WVW: Valentino Red Rockstuds*

How. Sick. Are. These?

Um, yeah. Red Rockstuds. Valentino, limited-edition. Only 100 pairs exist on the whole planet, and one pair is in my closet. To coin a Zoe-ism, I die. 

The elegant house of Valentino gifted me with this extraordinary pair to celebrate the launch of the Valentino Shoe Room (aka your online Rockstud shopping Mecca). The site launches September 24, 2012—get clicking fast, and you could just snag a pair of these limited-edition, red-on-red Rockstud heels.

Valentino limited edition red Rockstud heels

In my last post, I noted how chuffed I am with The New Tee + Skirt Uniform, so I thought nothing would look hotter with my sexy red kicks than some black, gold, and cheek. Rock the Casbah I will, in these shoes. You can bet on it! In fact, they rock everyone’s world, and I’m not kidding. One spin around the mall in these garnered stares, double-takes, and compliments galore. They are fierce, and ballet-flats-comfortable. A couple posts back I wrote kitten heels off. Clearly, I had not met the right kitten heel yet. Meeeeeow. As they say, never say never.

in Kate Spade and Valentino red Rockstud heels

*WVW = What V Wore
Shirt: Kate Spade • Belt: BCBG • Skirt: Kookai • Heels: Courtesy of Valentino • Bag: Sass & Bide
Bracelet: Tory Burch • Ring: Alexander McQueen (similar, silver) • Sunnies: Christian Dior
Lips: Tom Ford Cherry Lush • Nails: Tom Ford Carnal Red

in Kate Spade tee

And here’s a gram shot, so you can see just how crazy delicious these are up close.

Valentino limited edition red rockstud heels

Thank you, Valentino, for the exquisite shoes. I’m so in love! For launch news (and general fabulousness), be sure to follow @MaisonValentino on Twitter and Instagram, and like Valentino on Facebook. Oh, and watch this hashtag: #ValentinoShoeRoom.

Kittens, have you any Rockstud fantasies?


  1. Now those are some serious shoes! And I love it with the t/pencil combo—- really makes them the star and as a whole you look like “Yeah, I am this chic every day— it comes easy to me!” (hmmmmmm….. something tells me there is a lot of truth to that!)

  2. this is INSANE. these are like my dream shoes. you wear them so well. valentino could not have picked a better blogger to rock them. so happy for you V!

    this whole look is too good.


    1. Aw, thanks, Princess! Big hug. So need Whole30 next month. You open that damn sugar dragon’s cage up even a little, and WOW, he leaps out with a vengeance!

      1. I have some great news to let you know of! As of this monday, here in this new country, I’m back to work! (Vive La Difference!) No formal announcements yet but its a paid blogging and social media contract for the next two years. I’m going to email you the details and a hello, ok!!

  3. Vahni, I love your outfit! As you know, I’m a big fan of dressing up the t-shirt, that’s exactly what you’ve done in your outfit. Those shoes are to die for, and congratulations on being picked to sport them! I follow you on Instagram so I’ve seen the shoes in action already 🙂

    I’m all about the studs and I rock them in any form possible, and it really lends to my whole gothic/punk/alternative style that I’ve been in love with since the 80’s. Your look definitely embodies that in a very classy and modern way.

    Rock on V!

    1. Cyrillyn…you and me and that ’80s alternative/goth…totally on the same page! Thanks for your comment. Seems I’m REALLY late to the, ahem, TEE party. Mostly because it’s taken a long time for something more fitted and interesting than a big, boxy, blah tee to be invented. I just ordered a sexy grey one today! I love the look of a dressed up tee too. So fun.

  4. I love the shoes, they’re awesome. I picked them up on your instagram feed the other day. Such a wonderful piece to be gifted as well. I also noticed that you’re rocking the tee and pencil skirt trend you talked about in the last post, I’m loving it!

  5. Those shoes are so Valentino, and so V! You look ah—mazing by the way- effortlessly chic and bad-ass. This look is someone I would stop in the street to snap a gram at- so gorgeous, you.

  6. OMG! Vahni, those shoes are…..OMG……sick! Like you and Rachel Zoe, I DIE! I have to admit, I’m just a wee bit (OK, a lot) jealous of you! 😉 They are fabulous and I looove how you’ve styled them! Rock on, rock on! 😉

    xoxo, Stephanie 🙂

  7. Always nice to see someone recognizing that 100 of anything in fashion means the item is RARE!

    Keep spreading that message so that someday more people will appreciate one of a kind!

  8. Dang V, you are one lucky lady! Those shoes are amazing! Love the tee as well. When I read it, all I hear is Santino from Season Two of Project Runway mimicking Tim Gunn “Rock the Casbah”…hee hee.

  9. Wow V!!! Good for you! They’re gorgeous…I saw that Andy of The Style Scrapbook received a pair, too! They’re beautiful and they’re so you. You wear them so well.

  10. Ok you’ve totally inspired me with the dressed up T. I’m going to try this with some of my favourite skirts as daytime looks now. These shoes are so beyond and I am dying with you. Btw, love that you wore them to IHOP x

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