WVW: Yellow for Baby*

Did you think I was talking about my baby? HAHA…gotcha! No, I’m not preggers! I was one of a group of ladies who threw a baby shower, so yes, there was a bun. But not in my oven!

This dress. What can I say about it? It is uncharacteristically bright for me, and I absolutely loved it. I had a’60s vision when I put it on the first time, so I went with it. God bless my photo-challenged mama for taking these shots for me. I think she did OK.


*WVW: What V Wore
Dress: Zara • Bag: BCBGMAXAZRIA • Necklace: Vintage • Ring: YSL • Heels: Christian Louboutin


Here’s a detail shot of the bag I’m holding in the shots above. It was priced so ridiculously well that I found myself at the register, wallet open, before my brain could fully register that it is blue, not black (OMG!). But it is delicious, and I am hopelessly in love, having searched all season for a structured bag that could sate the Cèline-lusting beast within me. (Jill, feels a little Hermès Kelly, non?)

Surprisingly, it fits all my things, and still looks very lady like. Love that. I think it’s time for V to grow up. With the big 4-0 behind me, a new year, and my new camera and lens, I’m on the way.


Yellow dress? Blue bag? W-T-V?

I’m training early for my golden years, when I’ll ooze eccentricity in the form of bright kaftans, gold bling, vintage fur, and stuffy little bags that will actually BE legit Hermès by that time.


  1. Well hello there Miss Ray of sunshine!!! Loving this dress, infact I saw it, picked it up and put it back down again… since I already have something similar in coral… but the main issue being I can’t wear it NOW! Ha!
    Koukla, you are looking super stunning, as always!

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. You look so stunning in canary yellow! Wow!!
    It’s funny what you say here about feeling like its time to grow up with the big 40 behind you and keeping the woman you want to be in your golden years in mind – been feeling that quite strongly since I passed that milestone birthday too and noticing it in the shift in what I’m buying these days. More quality (hello Marc Jacobs bags), better cuts, oddly I’m actually taking more risks with colours and seeking out beautiful clothes I’ll still want to wear when I’m sixty.

  3. And this bright, yellow-flavored finery is all the more appealing by flirting with such jet black mane § killing body V (“Word from a slightly speechless aesthete”) !
    a presto, Antoine

  4. You look absolutely fabulous in yellow!!! I too tend to favor black (60+% of my closet is black). But I am pushing myself to try more color. I bought a bright orange tunic for our date night last night and loved it. Baby steps…

  5. You look stunning in yellow, not an easy colour to wear! So glad you found your handbag & who gives a flying f*ck if its navy, it looks fantastic with your outfit! Although your bare legs are making me even colder with the blizzard this weekend up here! XXX

  6. Glam all the way! You look awesome in yellow and almost nobody else does. I’m doing the same to prep for old age: bright colors and eccentricity work now too 😉

  7. V, you look absolutely perfect in this color! I agree that it’s different from what you normally wear, but that’s what makes fashion fun. It’s always a good thing to step outside the box. I’m crushing on that bag, too! It makes a great combo with the dress. And of course, your hair looks spectacular as always.

  8. I love the bright yellow on you, I’m fiending bright colours at the moment with spring just round the corner (or so I keep telling myself). So anything that’s as vibrant as this little number gets a thumbs up from me.

  9. Just fabulous!!! I am huge fan of yellow! Such a happy, upbeat colour! If you are wearing a yellow dress it’s an invitation for people to smile at you for no reason. What a great find!!!! Also love the new font. What is it? I’m a font aficionado person as well…

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