Summer Fashion Fantasy (My $15,000 Poolside Look)

Summer staples (I consider massive bling a summer staple, don’t you?) that are currently haunting my soul. Yeah, I know. A $15,000+ pool ensemble? But of course—totally legit in my fashion fantasy. Plus, we all know HMW (high maintenance woman) drama doesn’t cease just cause she’s hitting the pool.

Sexy Summer Style


What summer staples are you totally craving right now?


    1. I used to care about a spray tan. Not anymore! A little lotion with self tanner takes the edge of my whiteness while still keeping my sheets white! Thanks for your comment, lovely. And don’t beat yourself up about blogging. You should only do it when your heart is totally in it.

    1. I have a couple other colors that I totally love. I’m betting the coral is amazing. I always wear a YSL one, but as soon as I can grab the TF one, I’m all over it. Thanks for your comment and for sharing on Twitter!

  1. Gosh, I hope we don’t bump into each other because I’ll be totally wearing the Melissa odabash and the bikini.

    1. Hey Heather, thanks! I have a total obsession with caftans. I wish I could find more affordable ones. Hope you are well!

  2. Oh man alive we are so on the same wave length! Just LOVE that necklace, the bag and kaftan! Also loving a touch of coral lip colour and nails!

    Just caught up with some recent posts and my jaw just dropped – we got to meet the mr., finally!

  3. Summer staples? I think chunky and colourful necklaces are my most loved staples at the moment. Specifically Egyptian inspired! 🙂 I’d totally wear that coverup V! Gorgeous luxe selections! Hope you’re enjoying your week & preparing for your holiday. Sorry I missed your great blog trends chat, but caught up on the helpful tips.

    1. Thanks, Madison…I hope your week has been great too. Getting ready for my trip…just a week and a half to go!

      Glad you caught the Blog Trends tips…love that chat. I find it so helpful.

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