WVW: For the Doc*

I recently had my annual wellness exam, and this is what I wore…no kidding! A gold-buttoned wool coat and OTK boots (over OTK socks) winterized my spring-weather dress, and kept it from blowing over my head. Apparently we will not be escaping winter in the south. After weeks of 60-degree temps, winter has arrived, with fuh-reezing gale-force winds. Ouch.

*WVW = What V Wore
Coat: Zara • Dress: Cache • Boots: Aldo • Sunnies: Juicy Couture

This may be TMI, but I’m writing it anyway. My annual exam is always in January, which helps me remember when I’m due again. New year = time for a check-up (be sure to schedule yours for 2012, ladies!).

I always wear dresses to the doc. Let’s be real here—if you’re going to have to disrobe, it doesn’t get any easier than a dress and boots, right? Consider that my tip for dressing for the doctor’s office.



  1. Girl I am not mad at you going to the doc’s office looking like a diva! The coat is gorgeous! Winter has officially reached FL too this week. It’s 40 degrees outside! Insanity!

  2. Huh, what’s a wellness exam? Just like a check up at the Doctors? I love the boots and the pattern on the dress is really cool. I like how the orange accents peep through, although is that an orange watch on your wrist?

    1. Uh, it’s a polite way of saying “gyno appointment!” But guys should see their docs at least once a year to makes sure all is well!

  3. Last time I went for my lady exam, I wore a dress and flats. My doctor asked if I dress up for the visit and I said no, that’s how I dress everyday. She said “Nice! Easy access.” I have the classiest doctor EVER.

  4. I was actually thinking about this very topic yesterday, when I had a dentist appointment. I knew I would be in the chair for a couple of hours and opted for comfort over appearance.

  5. I adore this outfit!! I was reading some of your past posts, like the one about why you don’t do sites like Chictopia and love your writing….Definite food for thought! This dress paired with all black is stunning and simple all in one. Plus I agree 100% about dresses to the doctors office 🙂

  6. I have my check ups n January, but the skirts work for me, too.
    Gorgeous as ever, my dearest Vahni.
    According to my blogroll you haven´t updated for 5 weeks, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    have you checked if it happens other blogs, too.

  7. V, of course, being the wellness freak that I am, I’m super anal about making sure I schedule my annual, too!! Way to go, girl!! And my, my… do you look GLAM for the doc! Honey, I LOVE your style! Super fab!! Happy New Year to you!

  8. I sooo would not expect anything less glam than this!
    You look awesome koukla! It’s always good for everyone to get everything checked up either beginning of the year or before your birthday… that way you’re not going to forget!

  9. Hey, I am a firm believer that you are NEVER TOO DRESSED UP and you should always look your best…why any different for the gyno? lol. Love those boots…hubs got me a similar pair by Stuart Weitzman for Xmas..he did good..they look amazing with your dress!!!

    PS…randomly just read your post from October re: why I am not on Chictopia Lookbooknu etc and LOVED IT! I am not on any of those sites…I thought about joining and felt like everyone was 19 years old…super skinny and blonde…I am often intimidated by the fashion blogging scene anyway..(30something over here …obviously from the name of my blog lol) but I keep my head down and do MY thing…because I believe the 30 somethings deserve to be fashionable and fabulous and I believe in REAL connections with readers and clients….Posting my photos in a million trillion places isn’t going to bring that to me-C

    1. Hey Carly, thanks for your comment, babe. Glad you found my other post worthwhile, and I couldn’t agree more. “Posting my photos in a million trillion places…,” um, NO! Like you, I know it won’t bring me the kind of engagement I love, and who the hell has time for all that?! I’m too old at nearly a decade older than you, and have waaaaaaay too much going on already.

      That’s another reason why I love your blog…real clothes on a real woman!

  10. Love this dress! I’m the same as you, I always wear a dress to the Dr’s, it can be whipped off in seconds and also adds a bit of privacy for any intimate examinations 😉

    Emma xx

  11. Dammit! you just reminded me of what I’m going to have to book 🙂 Love this outfit, I always adore how OTK boots look on leggy ladies and want to replicate the look, but it simply doesn’t work as good on me. Really cute print too xxxx

  12. funny that this is your post — I just made a promise to myself to schedule a physical this quarter in my blog post today!! – I have not had one in years …. now, I will have to think about what to wear!!

  13. Thanks to all of you for your lovelye comments. So glad to read that many of you are staying on top of your health and yearly check-ups!

  14. Gorgeous! A trip to the doctors does not mean you have to dress like a dud. Love the boots and coat- wish I could wear that kind of thing down here. Our winter is so sporadic.

  15. This is way too sexy for a doctor’s visit…. I’m telling!!!!!!! I love those boots. Those boots are great for tall people only. They would come right up under my crotch if I was to attempt to wear those. My annual is next month. Can’t wait for all of the the prodding to begin. (I am being sarcastic).

    1. HAAAA! Laughed at the vision of the boots up to the crotch! But with no disrespect, of course. Honestly, though, you photograph TALL!

      My mom is 5′ so I know the plight of the petite! It also irritates me that clothing for petites is all for a size 2 or 4. What’s up with that? I feel so bad for her. She has a really difficult time finding things. I am not short and not really tall, but the one lucky thing I have going for me is I think my proportions are the same as fit models. So I never have to alter anything, and most pants are the perfect length. Even when I go up or down 10 lbs. I’m counting that as a blessing.

      And yay for staying on top of your health! Those exams are beyond embarrassing. Thankfully they are very brief and only once a year if we are fortunate!

  16. I love this look! Classic and trendy at the same time! and yes…i love that you wore it to the Dr. the real doctor. haha I seriously was expecting this to be like a meeting with a Dr. with a phd or something like that, but no… fashion has no boundaries!! 😛

    1. Thank you, Annie! No, it was a REAL doc I saw. Since I’m no longer in school, I don’t really interact with the PhDs so much anymore!

  17. These boots are amazing. I have yet to buy a pair this high but I need to stop procrastinating and be more adventurous… When paired with a dress of the length above, they are very classy and even a bit professional. I like!

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