IFB Conference: Blogger’s Toolkit Video

Remember the IFB Conference waaaay back in September? The one where I got to be on a panel in New York? I know. Seems like eons ago. At any rate, the video summary for my panel is out…yay! Thanks again to Jennine of Independent Fashion Bloggers for inviting me to participate.

I think Sammy did a wonderful job discussing our panel and related topics, and it probably helped a lot that she didn’t have veins popping out of her neck from trying to speak over the tremendous noise between panels, right? Lord.

I love that panelists are asked to comment on their panels afterward, and I think these videos are well-done. But please, videographers and interviewers, please tell us if there is a hair out of place, and try to interview in a quiet location. It definitely makes for better video!


  1. V, you always look fab. But I think you’re right when it comes to being interviewed. Finding a little quiet corner is better for both parties.
    Hope to see you next year at the next IFBCon 🙂

  2. Your skin looked fabulous!

    I don’t know why, but the background music in the video annoyed me! Too much sound going on already–you don’t always need background music! (Sorry, I know you didn’t make the video, just a comment on the production.)

  3. This was a great recap! I loved your panel and it was very interesting to see what social media platforms people preferred. It just goes to show that you have to use what’s best for you and there isn’t just one correct social media tool to use.

    And you always look great! 🙂

  4. I really liked watching that video! I feel new to a lot of this stuff. Not that I haven’t heard of it, but I am just embarking on using them as a skill to up my readership. It was cool to see what different social mediums people find helpful.

  5. As per usual, thank you for sharing – this panel/the video was so beneficial! I’ve been feeling a bit of social media overload lately, so this was really helpful to hear the panelists’ different insights.

    I am DETERMINED to go to IFBCON next year! This has me excited again 🙂


  6. What a great refresher V! I loved watching the IFB-Con at work, this was so nice to view and always picking up helpful tips for blogging… crossing my fingers to actually make the next one!
    *I still LOVE that dres you’re wearing in this video.

  7. You look great V. I like your voice and expression!

    And thank you for the IFB link. Since I’m still on the “learning road” this is absolutely valuable information.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Thanks for sharing this V. This was by far my favourite panel for the day. I find it interesting that some bloggers find twitter more important than facebook and vice versa. For me, facebook doesn’t seem to be as engaging as twitter. And even more now since facebook has recently done further changes, I am finding it less engaging with me readers. Twitter I think is very important. As you mentioned, the “real time” aspect of it is great to start conversations. Now… even more important is Instagram. I find this to be the new twitter. It has been great for me as my blog is far more visual than written (I know, I suck at writing….lol) although my traffic is up since using instagram, I can’t seem to track it back to Instagram.
    Maybe because instragram is new, it maybe still easier to get your voice out there than Tumblr. Just recently started a Tumblr too… Hell, Im everywhere….lol. Mark my words…. I think instragram is the next big thing as people are becoming far more mobile and Im sure they will expand in the future.


  9. I love that you posted this!! I was so bummed to have missed your panel. I really like that Sammy Davis was speaking to not feeling pressure to try to be everywhere. Learning that lesson has help me balance things tremendously.

    LOOOOVE the new sharing is good bar guy.

  10. Such a great recap, sweetheart. You did such a good job on the panel, with such credibility and style. This was a nice memory to revisit! Sending you hugs from Oslo.

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