Instagram + Statigram = Insta Heaven

In just a couple of weeks, I will have spent a year using the wildly popular, Apple iPhone-based Instagram app (which also happens to be free…how about them apples?).  It’s kind of hard to imagine life before Instagram—it has become such huge part of my everyday existence that I’m loathe to think of the day that I can’t scroll through others’ photos when I’m bored, or use it to transform my own shots into mini-masterpieces. I’m just so crazy about Instagram.

In the last year, Instagram has only gotten better. Several complementary applications and sites have sprouted that you might want to check out, especially if you’re as into Instagram as I am. Like Statigram. So keep reading.

A Pinteresting sidebar…

I know right now everyone is going nutso for Pinterest (and I’m trying it out too) but at the moment, I find Pinterest to be slow, complicated, time-consuming, and the iPhone and iPad apps—for lack of a better word—really suck. Oh, and there is this other thing where you’re supposedly not supposed to “pin” your own stuff? Did I read that somewhere? Huh? Like why would I not invest some of my time in promoting myself? Especially since I’m the only one with true rights to my photos?

Yeah, on that subject, read this and note I’m still not 100% sold on Pinterest and may bail on it yet again: Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards. Copyrights are no joke, and this article may be much ado about nothing. Until there’s a lawyer breathing down your neck. But anyway. Back to…

UPDATE: Pinterest revised its Terms of Service effective April 6, 2012. In an email sent to users on March 23, 2012, Pinterest founders noted these changes: “Our original Terms stated that by posting content to Pinterest you grant Pinterest the right for to sell your content. Selling content was never our intention and we removed this from our updated Terms. We updated our Acceptable Use Policy and we will not allow pins that explicitly encourage self-harm or self-abuse. We released simpler tools for anyone to report alleged copyright or trademark infringements.” Hooray for better terms that protect users!

Instagram and Me

When early adopter and blogger doyenne Jennine Jacob, founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers and The Coveted, jumped on Instagram and started tweeting her images, it got my attention. I downloaded the app, signed on as gritandglamour, and the rest is history. Thanks to super cool site Statigram (more about that in a minute), I know she was the first person I followed, and she was also my first follower (thanks, Jennine!). I also know that the first photo I “liked” was one of my own. OK, that was a #fail, but I was a newbie!

Initially, my use of Instagram was sproadic and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how one more social media account could fit into my life, or what it might do for my blog; but in short order, I was hooked.

Why I (and the rest of the free world) fell in love with Instagram (IG):

  • My iPhone 4s is always with me, and like many, it’s now my point-and-shoot camera. No need to transfer photos from a card to edit with Instagram.
  • It’s beyond easy to use, fast, well-designed, and it makes sharing even easier. Snap, filter, enter some deets about your photo, and you can automatically have it posted to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, or Foursquare with no additional effort.
  • Instagram makes everyday snaps with your mobile look amazing. It really does! Your little pup, a cloud in the sky, your shoes, even your latest Target haul all look like pro-quality photos with a little IG magic. No graphic design degree or Photoshop required. It’s like Photoshop for dummies.
  • Because sharing is so easy, it increases engagement in your other social media apps. For example, by adding a #hashtag, you not only connect yourself to a theme within Instagram, you do on Twitter as well.
  • It allows your followers to see snippets of your life that aren’t necessarily blog-worthy, but offer a peek into your world. And people want to know, believe me. Don’t you love seeing the behind-the-scenes of your favorite bloggers’ lives? I know I do.
  • It keeps you engaged with your followers even when you don’t feel like blogging and when you are suddenly over your entry-level DSLR. (OK, maybe this one only applies to me…)

And hey! Good news, all you non-Apple peeps! This just in: Popular Instagram iOS App Headed for Android

Statigram: The Other App Your Insta Feed Needs

So you’re on Instagram. Or as soon as it drops on Droid, you’ll be on that download like white on rice. So you should. You’re going to love this sweet little app!

There are several Web-based applications/sites that allow you to share your IG photos with non-IG users and sites, but the best for managing (and leveraging) your Instagram account on the Web is Statigram.

Oh, how I love this site. I’ve tried a few (Webstagram, Extragram, Followgram), but Statigram is is the mother of all. It’s like Klout for Instagram. You can view and respond to comments, see stats about your images and followers, and even send a private message (!)—the equivalent of a Twitter DM—to an IG user. It’s more robust than any of the others, and definitely sexier. 😉

Click the Viewer tab, and you can see all the photos in your Feed (i.e. recent photos from people you follow on Instagram). The Viewer tab is also where your My Photos link is. When you click on a photo in Statigram, you get lots of deets with it—like tags, likes, comments, as well as the IG filter used on the photo:

Aside from being able to comment or reply to an IG comment from your PC via Statigram, notice the social sharing buttons at the bottom? (Yes, even the Pin It button.) Makes pinning or sharing insanely easy for non-IG users. And for those of you who are Pinterest-mad at the moment, this is a good thing since Instagram does not include Pinterest as a sharing option within the app. Yet.

And another bonus: if you’re on a limited data plan, Statigram allows you to interact on IG from your computer so you don’t eat into your precious mobile megabytes.

