V: The Recipe

Recently, Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim posted What makes you ‘you’?, and it got me thinking about the habits, language, and idiosyncrasies that constitute our individual personalities. Who is she, that woman that is me? What are the ingredients that make me who I am in this 39th year of life?

What makes V, V?

1. I’m not one to mince words or back down from defending myself or what I believe in. After last week’s plagiarism scandal, a lot of people commended me for having the courage to speak out about it. While I appreciate that, it’s just not my nature not to. In fact, speaking up isn’t something I ever have to ponder. I just do. For better or for worse.

2. I never have to “sleep on it” to come to a final decision. I’m very decisive.

3. I’m a really good tipper, because I know what it feels like to wait on people. Consequently, I feel happier and I get really great service at my favorite local places.

4. Can’t help it, but every time I see a blogger making a peace sign with their fingers, it just irritates the hell out of me. Just smile and take the photo! Grown women do not need to make peace signs every time they see a camera.

5. There’s nothing I’m afraid to wear for fear that I “can’t pull it off,” but there are lots of things I don’t wear (like Birkenstocks, Spanx, pantyhose, and bowler hats), because I despise them.

6. I like spiky things. Which with the heels, and the long dark hair, make me even scarier. That’s either my inner spikiness manifesting itself on the outside, or I’m such a chicken I’m subconsciously trying to scare everyone away so I stay safe.

A few of my favorite spiky things.

7. As feminine as I am with my nails and bling and heels, I bust it in the gym like a man. I train HARD. And sweat buckets. Not pretty, but effective.

8. I hate clutter. And lots of little statues and framed photos everywhere. And floral bedspreads. And the smell of moth balls. And feet. Please keep them away from me.

9. I share stuff with my husband—like my computer, bathroom, and closet—but I really don’t want to. Let’s just have two of everything, I say. I’m not good at sharing. Except online, of course. 🙂

10. I don’t dwell on the things people have done to me, but I don’t forget. I just choose to put my mental and physical energy to better use. Glass half-full.

11. I’m a total BMW girl. Just bought my third one! I like to drive fast. Very fast. Thank God for my radar detector.

On the left is my last car. On the right is my newest one, just purchased last month! Yes, they are very similar.

12. I dine like I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth (uh, I wasn’t). Caviar, oysters, filet mignon, lobster, smoked salmon, lump crab, foie gras, tuna tartare, sashimi, fancy French sauces, champagne, bespoke cocktails, and a black napkin for my lap, yes, thank you! All part of my regular vocabulary. It’s the one thing I cannot compromise on. I’ll sell the Beemer before I’ll eat crap.

13. I don’t really get hangovers. Even after all those bespoke cocktails.

14. I’ve never been camping. The idea of not having a locked door between me and the world terrifies me.

15. If I had a dollar for every F-bomb I’ve dropped, I’d be driving an Aston Martin (dream car!) instead of a Beemer.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage image , sans swear, via astonmartin.com.

Or, I’d be wearing Wendy Brandes’ gold-plated Swear Rings. (Maybe I should start fining myself a dollar for every F-bomb, and I’ll have the set in no time. I should set up a f*#!*** Swear Ring Swear Jar.)

The one-and-only Gold Swear Ring set by the one-and-only Wendy Brandes. Click to purchase...for me, or for you! The one-and-only gold Swear Ring set by the one-and-only Wendy Brandes. Click to purchase—for me, or for you!

16. I like bad boys, sassy girls, other people’s kids, dogs, air-conditioning, and Saturdays.

17. I’m a non-practicing Greek Orthodox semi-Buddhist. I’m spiritual and have faith, but I don’t go to church anymore. Reference #10. Though I could never be fully Buddhist because cockroaches. Must. Die.

18. I have terrible stagefright! When other people try to take photos of me for my blog or theirs, they almost always suck because I’m so nervous (just ask Lee). As the subject, I prefer videos to photos any day.

19. The future eccentric old lady in me is obsessed with massive rings, piles of bangles, gold, leopard, fur, tassels, fringe, and caftans. Can’t you just see me in a flowing leopard print Camilla Franks caftan, long hair twisted into a bun, martini in hand, now-vintage designer bag hanging in the crook of my arm, jewelry everywhere going clink clink, as I swoop into bingo in my retirement community? Wanna join?

20. I say please and thank you every day, to friends, family, and as many strangers as possible. As long as you don’t cut me off in traffic, of course. Swear Jar in the car?! 😉


What makes you who you are? Tell me something I may not know about you…


  1. well F*%! that was funny…. Those swear rings are amazing, I could definitely start a swear jar and be buying those beauties in no time!

    I have no problem giving my opinion! It’s not something I hesitate on giving, it even if it’s contradictory to what someone else has said, no matter how many times it’s made things get very interesting!

    Great write up, whenever I read your posts it inspires me to work on my own writing for my blog, as it’s something I really feel I lack.

  2. You “bust it in the gym like a man”? What a gross statement–it dismisses the fantastic badassity of women who bust it in the gym like themselves. Come on, V, bust it in the gym like a woman!

  3. This makes me love you so much more. Thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourself with us. I wish more bloggers would be this open and honest.

  4. 1) Hell yeah! Out-spoken people are the best kind of people. If I feel I’ve been wronged, there is no way in hell to shut me up. Worst idea: telling me to shut up or else. I’ll just take that ‘or else’ right there. I listen to no one but myself. Sometimes I regret this later, but, honestly, I’d rather be a bitch sometimes when someone didn’t deserve it than get stepped on like a doormat because I didn’t speak up for myself EVER.

    2) Good for you. I am not.

