Kicking Off 2013 with Whole30

Whole30 by Whole9

Two big things happened to me in 2012: I turned 40. O.M.Geeeeeeezy. I found 30. Erm, Whole30, that is. These two things were the catalyst for a big lifestyle overhaul—seeing the BIG 4-0 coming my way, I decided to  rededicate myself to achieving optimal fitness. Along the way, I discovered Whole30, and […]

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Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2013

Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2013 Collection Highlights

Pre-Fall 2013? Huh? Yes, lovelies, somehow within the last couple of years, the fashion world gave birth to another seasonal collection, because spring/summer, fall/winter, resort/cruise, and couture apparently were not enough. And why is that? Well, it’s because we’re impatient, really. We can’t wait the long six months between spring collections […]

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There Are Better Ways to Spend $55,000

fugly olsen hirst backpack

Have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen completely lost their minds? Behold their latest brainchild, a collaboration between the twins’ label, The Row, Brit artist Damien Hirst, and Just One Eye, purveyor of “one-of-a-kind collaborations” and “thoughtful artistic exploration.” And by thoughtful artistic exploration, they mean $55,000 worth of dead Nile crocodile, […]

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