Whole30: Days 4-7

Fashion before food: was this made for me or WHAT!? Oh, golden deliciousness. Gimme, gimme! Maybe I should reward myself with it after I successfully complete my #Whole30. More about that below…

Alexandre Vaulthier Gold Manchette

Day 4

Thank goodness day four was nothing like my hellish day three. I made it through the entire day, the gym, and the evening feeling OK…no headaches, no sluggishness. Actually, I felt pretty great, not only because I seem to be past the coffee-and-Splenda/sugar withdrawals, but because I did not imbibe as usual on Friday.

As I mentioned in my post, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (which I watched on Friday, day three), I was moved to buy a juicer and so my afternoon was spent procuring said juicer, veggies, and trying my first carrot, ginger, apple, and celery juice. Wow! I’m totally hooked. Who knew that crazy concoction could taste so good!

Day 5

Woke up totally clear-headed again, feeling sharp and happy. Is this your brain on vegetables? Or is this your brain off alcohol and a munchie binge the night before? Either, one, I’ll take it. This might be the first weekend in YEARS that I have not had alcohol. YEARS. That’s totally crazy. I never thought I could do it and be happy, but I am. No alcohol bloat, no GUILT! I stayed within Whole 30 parameters and within my trainer’s prescribed caloric range. ROCK ON, V!

The Whole30 Daily is all it’s cracked up to be!

I will admit that on day five, my eczema reminded me that it’s there, but instead of using my prescription cream, I put white vinegar on it (awesome for itches and bites) and rode it out. I really want to see if I can heal my skin problem through my diet, instead of with medicine that destroys the quality of my skin and doesn’t even cure the problem!

I think copious amounts of peanut butter1 and alcohol may be what caused it and feed it. I believe my eczema is the result of systemic inflammation, years’ worth of pseudo “healthy” stuff that’s built up to the point that my body is saying, via eczema, NO MORE! YOU’RE POISONING ME!

Although I’m not tempted to cheat, if I were, The Whole30 Daily emails really do offer tough love, a reality check, and real coping mechanisms for successfully navigating cravings and temptations. I love this passage from my day five email:

“Sometimes, it’s not even a special or stressful event that threatens to throw us off-course. It could be something simple and normal, like… the weekend. But you listen to us right now—you  are NOT going out like that. You will not cave to buffalo wings so processed, they’re not even chicken. The lure of a sugar-bomb pancake or dessert concoction has nothing on your soon-to-be rockin’ energy level and clear-headedness. And an adult beverage at this stage of the game will both make you feel like super-extra crap in the morning, and make you mad at yourself for giving in to something so cheap and dirty.”

Day 6

Monday. It’s Monday, and I am feeling a-mazing!  This is no joke, folks. It’s been six days with no coffee, no Splenda, no milk, no cheese, no alcohol, no rice, no bread, and I’m not going nuts. OK, I do miss my coffee. I can have coffee, but like I’ve  said in other posts, black coffee is not something I think I can do. I bought coconut milk, but even white coffee without sweetness doesn’t appeal to me right now.

But I’m surviving just fine, without all my favorite vices. I know I’ve lost weight, but since I can’t weigh myself until the end of Whole30, I have no idea if it’s one pound or five. Definitely leaner though, most definitely. Loving that.

I realized on day one of Whole30 that even gum and mints would be off limits, either with sugar or sugar-free. That kind of scared me. I know it sounds gross, but anyone who drinks coffee knows that if you don’t brush or pop a mint after drinking it, your breath is not so nice. What to do for fresh breath? Well, guess what. Without coffee or sugar in your system, you don’t need breath mints or gum! Lots of water and real, pure food leave your breath nice and pure too. It’s a discovery I never expected.

Day 7

Can I get an a-men?! One week, people. ONE WEEK TODAY! Wooo-hooo!

If you’ve seen the number of martinis I’ve Instagrammed, you know I love my cocktails. If you’ve seen the shots where I complained about only getting a child-size coffee in other countries, you know I love my vat of morning coffee. But I’ve gone a week without any of it and the cravings have gone. I’m alert. I’m sleeping better, and the eczema on my left hand and arm is almost completely gone. Gone without any prescription-strength cream to fix it.

I could go on and on, but it’s early days. I consider a week off the sauce a major victory. I’m looking forward to seeing how things continue over the next week.

Peanuts aren’t actually tree nuts like cashews, almonds, etc. In It Starts with Food, the Hartwigs note that peanuts are actually legumes—they grow underground, not on trees. They are in the legume family, and have protein structures that can be hazardous because of lectins. Cooking legumes kills lectins, but lectins in peanuts aren’t annihilated by heat. They enter your system with all that nastiness intact, so your body treats them like a foreign and unwanted substance, which causes an overreaction of the immune system.

Even if you aren’t deathly allergic to peanuts (I have no known allergies), they can still wreak havoc in your system. Because my diet included alcohol, peanut butter, and sugar weekly, I never knew what set off my eczema. Since starting Whole30 and reading more about peanuts, I’m almost positive they’re the main cause. Good news is the Hartwigs offer an alternative: sunflower seed butter. So after this month, should I crave PB in a (coconut milk) smoothie or on an apple, I’ll use sunflower seed butter instead.