Promoting Your Instagram Photos (and YOU!)

Statigram isn’t just a superb way to manage your IG photos and interact with others IGers from your computer, it has some excellent features available to help you promote your IG account and yourself.

And why would you want to do that?

Whatever your favorite social media channel may be, IG is another way to deepen your reach, to broaden your audience. Not everyone is into Twitter or Tumblr. Not everyone reads blogs. And not everyone can access Facebook or Pinterest at work. IG is an amazing way to connect with new people or grab the attention of your existing fans/followers in your other social spaces.

I’ve found that I’ve picked up Twitter followers because they were already following me on IG, and vice-versa. There is a “stickiness” to social media, wherein followers in one channel often follow you in others—you just need to let them know where you are!

In Statigram, click the Promote tab and you can:

  • See your Web-based IG URL for sharing/linking elsewhere (e.g.,—and even snag an RSS feed URL for your photos.
  • Create a beautifully-designed IG gallery that loads straight to your Facebook fan page.
  • Create a perfectly-measured collage of all your IG photos that you can upload as your new Facebook Timeline cover. That cover has already become a pain in the you-know-whatty for many, me included. In classic Facebook fashion, the measurements are a total secret so I’m seeing a lot of blurry, ugly cover photos. No worries, the Statigram cover collage solves that issue. Just click Create cover, save the photo to your computer, and upload next time you’re in Facebook.

Now how cool is that?

Aside from promotion, Web-based IG account management, and killer badges and add-ons for your other social media accounts, Statigram also holds IG photo contests that you can enter simply by adding the contest hashtag to your IG shot.

Statigram Snapshots

Want a fun way to share metrics about your Instagram interactions? Click the Snapshots tab in Statigram and you can email yourself adorable “snapshots”—like how many likes you’ve given, or your overall stats—in the form of a little visual that’s perfect for sharing on your other social accounts.

Here are mine. Told you they’re adorbs!

What are you waiting for? Get yourself set up on Statigram now and see what it can do for you.

And of course, if you want to find me on Instagram, just search for gritandglamour. 🙂

So how about you? Are you on Instagram? Do you love it?


  1. this is fantastic! I need to play with Statigram more. I used it to add an instagram feed to my S&S Facebook feed… but now I need the cover photo – love! I also love Snap Widget – I really like how their Instagram feed looks on my blog. Completely with you – so so hooked on Instagram, it is my favorite! xx

  2. OK… such a great post V. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you of course. Instagram is amazing. In todays busy world, people are always on their mobile devices Much more than they are on the web I think. Without even noticed it, I think I am looking at instagram much more than twitter these days. Just the fact that I can see the photo straight away with having to click and wait for it to upload makes it that much more simple. Twitter should have a like button…lol. I do find it hard to measure if traffic is coming through to my site from instagram but as far as promoting yourself and your brand, how easy could it be. I have actually gotten work from people who have found me on instagram. Yep, thats right. Oh, and I agree with you about Pinterest and especially Tumblr not being so user friendly on your smart phone. Not a fan of Tumblr anyway but thats a whole other story. I do think pinterest is great though in general. I didn’t know instagram was coming to Android. This is going to be even bigger. Android users are taking off especially in countries where the Iphone is too expensive. I notice a lot of Android users in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia. There is an App on Android called Lightbox which is similar to instagram but actually much better. You can upload your photos via the web also and they can be any size. Size is a problem at times with instagram as you need to cut your photos. I am going to check out this statigram. Sounds fantastic to use on your computer. I thought instagram would have had their own site by now thought.

    1. I’m going to check out Lightbox

      But by far the best camera app I have come across for Android is Vignette. The features on it are awesome there are so many filters I usually just have mine set on ‘random’ and it creates some wonderful looking pictures. You can upload to Facebook and Twitter straight from the app. But it just lacks the social media, following side of things.

  3. How do you always know what techie things I’m wondering about? I haven’t had time to research the different computer tools for Instagram and BOOM, you did it! Thank you 😀

  4. I’m one of those people who just can’t seem to get into twitter, but I love instagram! In fact I headed over to this post after seeing your IG photo. There’s somethig really fun about seeing snippets of people’s lives plus no one ever photographs things the same way so there’s always something new to see. Thanks for sharing all these other apps, I hadn’t heard of them.

  5. I just starting using statigram last week. I was stuck on extragram for quite some time, but this is so much better, I can’t believe I waited this long to try it out!

    Great post, as always – off to tweet/share/etc!

  6. Thank you so much for this post! I love Instagram, and have been trying to use it via several channels. I will absolutely move from Extagram now, thank you again so very much. You are a wizard, and a hot one at that. Love you.

  7. I’m not on Instagram, as I don’t own an iOS device. I’d love to give it a go, though. It looks fun. When I do, you’ll be one of the first to know.

  8. I love love love Instagram! Instagram and Twitter are neck and neck as far as my favorite iPhone app goes! This is a fantastic post, with such a thorough explanation of Statiagram! Every time you recommend something V, I know it’s good because you always do your homework! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive post- now I have to go play around with Statigram 🙂 P.S. Have been loving you’re #marchphotoaday posts on Instagram- they’re so great!