    3) I tip based on the service I’ve received. I try to give 20 if they were awesome, 15 for average (did what they were supposed to), and for anything less they start getting not much. I get that the job sucks, but you should still do what you’re paid to.

    4) Seriously? That’s a thing? That’s so nineties. This should only be done ironically. And, even then, sparely.

    5) Tights as pants are the worst.

    9) If I ever get married, it would be so tempting to have separate bedrooms, at least for our stuff. Or, maybe, we could even have separate houses located nearby?

    9) Exactly that.

    14. Me either. Camping sounds awful. Although it’s less the lack of door, and more the BUGS EVERYWHERE.

    15. If that were the case, I would talk like a character in Boondock Saints at all times.

      1. So glad you feel my pain! Don’t even get me started on “your” and “you’re” or when to use “too.” If you can’t use them correctly, I can’t date you. Go back to 5th grade and then we’ll talk. 😉

  5. Great post, V! I love learning more about you, and it pleases me that this post only confirms what I’ve suspected for a while – we’d totally be friends IRL! 🙂

    Something about me? Despite being honest and blunt, as well as having a mouth like a sailor, when it comes to my elders, I am all about respect. My west coast friends are constantly mocking me for calling their parents “Mrs. and Mr.” so and so, rather than calling them by their first name. Maybe it’s my east coast upbringing, but that’s just how I roll…and it’s a bit incongruous with the rest of my personality! 😉

    1. Ooh, I’m the same way! Still can’t get used to calling my in-laws by their first names. Feels totally bizarre! Must definitely be your east coast upbringing!

      Thanks for your comment, doll!

  6. This was such a super fun and awesome post V! I think i’d be on my way to driving a very nice car for every F word I dropped too! lol! I’m with you on tipping, the mr. & I are always like to tip well as you always know you’ll get great if not better service/better table at your fave places.

    Camping terrifies the pants off of me! Bugs, EVERYWHERE, ugh! But I have done it all before (on Fraser island, OZ), just never again!

    Manners are so important, aside from please & thank you, excuse me is another phrase which could be used more often from others too.

    Hope you have a super rest of the week!

  7. Loved this post V! I totally understand about the gourmet food thing or just good cuisine in general. My mother was a chef & caterer … I didn’t appreciate how good I had it until my Uni years in school! Great service and excellent food is a MUST bottomline. Oh and it bugs me when people are at fine dining and do not know how to use proper utensils, uggh! It’s not difficult! At least do your ettiquette research or don’t order the escargot. haha! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Madison! I agree…when I see people holding their silverware any way but proper European style…oh, it irritates me! It looks so bad, and it’s so much more difficult to NOT do the proper thing. I’m happy to report that I personally taught my 7-year-old nephew and 4-year-old niece the proper way to hold a knife and a fork, and they not only do it flawlessly, they can slice their own food completely on their own, and regularly insist on it!

  8. Besides making me laugh, it is great that you know who you are. Maybe you should consider speaking at a high school or something like that where people are so afraid of being themselves – perhaps your fresh take on things is just what they need to hear.

  9. I just adore how opinionated you are and I love that you’re not afraid to speak up. Too many people are, and keeping things inside doesn’t solve anything!

    PS: I know age is just a number, but I definitely thought you were at least 8 years younger. Can I look like you someday? Or now? Now would be good.

    1. Aw, thank you Steph…you’re so sweet!

      RE: Age. Fighting it for sure. But sunscreen daily for many, many years and a healthy lifestyle definitely help.

  10. I hope you don’t mind if I take this idea for my blog next week! I’ll tweet you when it’s up 🙂

    OK, so let’s talk about your driving. I have this theory that drivers in and around [the south] are highly influenced by the NASCAR culture and therefore drive like MANIACS. There has been are least 3 times when I’ve been driving [there] and people just whip around me for NO REASON. WHY?! Even if you don’t watch NASCAR, I think a lot of people are still influenced by it because everyone drives CRAZY near [there].

    1. I tend to agree, Courtney. But I don’t drive crazy…just fast. Or does fast = crazy? I don’t know! Maybe!

      Had to edit your comment slightly…don’t like to give too many hints away, if you know what I mean.


      1. Either way, I’m sure you look fabulous in your car, which, come on, is the most important thing!

        And no worries about editing. I’ll keep your changes in mind for next time I comment!

  11. Can totally see you as a fast driver!! I have such bad road rage and it just seems to get worse. I think it’s the pregnancy hormones! LOL

    This was too fun to read V!

  12. I absolutely loved this post! Having experienced a slice of the wonderful Vahni-ness my self added such a dimention to reading it, all kinds of lovely memories of you surfacing, miss. There is such a sweetness about you, mixed in with your fab sass. And your funny! Love you! Something you might not know about me? I get some of my best laughs laughing at others walking funny etc. Oh, and I think about your avocado-omelett extravaganza on a weekly basis. Could I have the recipe, darling? I hope all is well with you and your fam and hubby. Sending you lots of hugs x

  13. Ooh, your car is wow! What an amazing ride!
    Interestingly nothing surprised me in your list – which just shows that you’re really being you online as well! Generous, confident, tough when needed with a good dose of sense of humour – as we like you. 🙂

  14. Cool lady !
    You love to drive BMW fast and fast, like you said… I like it !
    You seems to be a brave and confident. Thanks for this amazing stuff and more success !

  15. I swear we are kindred spirits! Every. single. item on your list applies to my life! Decisiveness, tipping, driving fast, killing it in the gym, cussing, and hatred of clutter… I think we are long lost sisters.

    1. Hi April, thanks! I always think the same thing when I see your Instagrams! And all those gorgeous ocean shots are making me want to hop in the car and drive on down. Maybe one day!

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