Feel Fit February

Feel Fit February

January is all about resolutions, right? How many thousands make their weight (as in losing it) a goal for the year? I know I do. Every. Single. Year. And how many of us fall off the wagon by the end of February, at least a little? Again, likely thousands. That elusive “perfect” number on the scale can be the source of so much pleasure; but for most, I’m betting pain is the more common feeling.

I am one of those people who (despite being pretty fit, with weight well within the normal range), is kind of obsessed with the number on the scale. It irks even my trainer when it’s at the lower end, and I’m still focused on making it lower. So when Alyson of The Average Girl’s Guide approached Erika of Style Activist and me about making February a month focused on health—not that number—I thought, I need this. Especially since after finishing my third Whole30, my results aren’t quite what I got from my first Whole30, but more about that later.

We hope you’ll join us in stepping away from the scale this month, and visit all our blogs for posts on fitness, healthy eating, and real-life body talk. Be sure to leave a comment or tweet us @AvgGirlsGuide, @StyleActivist, or @gritandglamour if you have questions or want to share your thoughts.

If I can do it, you can. Who’s in?



  1. Love this idea! I few years ago I made a rule for myself – no scales! I obssessed too much about the weight and less about my health. Now I primarily go by teh fit of my clothes and the shape of my body.

    1. Good for you, April! I do know how committed you are to health and fitness, via all the photos in your Instagram feed. I struggle with leaving the scale behind entirely…more about that later. But mostly, I don’t weigh myself, because it usually makes me feel bad. I mean, if I can see abs, I have to be OK, I think!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great idea you two.

    February is a great month to do it in. All of the new years drama is over and weather kinda getting warmer. For me I am already choosing to drink less, eat more veggies and way less gluten/dairy. My mornings feel so much stronger. I just need to make it to yoga more often, thats biggest challenge so far.

    1. Totally agreed. I’ve just discovered gluten may be an issue for me too. I hardly ever eat grains/carbs, but recently had pizza after months of not having it and WHOA…major side effects. So I’m with you on the less alcohol, more veggies approach!

      Thanks for your comment and support, Rob!

  3. Vahni, you’ve touched on another subject that strikes a chord with me! I’ve dieted most of my life….seriously. I remember as a HS freshman weighing 107 pounds and on a diet. So on into adulthood, I too, was obsessed with the scale and it seems like the more obsessed I was, the harder it was to get the weight off. Add to that 4 kids in 3 pregnancies and dieting and scale watching was like breathing…just a part of life. But so was the ever present discontentment and placing more value on that number on the scale than was warranted. Finally, when my mom got sick at 55 years old and, before my eyes, started wasting away from the cancer, it put my whole weight loss obsession into focus. Crystal clear. Here she was fighting for her life and there I was fighting for thinner thighs! I decided then and there it was over. She passed away soon after and between that and a divorce a year later, my weight was the last thing on my mind. And oddly enough, I really didn’t balloon.

    When I separated from my ex, I started working out in earnest. NOT to lose weight or even get in shape. It was just the only outlet for my grief. It was the one time and place I could slap on my headphones, crank up the music and drown out the voices in my head. Weight literally FELL off! I got down to almost a size 4! TOTALLY unsustainable. Ironically, I happened to hop on a scale at my friend’s house (which I NEVER do anymore…because I know I’ll never like the number) and it still said 138! And that’s at almost a 4!

    Now, my husband and I (been married 3 years this past October!!! Thank you Jesus for my sweet man!) are more concerned with health than weight. I work out fairly regularly and LOVE it! We rarely eat processed carbs. I buy meat that hasn’t been processed and is grass fed and hormone free. Since we eat a lot of eggs, I only buy the cage free, hormone free eggs. We eat WAY more veggies than we ever have! I’ve even found a recipe for crackers that just uses almond meal, parmesean cheese, garlic powder and an egg white!! (LIFE saver) But I digress….I guess the point is that I FEEL so much better when I’m taking care of myself for my health’s sake, not to meet a number. I have a theory about weight loss…that it’s a side effect of healthy habits, not the goal in itself. I’m determined now to make healthy decisions (hopefully about 90% of the time) and then let my body land where it’s supposed to. Once those weight voices get in my head, I’m a goner!

    On the other hand, this morning my husband was hugging me in the kitchen and calling me his “skinny, firm baby” and I got absolutely giggly! I don’t know. (shaking head) Maybe I’m just talking out my a**! I can’t wait to see where yall are going with this! ~Serene

    1. THIS COMMENT! So amazing. First, I am so very sorry for your loss. There is no one like Mom. No one. I cannot fathom how difficult it must be to lose yours.

      Your comment resonated with me on so many levels, especially since I have a most beloved aunt in the fight of her life against ovarian cancer right now. It DOES put things into perspective. I’m sitting here worried about 5 pounds? Pffft, Ridiculous. I think weight issues are another area where we as Americans, especially, suffer from an inability to ever be content. With anything.

      Also, I’ve been through divorce and remarriage. I actually credit getting into the gym at age 34 with waking me up and giving me the courage to end my loveless first marriage. After I realized what I was capable of changing physically, it shifted my mindset. Working out also got me through the stress of living overseas, family issues, etc. Well, it doesn’t eliminate all the stress, but as you know, it critical to keeping stress from making you sick and fat.

      So glad you have found a wonderful man who loves and appreciates you. Thank you for taking the time to share this snapshot of your life with me. 🙂

  4. I am so pumped by the response, and to have you on board. Your transformation, both physically and what I can experience as a reader of G&G, has been an inspiration. I am so grateful to be collaborating with you on this! Can we have a throw your scale into the ocean party? 🙂

  5. I’ll be keeping up to date as I always love your fitness and health posts. I know it’s tough getting back on the bandwagon after the Holiday period and it’s always tougher when the weather is miserable but this is the best time to get started again.

    Also a lot of women in particular get caught on weighing themselves just observing your body and seeing how it changes is much more effective.

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