G&G turns 6 today!

I had no idea until Cameron, of 33 Avenue Miquelon, graciously asked to feature me (again) in her Follow Friday series, and pointed out the post would drop on the sixth birthday of GRIT & GLAMOUR. Who knew the blog would ever make it this far. Wow.

Kind of fitting with the wonderful questions Cameron asked—if you read my answers, you can see just how much this little blog has meant to me over the past years.

Read: Follow Friday – GRIT & GLAMOUR

Follow Friday on 33 Avenue Miquelon

Thank you Cameron, and thank you all for your continued support and readership! 

Much love~



  1. Happy Sixth Bloggaversary Ms. V! And again, it was a honour to give you a new profile for your 40th turn around the Sun. All the best to you and yours! xoxoxoxo

  2. Cameron has great taste in fellow bloggers! Happy bloggerversary V! G&G is such a big part of my bloggy-love-life. So glad to know you through you blog and here’s to at least six more V-onderful years! xo. -Bella Q

  3. Read it! Love it! Wish you posted more frequently I love hearing your written voice. happy blog and real life birthday too. 40 is pretty darn great and I hope I get to 6 years on my blog too.

  4. Happy Birthday G&G!! I’m so glad I’ve had this blog to go to for reliably fantastic content and even happier to have digitally met such a strong and wonderful woman 🙂 Keep it coming V, we love you!

    1. Only if we’re talking about RD’s Gen 3.5 incarnation; Rarity — being a fashion designer — just makes sense to have as a mascot for a fashion blog! 🙂

      Oh, and interviewing her voice actress — who makes her own clothes out of old prom dresses — helps, too. ;P

      1. Uhm. LOLWUT. RD FiM (G4) is the only Dash I care about, and she is CLEARLY bestest pony. Yes, I realise Rarity “just makes sense.” But I am not haute couture. Nope, I’m all about All-American sportswear… and that is firmly Dashie’s territory.

        Therefore, 20% cooler.

    1. Thanks sweetie! It has been wonderful getting to know you too. I’m looking forward to seeing where G&G takes me next as well…who knows! 😉

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