I’m not dead…

I’m Down Under! Where the skies are insanely blue, the land is beautiful and rugged, and egg whites are a commodity not easily obtained. Um, what’s up with that?

No worries, mate!

As seen on a walk in Cronulla, New South Wales.


Anyway, I’ll be back to the States and my usual online haunts in a few weeks. Or sooner if I can manage it—or if have a shopping haul to share with you!

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    1. I’m having fun, lovely, but I’m actually missing home right about now! All this rain and cold in Sydney…er…did I actually end up in London?

  1. Oooh, I hope you have fun while you’re here. Are you checking out Melbourne? Sydney & melbourne are similar but from my own personal experience (I live in neither of these places, but rather the capital city, haha) melbourne has a slightly more varied/bigger art scene. I’d also like to say that I really enjoyed reading your Covering Your Ass post, you are a brilliant, engaging writer.

    1. Hi M vs. M…thanks for your comment and kind words! Not checking out Melbs, but one day, I hope to. Glad you enjoyed the CYA post! Very flattered by your sweet comment.

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