  9. Ok! Ok! I give in! After trying tumblr, loving it, but uktimately being disappointed, I promised myself I’d only do twitter and Facebook! Mo more chic topic,chissimo etc. no more tumblr and no way I’d try pinerest (scary legal stuff) but I’ll try instagram because you do make it sound so great!

  10. I fell in love with Instagram since my first use. It’s also great at times to catch up with your blogging buddies when you may not have time to visit tons of blogs that day. Most times, you’ll see their outfits, inspiration, etc. on their Insta-snapshots so I love it! I have not used Statigram, but I will now. Thanks V! Superb post.

  11. I adore instagram too! I use it almost every day. I haven’t tried statigram yet but will definitely check it out – and like you I’ve tried Pinterest but am not really jumping on board yet!

  12. I don’t have a Pinterest account, but I was tempted to open one. But since you describe it as time consuming, slow and complicated. Between my blog and twitter I don’t need anything else consuming my time. I don’t have an iphone so I can’t participate in the instagram activity either, although those of you who have the app appear to be having a great time. If a android app is create I guess I will then participate.

  13. Another fabulous and informative post by you Miss V! I’m on the instagram circuit and my addiction for pinterest is increasing. But for a little while it was the most frustrating things ti use…it crashes a little too much for my taste…it’s like get your sh*t together peeps! ha.

  14. Instagram has only gotten better. Several complementary applications and sites have sprouted that you might want to check out, especially if you’re as into Instagram as I am. Like Statigram. So keep reading.

  15. How did I not know about stratigram before this moment?? Off to sign up and get to working on it. It’s exactly what I need. Thanks for all the helpful tips and points. You’re always such a wealth of knowledge. – Katy

  16. Now I’m ready to use instagram at first i don’t have any idea about it but now what i read is all positive.I know it can help everyone…Thanks for this insight…

  17. I always trust your advise and information 100%.
    I have just on Pinterest, but not Instagram, but I will come back to your post when I do.
    Nice to hear about you, my dear Vhani.

  18. I do believe in Heaven and I think of it as a sort of magical place. I see it as being above the clouds, where you can meet loved ones who have died. I do hope this is true because I keep hoping to meet my dad once more. Also I think of it as a place with Angels all around. You can sit and chat with them and it’s such a beautiful place with lovely things like butterflies, running streams, flowers, trees, and lots of green lawns. I kind of mix two images together in my mind!

  19. Thanks for sharing with us this great idea, actually I’m not familiar with this but it’s look interesting, I will explore my self at Statigram website…

  20. Instagram is definitely my cup of tea! I love using it. Never to mention the additional application. Bravo! This is great!

  21. Love instagram! So quick and convenient. I’ve tried other apps like vintage camera, but I just keep going back to instagram.

    And Pinterest does confuse me. If they don’t want you to post your own original work, It is essentially a website encouraging you to break copyright. I feel bad even on tumblr when I re-blog photos and think “Does this person even know their photo is being reblog on tumblr?” It’s a little disheartening.

  22. Oh Statigram is interesting! I signed onto instagram about a year ago as well but really just started being active last week. I’m liking it a lot and have no idea why it took me so long to acquire it in my arsenal of things and this statigram situation also looks really appealing.

    Re: pinterest I love pinterest really I totally do especially since they have revamped their site to add t’s & c’s that are more thoughtful on copyright ownership. And I feel sad about the backlash they got regarding the terms on their site, tumblr (which I also love) has very similar terms and so do a lot of the publishing sites like IG or twitpics. I do think that these kinds of terms are not made to exploit the users and I feel if push comes to shove I’m not sure how much those t’s & c’s would be leaned on…not that I think the cover your own bootie blanketing of terms is a good practice but I think because the medium is “newish” these things haven’t worked out yet to the best possible outcome.

    Thanks again for recommending another brilliant tool. I’m going to forward you that change in pinterest terms, so you can take looksie.

  23. WOW. Good thing. I’m a big fan of Instagram. Wonderful photos I always catch when I use it. Can’t wait to use that Statigram. How wonderful world is with technologies.

  24. This is a very interesting post! i have never tried this yet, but will surely check it out, to see what Instagram can offer to us. Thanks!

  25. I am not on instagram, I have an android phone. I do similar stuff like this with POSE. When I get a iPhone I will be sure to check this app out. Thank you for the great post.

  26. Instagram is the deal when it comes to sharing thoughts using pictures in real. I use it, and I really like it.

  27. This was a very great and informative article! I am new to Instagram and all of these other websites, so this was some very helpful information. Also please follow me on Instagram, I will follow back! @ a_true_classic

  28. I was just wondering, why cant i send /receive private messages ? There is no icone on my homepage that says “send message” and my profile is public…. Why is that ?

    1. The way to send/receive private messages is to click on the profile of the person you follow that you want to message. Then to the right of their photo, you’ll see “Send Message” is an option. You have to follow to be able to message.

  29. @gritandglamour
    the people who are following me and I am also following cannot see the “send message” below where it says following on my profile. I wonder if instagram has not installed this option on my profile yet… ?

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