My One Baby Post

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted shots of me in that yellow dress I wore to a baby shower? Well, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done here on G&G, and that is to do a post on baby stuff. Since I’m childless by choice, posts on kids and babies really don’t make much sense. I like children (and adore my niece and nephew), I’ve just never had any desire to birth any of my own. Or have elevated cortisol levels for the rest of my life.

BUT, the baby shower we threw was just lovely. Since many of you are moms (or sisters or friends planning baby showers), I thought you might like to see these photos. Our little shower was sweet, but not saccharine. There were no games—or pink or blue—because the soon-to-be-parents have opted to be surprised about the gender of their little one.

I can’t take credit for the adorable shower decorations; my talented cousin took a photo she was given by the guest(s) of honor and literally made it come to life…



My only contribution was my silver tea service, and the cake, which was divine. The bakery I used matched icing colors to the invitation absolutely perfectly. And THE CAKE. Lordy. It literally weighed 10 pounds. Three layers of white pound cake spliced with lemon cream, raspberry mousse, and slathered in glorious (but light) European buttercream frosting.

Confession: I skipped breakfast and ate a massive slab of it. So worth it!





I think the cake was a hit.


  1. How precious! A lovely shower indeed, I adore that first image with the cute clothing hung, and Mason jars are the best aren’t they … so many versatile uses!
    Also, you look gorgeous in that yellow dress! Have a great weekend V.

  2. This is such a beautiful shower– I love these photos. I didn’t have a shower (all the pre-term labor issues and what not), but if I did, this is exactly the feeling I would have wanted! Lovely!

  3. Awwww, what a lovely baby shower! The cake definitely looks delish. I loved high tea in London, and that would be wonderful to do it at something like a baby shower. Great idea!


    1. Thanks, Natasha! My cousin has mad skills for this kind of thing, and I think my new lens did it some justice!