Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

fat, sick, and nearly dead...watch the movie!As part of my #Whole30 journey, I’ve been spending my leisure time watching food documentaries (thanks to my best friend Lisa, who has made some excellent recommendations!) and reading about the effects of modern food, additives, sugar, etc.

Last Friday I watched a fantastic (and fun) documentary by Joe Cross, an Australian—natch,  told y’all I’m a magnet for all things Aussie—who embarked on a 60-day juice fast to “reboot” his body and life. The doco, called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was eye-opening, inspiring, and compelling. So compelling, in fact, I bought a juicer the very next day.

Watch the trailer, and watch the movie, people! It’s on Netflix, but I’m sure if you Google, you can find it elsewhere too.

PS: Hubby watched the movie too, and he’s juicing with me. We’re not fasting, but have already begun incorporating pure, organic fruit and veggie juice into our existing diets. The juice is delicious, refreshing, and 48 hours in, I’m already feeling the results. No joke.

PPS: The juicer I bought is a  Breville JE98XL, the next model up from the one Joe Cross uses. It’s powerful and very easy to clean.


    1. Hey Cece! I have to try that recipe! I had kale, carrots, celery, apple, and ginger on Saturday, and it was so delicious!

      So glad you’re on this journey with us. Can’t wait to hear what you experience.

  1. This was the one docu my brother said I ought to watch, and I still haven’t! I love juices too, just haven’t got a juicer! Like Bailey I love apple, ginger (very good for you) and carrot.

    Over time I have saved some random newsletters/recipes -loved Goops cleansing detox – there are some juicing recipes here too: http://goop.com/journal/make/15/detox & also plenty of recipes here: http://www.juiceland.co.uk/page–Recipes–recipes.html

    …and as I type this I am enjoying a lovely chilled glass of white… sorryyyyyyy!

  2. I have been meaning to check this one out- I am very intrigued (especially because my mom has been a serious juicing advocate).

    The food documentary that changed my life was “Food, Inc.” It has changed my entire attitude towards food…. definitely worth checking out!

    1. You’ll love this doco…and Food, Inc., is literally the next one on my list. Watching it this week. Thanks for the tip, doll!

  3. I saw that documentary. It was pretty amazing, though I think it would be very difficult to do in normal circumstances. The fact that your husband is doing the program with you is really going to help. Cant wait to hear more!

    1. Hey Heather! He’s not actually doing the program with me, but we’re exploring juicing together. So that makes me extra proud of myself, cause he’s enjoying wine and all kinds of goodies, and I’m not even remotely tempted.

      Next post is up!

    1. Thanks, Bella! I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve got some others to share later, too. Hope you’re well!

  4. Hi Vahni,
    I’ve been wanting to buy a juicer for some time now, only my tiny kitchen ain’t got the room I need for the juicer I want. How exactly does a complete juice diet work? I eat out so often, have no fridge in the office, I travel a lot for work, just see so many nagly obstacles that could make comitting to this a little tricky……. thoughts? tricks? C.x

    1. Hello, Mrs. D! I’m not actually doing the juice fast. I’m doing Whole30, but have started having fresh juices at least once a day. The complete juice diet they did in the doco was basically to drink as much fresh organic veggie and fruit juice as you want, but eat NOTHING else for 60 days. I don’t need to do that, (you don’t need to do that), nor do I want to! Whole30 is fantastic, however, if you want to detox, still eat, and learn a lot about what foods really do to your body, the good and the bad.

      I say don’t commit to anything but getting fresh vegetable juice when you can! You can absolutely do Whole30. But you have to forego the wine, pasta, cheese, sugar, all of it. It’s so good for you though! And it’s only 30 days. If you want to know more about it, go here:



    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for the reco. You’re the third to recommend it, and as soon as I’m done responding here, I’m going to watch it.

  5. Amazing movie! I too love health documentaries. Watch FoodMatters, too. It will change so much of what you think about food.


  6. Have you been to viva raw in the 7th street station? Amazing juices!! Also the pizza place in there will do vegan pizza that is delish and they have gluten free crust. I ‘ve not read all your post but please tell me you have been to Luna’s on South Blvd? So good. I am craving their salad and lasagna.

  7. FYI I’ve seen probably almost all documentaries ever made about health & food (and still watching more)…

    Some of the good ones have already been mentionned here like Food Inc & Food Matters. My oOther recommendations would be : Forks over knives, Simply Raw, Got The Facts on milk?, Hungry for change, Dying to have known.

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