  1. Wow good job betting through week 1 – that is the hardest time down in my opinion – it is all easy from here (and who knows you might decide to continue some habits after the 30 days is up!

    With regards to your eczema, apparently gluten can wreak havoc on those of us susceptible to skin issues (so avoiding bread etc would likely be helping too!). Instead of white vinegar try naturally fermented apple cider vinegar (you will probably need to get it from a health food shop, it should be cloudy not clear) – it has extra goodies in it to help out! Good for any pimples too (not that you will be getting any on your clean diet!)

    Very inspiring and can’t wait to see how the rest of the month goes for you!!

    1. Thanks! I agree, the first few days are not so fun, but a week in, it’s honestly kind of no big deal.

      Thanks for the tip with the vinegar…the eczema is fading in and out at the moment, so I did apply some apple cider vinegar, which is good on skin, and for your body too.

      I’ve been contemplating the gluten, but honestly, I eat starchy carbs and grains so rarely I don’t think it’s that. But it will be interesting to see what happens as I reintroduce some things in my diet. I’m not going to reintroduce peanut butter, but if I ever get a Cold Stone Creamery Peanut Butter Cup Perfection craving, I will know.

  2. I am so proud of you!!!! Literally reading this with the HUGEST grin on my face!!! I’ve been struggling with skin issues for the past two years (when I got off birth control the December before we met) and my face is CLEAN. Like, baby clean.

    This is Whole30 thing is amazing. I’m so happy your skin is getting better too 🙂


    1. EEEE! Thanks, Princess. It really is amazing, I agree.

      Hope you’ll post about it. I want to know your thoughts! And good skin is always a plus, right?


      PS: Congrats again on the Sorrelli ads. You look so good. I bet your guy is bragging all over the place about you. 🙂

  3. This is sounding very intriguing! I might just have to check it out myself. I’ve always struggled with fatigue, so anything that gives me energy is interesting, and I can probably do black coffee with coconut milk.

  4. Hi Vahni! You have to get a reward if you make it through the Whole 30, so I definitely vote for the cuff for you! I will follow along to find out how it’s going for you. I don’t know if I’m ready to make a commitment like this, I like my coffee, wine and a bit of sugar a little too much I think, but I want to hear how you are finding this program and maybe it will inspire me to try the same. XO, Jill

    1. Hmm, that’s two people who think I need that reward! I am seriously considering it. A V cuff to remind me of my V-power! If it’s still around then, it’s meant to be.

      The program really is great. I’ve been reading the book and watching some great food documentaries, and all that together makes this a very enlightening experience. Like you, I loved my coffee, wine, and sugar a bit too much too. I didn’t like the idea that I was being controlled by those substances! I’m not pushing this on anyone, but I have to say it is a good thing for everyone to try at least once, especially anyone with health or weight issues (obviously that does not apply to you).

      Thanks for the support!

  5. Congrats on reaching your 1st week (and 1st weekend sans alcohol)!

    Umm… that cuff is an absolute requirement— whether or not you complete your goal (although, something tells me you will!)

    1. Hi Lauren…thanks for your comment. I actually have not weighed myself, but I know I’ve lost weight that I haven’t been able to budge for a couple years. I fitting into my “skinny” clothes again! I have maintained my usual regimen in the gym, however, and have been under the amount of calories my trainer and I agreed I should take in to lose weight (I’ve been trying since March)—I’m just not as hungry as I was before. So I’m sure that has factored in.

      Going to read your latest post now!

  6. I’m so glad to read about your Whole30 experience. I’ve announced on Healthy A-Z that I’m starting the Whole30 on 9/1. Your sharing of your experience is really informative. Keep up the good work! And I think you will definitely deserve that great V cuff bracelet!!

    1. Hi Cyndi, thanks for your comment! Whole30 is amazing, seriously. I have another update coming this week when I hit my halfway point. I can’t believe it’s only been 12 days. The changes in my body are astonishing, as you will likely see. Going to pop over and read your post now.

    1. I’ve had it in the past, Claudia. Thanks! May revisit. I just heard sunflower seed butter is more like PB, which I just love. Hope you are well!

  7. I’m wondering why you are eating a set number of calories that your trainer agreed on… in March. Dallas & Melissa also recommend not worrying about counting calories. Just eat healthy food, listen to your body, and be aware of how you feel in your clothes/body/mind. Rock it, girl!

    1. Meghan, I realize the program calls for no calorie counting, but this is something I’ve been doing for several months. I track my meals with My Fitness Pal and my trainer keeps tabs. It’s actually been quite beneficial to see how eating within the same calorie range, but eating pure, whole food (and no sugar, etc.), has had a profound effect on the weight loss. Same amount of calories, but without all the inflammatory foods and preservatives, it’s pretty amazing to see the results!

    1. Thanks, Martha. It’s such a great thing to do for yourself. I have another post dropping tomorrow…my halfway point. I think you’ll find it interesting.

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