Barcelona: MANGO Design Center + Cornelia and Co.

Between arriving at the hotel and dinner on my first day in Barcelona for the MNG by MANGO mission, we embarked on a trip to MANGO headquarters, in the Hangar Design Center at Palau Solità i Plegamans in Barcelona. Your exclusive peek inside MANGO is now on Pretty Shiny Sparkly, where I am guest-posting…you don’t want to miss it!

Read MANGO Headquarters on Pretty Shiny Sparkly >>

After the MANGO tour, we went back to Granados 83 hotel to freshen up, then we walked to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

From left to right: Lilliana of Cheap Chicas; Jean of Extra Petite; Diana of The Budget Babe; me;
of Viva Fashion; Sydne of Think Thru Fashion; Karen of Where Did U Get That; and Jessica of What I Wore.

Dinner at Cornelia and Co.

MANGO treated us to dinner on Thursday night at Cornelia and Co., a gourmet grocery and restaurant with a casual, vibrant atmosphere. We got to know each other a little better over wine and tapas, of course. The food was fantastic! Thank you, MANGO!

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The delicious tapas at Cornelia and Co., included croquettes, friend eggplant chips, and more…it was the beginning of a weekend of foodie bliss.

Coming up next: Barcelona: MNG by MANGO Photo Shoot + Boca Grande

This mission, including the trip to Barcelona, was sponsored by MNG by Mango and jcpenney and produced by Style Coalition.


  1. Just came from Pretty Shiny Sparkly and read your post on the behind the scenes experience. I commented how much I personally love knowing how much work it takes to create one piece of clothing. Loving these posts 🙂

  2. I don’t have Diana’s Old Navy dress, but I have the related shirt in my closet! It’s one of my favourites, actually. Also: I love that little Citröen parked in front of MANGO HQ!

    Who shot the photo of your group, by the way?

    In the third food photo, are those the eggplant chips you mentioned? And what are those balls in the first? Anyway, I would love to shop and dine at a grocery such as Cornelia and Co.

    1. Cameron, we had a sweetheart of a photographer from NY who shot the group photos. Love him.

      And yeah, those are the eggplant chips, and they rocked! The first image is of the croquettes, and you should Google the term for a proper explanation, cause they are delicious, but not so easy to describe. The place was really cool, with very fresh food. I think you would have liked it.

  3. So loving your boots girl!!! Plus Diana’s gorgeous triped skirt! Look at you fabulous ladeez! Seriously making me peckish with these food shots!

    Hope you’re well lovely, have a fab hallo-weekend!

  4. I am so glad that Mango realised the importance of bloggers in the world of fashion, about time. You are definitely the most glamorous of the lot.
    Mil besos, goddess

    1. Thank you, Sacramento! Your comments are always such a treat, and I am grateful for them.

      MANGO is a fantastic brand. Total class act!

  5. Karen has the coolest style. She’s seriously one of the first bloggers I started following! And that food looks amazing.

  6. I’ve been following along with your Barcelona trip but just now got around to commenting! Seriously, you must have had the time of your LIFE. SO jealy. Yummm tapas!

  7. This must be so exciting V. I’ve been reading all about this MANGO mission through your guest blog posts on pretty shiny sparkly.

    Can’t wait for the photo shoot post!

  8. So many stylish ladies, all together in a beautiful city! Yet I can’t stop staring at your boots… LOVE.
    I love the fact that their HQ is in an old airplane hanger. What a great way to use that building.
    I’ve read your posts over on PSS, but haven’t had time to comment until today. Can’t wait to read about the rest of the trip. Meanwhile I am going to stay on this page and drool over that food. Anyone have a paper towel? 😉

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