Google Reader retires July 1st—switch to Bloglovin’!

Do you read G&G through Google Reader?

If so, I’m sure you know by know that effective July 1, 2013,  Google Reader will be retired. I’m not really surprised. As much as I love Google as an email provider, news outlet, and search engine, many of its apps end up failing because they often lack usability and design finesse. Kind of ironic given the company’s minimalist home page for search has always been so very clever.

Anyway, this particular failure will not affect me (thank goodness), because I’ve always used Bloglovin to read my favorite blogs via RSS. It’s not without issues either, but it has come a long way, and the mobile app has been vastly improved as well.

Bloglovin’ site developers are very attentive, and I’ve always appreciated that it maintains the visual integrity of posts. I’ve never understood why anyone blessed with the gift of sight would want to read a blog that stripped of all its personality and visual design. There is so much inspiring design deliciousness out there!

Import RSS feeds from Google Reader to Bloglovin’ with one click!

Bloglovin’ has made it super easy to import your blogs from Google Reader. Read Moving from Google Reader to Bloglovin? or just set up an account and just click to get started!

And hey, be a doll and follow GRIT & GLAMOUR if you aren’t already. 🙂

import blogs from google reader to bloglovin'


  1. I was rather bummed when I heard about this last night. I was unaware that you’re able to import your readers from Google to Bloglovin’ though. Good to know! I definitely need to let my readers know.

  2. I’ve just written a very similar post. It’s a shame GR is being retired but it’s actually quite nice that more people will be jumping on the Bloglovin’ bandwagon. It’s a much nicer way of reading blogs than any RSS aggregator.

  3. Wow, there’s an import feature? That’s awesome, thanks for the heads up. I’m personally a little sad… I’m such a google reader girl.

  4. I was so bummed when I heard about the death of google reader. Although I started out following all my blogs on bloglovin when I started using an I pad it became clear I would need a more mobile-friendly blog reading platform. After a lot of experimenting I ended up with the reeder app. It’s simple and easy to use. Unfortunately it needs google reader to work. Hopefully they’ll figure something out before July, or maybe bloglovin will put out an iPad app.

    Sigh. Google. What will they get rid of next?

    1. Heather check out Feedly it’s really cool and if you sign in with your google reader they’ll port all your blogs to their service when it closes this summer. Their apps are great!