WVW: More. Fringe.*

Y’all know me and my obsession with fringe. As any die-hard slave-to-fashion knows, there’s always something that gets under your skin—a heel, a bag, a ring, a look…whatever—that your mind just can’t let go of until it’s yours.

Lately I’ve been crazy obsessed with these Isabel Marant boots, although way too late to procure them. (Of course.) They’re from a season or two ago, I believe. But they are a recurring motif in my perpetual mental list of wants, a part of this boho luxe fantasy reel that plays in a never-ending loop in my shallow little mind.

Source:  google.co.uk via Grit and Glamour on Pinterest

Pfffff!Who am I kidding?! Like I could procure them anyway.  That’s why they’re in my fantasy and not in my closet. As such, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of wedge boots with a thick mane of fringe down the side. A pair that’s not too high, not flat, not faux, and totally boho.

Well, who would have thought I’d find my fringe boots in tiny little Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia?! Not me. But it just so happens there is the cutest boutique called South of the Border which imports the most delicious leather goods from Mexico. Yes, the irony of that is not lost on me. I came all the way to Australia to source boots from our little neighbor in the U.S. Whatevs.

fringe boots

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: (old and done to death, but a fave) • Boots: South of the Border

I know I Instagrammed this shot, but being the lazy fashion blogger I’ve become, I’m using it for my outfit post. Technically, I’m still on holiday anyway. Plus, in the back of my mind I’m thinking, why can’t I shoot outfits exclusively with my iPhone and do all the editing via Instagram? Hmmm. Maybe I just will.

What item is haunting you right now?


  1. I like your boots even better than the designer ones on the runway.nfringe isn’t my thing, but of it were I’d wear the ones you’re wearing in your instagram shot. They’re great on you.
    In my newest post installs about one of my “holy grail” items – a white denim pencil skirt. It’s been a quest for so long that when I found it I didn’t hesitate for one minute. Later I realized the denim pencil skirt is a retail trend this summer but I. So happy to have finally found it.
    Something I’ve always wanted is a real Chanel suit. They’re too expensive for me to buy, even second hand, but I hope one day I’ll have the money to splurge!

  2. Australia for Mexican shoes – who knew? Awesome boots (and photo) – yeah I wanted the Marant ones too but you’ve found a pretty amazing pair!
    A studded leather biker from Zara is haunting me…

  3. First of all, the boots are GORGEOUS! LOVE them! Secondly, I’ve been thinking the same thing! Why am I stressing over setting up the tripod and trying to get a good shot (which I haven’t been doing AT ALL lately anyway) when I can take an iPhone picture and use the plethora of editing apps to edit? I kind of don’t ever see me returning to taking daily dslr outfit pictures….my enthusiasm for it is gone…:( Having fun keeping up with your adventures on Instagram! ~Serene

    1. Thanks, Serene! So far, I’m still iPhoning it. Dragging out the camera is such a pain, and my Hubby really isn’t a willing photog. Sigh. Maybe the new Macbook Pro that arrives tomorrow will inspire me to get back into the proper outfit posts.

  4. Yes, those are fantastic fringe boots and funny you found them where you did! I’m lusting over the lovely lace frocks for summer from Valentino with the different colored lace pieces on them, I need to make one!

  5. I love fashion clothing, accessories and shoes. So, I really adore watching fashion shows since I got a lot of ideas from engaging on these events. These photos really give me good ideas for fashion.

  6. These boots are fantastic and I love the dress you’re wearing them with? Are they flatties or have they got a slight wedge? Hope you enjoyed your trip down under 🙂

  7. These boots are fantastic and I love the dress you’re wearing them with! Are they flatties or have they got a slight wedge? Hope you enjoyed your trip down under 🙂

    1. Well hello, stranger! Thanks for your comment. Hope you are well! And Alfred too!

      They have a slight wedge. Perfect functional height.

  8. Without irony, life would have too many wrinkles.

    As you can tell, I am also a fan and purveyor of ban punnery. LOVE those boots- and so what if you go to OZ to find a pair of zapatos-del-fringitos-ala-Mexicana (<– I just made that up- I'm Chicana, so I'm allowed to invent Spanglish) YOU look great and you've boosted the global economy. Mas fringe, por favor!

  9. You look very hot in the boots V! I haven’t been around for a while but I’m catching up with my favs. Sounds like an amazing holiday vacay….good for you girl.
    xo Mish

  10. Fashion is my life. I really adore fashion women. The two women are so pretty for their fashionable outfit. I got new ideas for fashion on your photos and I hope I can see more fashion photos here.

  11. I’m glad you found your fringe boots. Even though fringe isn’t really my thing, you wear it so well. I really love that black dress that you wore a few posts back. Right now shopping itself is haunting me. I’ve cut myself off until my birthday because my spending was getting a little crazy. Then I will be looking for the perfect, I have a big girl job now, black leather carry all for work.

    1. Thanks, Katy. I totally need to cut myself off too. I’ve really treated myself a LOT in the past month.

      Hmmm, a black carryall. So many possibilities! Congrats on the job!

    1. Hi Adrienne, thanks! Thankfully there are some bloggers out there that shoot gorgeous, very inspirational OOTD posts. I’m just not one of them!

  12. What did haunt me in 2011 was a multi-color paisley Franco Sarto shoulder bag. I HAD to have it. Even when I found it, though, I still walked the aisle debating its sizeable purchase. Then two young girls gushed over it during their window-shopping session. There was no way they were getting MY bag. I grabbed it and ran for the nearest register.

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