirt I’m wearing in these shots does not have built-in support—though you could easily wear a sports bra underneath it and alleviate that issue. I’m not crazy about working out with sleeves, but for hiking and walking, a short sleeve is fine, and the cap-sleeve look of this shirt is very flattering on the arm.

The top and jacket were ideal for combining a walk and with local errands, plus a pit stop at my local Starbucks, which I do with Hubby just about every weekend. 🙂 The top did not ride up, and the ruched track jacket is so soft and adorbs, I’d even wear it with a tube skirt and ankle booties.

V wearing Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active

Thanks to Kmart Fashion for the Sofia by Sofia Vergara Active samples! You can learn more about the line via @KmartFashion on Twitter and Facebook.

What are your activewear requirements or preferences?


  1. looks like Kmart has really upping their game. I guess, I need to pop into my local one to check out the exercise gear. I’ve discovered that A t-shirt just isn’t enough when you exercise. I’ve been using one of my support tops when I exercise and it helps to keep those pesky roaming bra straps in place.

  2. Wow, V you’re looking great, but what I didn’t expect was an active range from Kmart to look good (and feel good)! Can’t say I’m a big fan of sleeves whilst working out either!
    Hope all is well with you, totally jeals that you have fine weather across the pond! Filakia Polla!

  3. Oh this is sad, but I’ve worn the same basic active wear from Target for years now. I guess when it falls apart ill get something new, and ill probably look for full-price pieces that look really really good. Why? Because I buy new once every five years, soot better be perfect! I do a lot of walking/jogging, so like you I like a super supportive jog bra and I’m willing to spend good money on something that keeps me stable on top. (Like running shoes i buy these more frequently) Second I like bright colors because I’m outside and I want motorists to see me!

    Your outfit looks really good.

  4. i love sofia clothes too!! she has really nice clothes at kmart!!! i always get complements when i wear one of her blouses or dresses. the good thing about her clothes is that its not even expensive. the tailoring is also good.
    i foun d out about her clothes when i walk into a kmart in las vegas last fall when on vaction over there. i

  5. This is awesome… I have actually picked up a few pieces from her jewelry line at KMart as well as some swimsuit cover ups and have been shockingly suprised! Guess I’m trying out the gym gear next :).


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