Frenchies, Frenchies everywhere!

Color me French. The Frenchies are taking over and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. I’m not talking about French Bulldogs, the chien de choix of the fashion set, though I seriously can’t get enough of them.  I mean the élégant, fit, fabulous French ladies who’ve been circling the American fashion stratosphere, teasing us with their accents and wit and to-die-for ensembles.

Garance Doré for Kate Spade

I’m sure you know that illustrator/blogger/photographer/eternal fiancé of The Sartorialist Garance Doré has produced an adorable capsule collection for Kate Spade. I love these pieces. Sadly I ordered the Pardon My French tee in the wrong size and now it’s totally sold out in everything but skinny-French-girl sizes. Boo. At least Santina scored one! I’m thinking I may just shell out $128 for the joie de vivre! sweatshirt, though. I can totally see it with everything from skinnies to wide-leg black trousers. Do you dig?

Clarins Beauty Flash Blog

In other Frenchie news, the Courtin-Clarins girls—Prisca, Jenna, Virginie, and Claire—now have their own blog so we can perv on their amazingness daily. The girls, whose style is (how can I explain), uh, EPIC, will be featured regularly on Clarins Beauty Flash Blog, tagline:

“Oui the people.  French beauty, global style.”

See? Perfect French cheekiness, just as Garance pointed out. Meet the girls:

The next posts/videos drop on the Clarins blog September 6, 2012. In the meantime, Clarins has a Courtin-Clarins Street Style board on Pinterest, so you can perv and pin, like moi.

PS: I’m on day 22 of my Whole30 journey, and am still feeling superb. Lots of others jumping on board…so glad to see you all taking your health and fitness seriously! Remember I’m here if you need support, even if it’s to talk you down from that glass of wine calling your name. Tweet me @gritandglamour!


  1. I miss France, honestly. I was there for a week in the seventh grade on a school trip, and although I saw a lot and did a lot (I even drank wine and beer with my mother’s permission), I’d love to go back as an adult. I spent eight years

    As for getting healthy, you know, I find that I always eat healthier when I am in Japan, and less healthy when I am in the US.

  2. I love all this! The French are coming! The French are coming! I, like you, are definitley bummed that the “Pardon My French” t-shirt is sold out (basically – I’m no size XS), but the rest of the collection is great. The whole collection just seems so light-hearted and fun and of course….oh so chic! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    xoxo, Stephanie 🙂

    P.S. You are seriously kicking some major ass so far on your Whole30journey! Way to go! 🙂

  3. Fabulous, V! Love, love, love it!!! The accents and playfulness remind me of the new Dior commercial that I’m over the moon about recently… Cheers!

  4. I popped into Kate Spade yesterday to check for a “Pardon My French” tee for you. No dice, but I’ve not given up hope yet! 😉

    In the meantime, go for the sweatshirt! I fully support that purchase. I have a Laugh, Cry, Repeat sweatshirt that I wear constantly – to run errands, to work, for a night out with girlfriends. I cannot believe how versatile it is!

  5. Way cool! I think I saw one of the variance dorenkate spade printed blouses at nordstroms the othe day. It’s so cute but a litt,e beyond my means at the moment.
    So happy the 30 day experiment is working and I love the new blog design too!

  6. I love all the blogger/designer collaborations happening in the industry. So fun to see them team up to together and what they create. I want those bangles!

  7. I definitely thought you were going to be writing about bulldogs because you can’t swing a grumpy-faced cat by the tail in NYC without hitting a French bulldog!

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