Worker V: 2.7 Blue

Busy, busy, busy bee,  Worker V.  And working a new hue: blue.

Shirt: DVF • Belt: DVF • Pants: White House/Black Market • Heels: Boutique 9 • Necklace: Pegasus, Stella & Dot 

A sextuplet of tassels is a a statement indeed, but my favorite part of this look? Pegasus:

Layers of individual metallic feathers add texture and refract light. Every time I wear this gorgeous creation, I feel as divine and otherworldly as the winged horse of my ancestors’ myths, from which this necklace takes its name.

Together Pegasus and I flew through conference calls and content decks—boldly, with stamina, and the kind of divinity a good statement piece bestows on all goddesses—in togas or trousers.


  1. I loved your outfit, but your write up swept me away (not to be cheesy!)….. Your Pegasus necklace is stunning, as is your new hue.

    1. Agreed, the blue does look great on you and lets be realistic, a girl can’t wear neon and crazy prints all the time. Go for timeless chic colors like your blue in your outfit. Glad to see your new post Vahni!

  2. Hey! It’s good to see you again! I really do love your Pegasus necklace; reminds me of an Aztec piece.

    Will there be more blue (and other colours) in the future while black goes into the background?

    1. Hi Cameron, thank you! I have been trying to work in more color…can’t make any promises but I’m definitely trying to break out of the black!

  3. I really love your pants..The top you looks so stunning…Amazing kind of necklace..Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures..

  4. I love that necklace. I remember seeing it a while back and wishing I could afford it. I love seeing how you’ve worn it. To tell the truth I was a little intimidated by it even though I found the look fabulous.

    1. Thank you Heather! It seems like it’s so OTT, but in real life, the golden colors are muted, almost antiqued, so it isn’t crazy bright.

    1. Thank you Jessie…it is versatile. I try to make my work looks a little fun, and I’ve found it’s accessories that make all the difference.

    1. Thank you Alexis! What a sweet comment. Lately I’ve been sooooo bored with my backdrop for photos, and kinda hate my DSLR, hence my absence! And truthfully, Hubby really doesn’t dig shooting photos of me so I’m on my own. Boo.

      Hope you are well!

    1. Thanks, MJ! Tried to comment on your blog, and it gave me some weird login error related to You may want to see what’s up or try a different commenting approach that doesn’t require a login.

  5. Darling, I love seing your outfit posts! That blue on you is wonderful, but I agree la piece de resistance is that neckless. Simply divine. And hot! Does it feel heavy on?

    Much love to you, you powerhouse you. x

    1. Thank you sweetie! The necklace is actually not heavy. It’s comfortable enough for me to wear at work all day and forget that I have it on!

  6. Everytime I see this beautiful necklace I certainly think you wear it the best. I love the outfit! The photo is moonlight heavenly dear! And those arms make me wanna get back to my Pilates routine. A very smart look! 🙂

  7. Wowfuckingzahs. Gorgeous. YOU. That Stella & Dot necklace is pretty fab, and you showcase it like nobody’s business. Flights of fancy at the office? Indeed.

  8. You are definitely so beautiful and an inspiration to all women.. I am not fashionable when it comes to outfits like dresses and accessories.. But you are very stunning!

  9. THAT. COLLAR. Omg, V… are you serious with how amazing that thing is right now? I love it!! I’m loving the blue on you as well and especially happy to see my favorite belt making an appearance 🙂 All that tassel action reminds me that I only have one :/ gotta get on that…

  10. This necklace is to DIE for! Stella & Dot has some really cool pieces, I’ve flipped through a catalog here and there but it may be time for me to invest. I love the pretty blue blouse you paired it with. Statement making indeed.

    1. You will really love Stella and Dot pieces. They are so worth the money. Very well-made. I wear my bangles and necklaces all the time, and get so many compliments on them.

      Thanks for your comment!

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