Barcelona: MNG by MANGO Photo Shoot and Video

It’s been a couple weeks between Barcelona posts, but we had to save the best of the trip for last! I just returned home from New York, where we got to see the final photo from the shoot, and a fantastic video of the experience to share with you. I love this video…it shows you all the fun behind-the-scenes shots and the wonderful time we had getting to know each other and Barcelona. You get to see some of my photos in the previous posts (and below) come to life.

Just in case you missed the other posts, I participated in the MNG by MANGO mission on behalf of one of my favorite bloggers, Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

And here is the rest of my personal travel journal…what happened after the shoot…

Getting Ready for Dinner

In the absence of another human, a tripod, and decent lighting, I resorted to a quick iPhone snap of my outfit. You can see more of it in the shots below, plus deets—and trust me—you will be seeing my new booties on the blog in better detail in the future. So in love with them!

From left to right: Karen of Where Did U Get That; Jessica of What I Wore; Jean of Extra Petite; me (behind Jean); Lilliana of Cheap Chicas; Gala of Gala Darling; behind Gala is Kristen from jcpenney; Wendy of Nitrolicious; behind Wendy is Carmen of Viva Fashion; Diana of The Budget Babe; Yuli from Style Coalition, April from jcpenney; Sydne of Think Thru Fashion; and Margot from 360i.

Dinner at Boca Grande

OK, let me just preface this by saying Boca Grande is one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in my life, in any country. The food, service, and atmosphere—all four floors of it—are top-notch.

Thanks to Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition (standing), for the incredible dinner at Boca Grande!

There were so many tapas dishes served that not a one of us could even come close to finishing dinner. We had everything from bread to octopus, scallops to baccalao (smoked fish) and peppers, cheese with salad, and more.

 Above: Tuna tartare (the best I have ever eaten); cheesecake that comes with a shot (bonus!); and scallops in cream sauce.

Party in the…loo?!

You know what else was so amazing about Boca Grande? No, not the bar one floor up…that was great, we retired there after dinner. The cherry on top—or bottom, if you will—is the unisex basement bathroom.

Yes, the bathroom. Why?

Well, it’s cool looking for sure, with most of the walls covered in mirrors, the reflection of candles flickering, and music…

Top: Harlow ZeeSkirt:Kookai (similar) • Booties: Pour La Victoire • Ring: YSL; in first photo above, Stephen Dweck (similar)
Bracelet: Stella and Dot Serpent, courtesy of Julianne M.

The coolest thing about it is that later in the night, a DJ shows up to his booth, yes, IN THE BATHROOM…

And even later in the night, a full-on dance party commences…IN THE LOO! We’re talking dance music, lights, the works. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life. It was wild and fantastic and totally original.


 Disclosure: This campaign is produced by Style Coalition and sponsored by jcpenney.


  1. Umm..totally AMAZING pictures…and looks like an amazing time to boot.
    Love alot of those ladies you were in good company!
    LOVE those booties…can’t wait to see their next cameo..
    and as for the party/DJ in the bathroom…that is an absolute FIRST for me.

  2. Oh my goodness, loving the party in the loo! haah! you look incredibly gorgeous V! I love Spain, always danced the days away when I went there in the past. Oh look at those mirrors! Bravo for the video & details of your experience.

  3. Dance party in the bathroom? I need to visit Barcelona STAT. Ahhh you know I am a huge foodie and that tuna tartare looks bomb. I am swooning over the video and the photoshoot you girls did. So. much. fun!


  4. Awesome photos,it was sure fun.

    I’m planning to visit Barcelona next year,can’t wait for all the fun to begin!



  5. OMG love LOVE these photos. So glad you were chosen by her b/c your style is seriously edgy. Also loving the Harlow top, glad you clarified it because I would have thought it was a dress. : ) Some of these bloggers r new to me so I will definitely check them out! the room full of mirrors is a great home decor inspiration shot….

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