WVW: Houlihans*

I love skinny cargos.

I have a pair of Rich & Skinny skinny cargos that I’ve worn before on the blog, but this is my first pair of J Brand skinnies. I know, they’re like so season-before-the-last-season, but I happened upon them at Saks Off 5th, for a fraction of a fraction of their original $244 price tag. They fit perfectly—I’m crazy about the zippered ankles. It’s also pure coincidence that I was just asking about J Brand skinnies on Twitter last week, since I’ve been totally obsessed with ankle-length skinnies, a la Charlize Theron.

Got lots of great feedback about J Brand, and I’m hoping that I’ll score the perfect pair of J Brand denim skinnies soon. If I do, I will definitely let you all know what I think and how they fit girls with booty. Cause as fab as they look on Charlize, I do not share her lean, 5′ 9½” frame!

*WVW = What V Wore
Top: BenettonPants: J Brand • Heels: Oh Deer (similar) • Vest: Witchery (similar) • Sunnies: Christian Dior
Bracelets: Tory Burch, Stella and Dot Serpent, courtesy of Julianne M.

I’ve tweeted a couple shots of this new serpent bracelet by Stella and Dot, but this is the first time I’ve included detail shots here. It is seriously my new favorite piece, and pairs beautifully with my beloved Tory Burch bracelets. I’m going to scoop up another because I think two will be even more fantastic than just one! Thanks again, Julianne, for gifting this one!


  1. Long and lean V! I have a pair of Rich & Skinny cargoes that I wear to death as well (wonder if we have the same ones??)…they’re charcoal and seriously go with EVERYTHING! I will definitely check out the J.Brand ones at my local Off 5th…hehe…now that I know they’re having a sale on top of sale…aaahhhhh my FAVE fall phrase!

    Happy Halloween babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  2. Wow–such a beautiful bracelet! The vest is really cute, too. I’ve been looking into getting a fur coat..this is even more inspiration 😉 Keep up the great work V!

  3. You look hot in those cargoes! I can’t keep up with the speed at which the latest IT jean or trouser comes out from JBrand and neither could my wallet to be frank. But good going getting those on sale – they sold out everywhere here. I have a couple of pairs of their jeans which are great.

  4. Those skinny cargo pants are fantastic on you!! I’ve been thinking of trying J Brand jeans too, but jeans scare me so much with these hips and booty I have. That bracelet is lovely; two would be lovelier! 🙂

  5. I am soo jealous of you! You are tall and have the body to rock those pants. Alas, because of my height (5′ 5″) I feel like cropped cargos make me look a little stubby–even skinny ones!

    But you, you look incredibly cool!!!!

  6. Lookin’ lean, supreme and gorgeous koukla! These skinny babaies are gorgeous! I picked up a l/slv black top from Zara recently with a gold zip which runs all the way along the centre back – pretty sure you’d love too!
    Have a great November!

  7. I have a pair but I like your color much better. Mine are a sort of faded navy that I got because I thought they were grey. But they read blue to everyone else!

  8. Even if they are season before last season, I think they look great on you and isn’t that the point of fashion anyway? Finding items that fit and flatter that you can keep forever.

  9. Yes, yes, the Houlihan’s were the hottest thing smokin a couple seasons ago but they are SO HOT that I really don’t think they’ll be going “out of style” anytime soon..and they look nothing short of fabulous on you! Those pants just have a way of looking oh-so-sexy on every figure, it seems. I’ve just added a black fur vest to my collection so it quite possible that you’ll be seeing this very outfit on another blog near you soon. hehe!

    Oh, and I love the bracelet, too! very cute!

  10. I love how they’re kind of cargo-pants-style, but with a gold zipper. Really awesome & I like how they show off your shape. I actually really want a pair even though its going into summer in Australia & I’d probably have to wait a while to wear them!

    1. No, they are actually Oh Deer, which produced a whole line of red-soled heels before (I’m assuming) Louboutin’s lawyers got in touch. Sigh.

      Such a shame, because they are waaaaaay cheaper and waaaaaaaay more comfy than Loubies, but just as pretty on.

  11. Gorgeous as ever, my friend!

    You look amazing in those skinnies – love those zippers – who cares what season they are, they are still on trend! I can’t wait to hear/see what you snagged from J Brand… last week.

  12. I splurged on the Houlihans when they first came out (the season before last season as you say 😉 ), and it was totally worth it. I’ve gotten so much wear out of them, and I’ve always been a big J Brand fan. You know that I’m not where close to 5’9 and look nothing like Charlize, yet they’re the best fitting jeans I’ve tried so far.

  13. They look amazing! Who cares if they’re season before last season and whatnot, your style is eternal! I do love J Brand. They’re my jeans of choice. i love that they can be super tight everywhere BUT the crotch. I hate it when pants are tight in that area, and they are always comfortable that way.

  14. Oh girl please! You are definitely lean enough to pull this off and boy, you do a great job! I love those cargo skinnies on you. Awesome pants, I love the zip at the bottom. Yes, Gucci is so YOU.

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