Luminox Navy Seals Colormark 3065 Watch Review recently contacted me to ask if I’d review a watch—and after I spotted Luminox in the site’s product offering, I knew yes would definitely be my answer.  Why? Because I have my very own personal Luminox aficionado, and I knew he’d be more than happy to test drive the watch.

Be sure to check out the video to find out who my special guest star is, and learn more about the Luminox Men’s EVO Navy Seals Colormark 3065 watch.

The other watch referenced in the video is the Luminox Men’s Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch 3001.

And ladies, if you’re interested, also offers a small collection of Luminox watches for women. I’m kind of crushing on the Luminox L7060 Purple Resin!


  1. haha, i was like V’s arm can’t be that hairy! LOL, the importance of reading first then looking at pictures! I can see myself wearing this, I love mens watches.

  2. You two make an amazing couple. But I bet you hear that all the time. So nice to finally “meet’ Mr. G & G!

    The review was great… and I am impressed you were able to get him to agree to do it! You better be careful though, what if he decides to take over the blog?!?! 🙂

    1. Hey B, thanks hon!

      RE: getting him to do it. I dropped the hint for days, kind of like, I GOT THE WATCH YOU WANTED, NOW YOU GIVE ME WHAT I WANT! Just kidding. Well, kind of. I just knew he’d be great because he knows this brand.

      And don’t worry about him taking over. Not his cup of tea. His is more “What can we blow up today?”

  3. Mr. V (for Vin Diesel, ’cause that was my first thought) is awesome! Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!

    Anyway, I loved watching his review, and hope to see him soon!

  4. I am planning to get a watch for my husband because it will be our anniversary next month but I don’t have an idea yet.. Thanks for the help..

    1. HA, oh Bella, you always make me smile! Thank you for your kind comment. You know you just boosted his ego about 1000%! But yeah, I do have to agree. That smile gets me every time!

  5. Adorable!!!!1 D loves to snowboard, dress sharp while maintaining is hard biked look. I will be checking out these watches! C.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Nice watch and a pretty detailed review. You should feature him more often in your blog though! Great idea for a father’s day gift

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