Join me for tonight’s #BlogTrends chat at 9pm EST!

Super excited to be the special guest for tonight’s BlogTrends chat on plagiarism! Please set your alarms and join me for the chat…here are all the details you need:

  • Date:  May 7, 2012
  • Time: 9:00pm EST
  • Hashtag: #blogtrends
  • Tweeps to peep: @blog_trends, @DigitalKaitlyn, @Blackblondeone, @gritandglamour
  • Twitter chat room:
    (Tweet from the chat room and it automatically appends the #blogtrends hashtag. I have a permanent link to the chat room under the BlogTrends badge on the bottom right.—>)


What is BlogTrends?

If you haven’t heard of BlogTrends (, get yourself over to the site and join pronto. It’s a relatively new community for fashion and beauty bloggers, but bloggers in other genres can also learn a lot from the conversations.

Every Monday at 9:00pm EST, the ladies behind BlogTrends host a Twitter chat on topics related to blogging—like photography,  blog promotion, working with brands—and more. It’s not only a superb way to learn more about the tools, tips, and techniques of successful bloggers, it’s a great opportunity to make new online friends, grow your social influence, and maybe even increase your Klout score. 😉

And you know what else is cool? If you miss a chat, transcripts with all the salient points of each chat are provided on the BlogTrends site. Bonus.

Background Reading

So why on earth am I, a style/beauty blogger, guesting on the subject of plagiarism? If you’re a new follower, here are lots of posts that can help you understand. They are in chronological order, starting with the first posts on the subject. Happy reading!


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