My Favorite Hair Products

When I posted about loving LEAFtv’s mini food and fashion videos, I wasn’t kidding. They are like little masterpieces—fun, elegant, inspiring, and blissfully short. Just music, pretty food, pretty manicures, and pretty clothes that often require less than 60 seconds to digest them fully. In a word, brilliant.

I shot two different videos for this post; one the old-school way, where I drone on and on for five or more minutes about this product and that. And the one below, which tells you everything you need to know in 34 seconds. Short and sweet (and easy to upload!). I think I’m onto something.

The only thing you need to know that’s not included in the video is that contrary to what some may think, I have fine hair…but lots of it.

PS: The Living Proof Full Cream…I DO need to reiterate the amazingness of this product! If you want non-sticky, non-greasy, non-cakey volume, this is your new fave! And it smells so nice. It’s the one product that is worth the extra money, in my opinion.

Products featured in the vlog, plus some of my other everyday faves:



  1. Um love this! I love all of LEAF’s videos too, short and sweet. I think i need to add some of these products to my collection because I have a lot of fine hair too, and since dying it over a year ago (dumbest decision EVER), it’s never been the same. Breaks easier, is coarse, dry, etc.


  2. I loved the video, I also noticed you changed the font on your site too!

    I’ve been checking out the Leaf videos and really like them. That’s my only issue with video, sometimes it’s a bit lengthy I might experiment with my next vlog and see if I can cap it at around a minute. They must use an expensive video camera though as their videos are super high res.

    1. Thanks, Arash! I did change the font. Been playing around with a few. I started seeing the serif font EVERYWHERE, so I had to change. I just wish my blog looked the way it looks on a Mac on ALL devices.

      And yeah, LEAFtv…top-notch. But you can get that effect when shooting video with a 50mm lens.

  3. I’m a total recent Pantene convert. I read a quote that that’s what Britney Spears uses, and I thought if it’s good enough for Britney, it’s good enough for me! Odd logic, but I am in love! My hair has never been healthier.

  4. As a woman who struggles with fine, volume-less, hair I must try that hair cream! And I appreciate the fast video. I can’t watch most because of the load time, but your yours popped right up!