MNG by MANGO Mission in Barcelona: Granados 83 Hotel

If you’ve been following G&G, you know I recently flew to Barcelona on behalf of blogging homie, Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly, as a guest of Style Coalition for an MNG by MANGO for jcpenney photo shoot with nine other bloggers. As Kristina and I explained in Caddy Chic – MNG by MANGO, I would cover the last part of Kristina’s mission in Spain since she was unable to attend.

Well, I did cover it, and have some amazing behind-the-scenes shots of MANGO headquarters and the photo shoot to share with you. But you have to jump over to Kristina’s blog for all the juicy details! My MANGO coverage is there, and an after-hours and travel photo diary of my time in beautiful, rustic Barcelona is available here.

Read my guest post,  Arriving In Barcelona, on Pretty Shiny Sparkly >>

Granados 83 Hotel

From Barcelona Airport, we were shuttled to our base camp, the uber-modern Granados 83 Hotel, a former hospital designed in the feeling of a New York loft. It was comfy, and in a great location. Aside from the fact that there were no washcloths and the all-glass elevator can make one a little dizzy in transit, I had no complaints.

Below is the view from inside the elevator—since it’s all glass, you can see in between floors as you ascend and descend. While I enjoyed my stay, Granados 83 is not a hotel for those who have a fear of heights. You basically step out of the elevator onto a suspended landing with a railing along the side that you can look over and see to the floor of the lobby. I was on the fifth floor, and do not have a fear of heights, but even as I got near the railing and started to snap a photo, I felt a little queasy looking down and thought better of it.

This is the street just outside Granados 83. It’s been several years since I’ve been in Europe…I had forgotten about the overwhelming number of mopeds, how they weave in and out of traffic constantly.

Coming up next: Barcelona: MANGO Design Center + Cornelia and Co.


This mission, including the trip to Barcelona, was sponsored by MNG by Mango and jcpenney and produced by Style Coalition.


  1. what an amazing trip….love the posts…trip of a lifetime, truly.

    That hotel is amazing..the elevator view alone…lol.
    Thanks for sharing with us! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. The hotel looks lovely, (the leather headboard is really nice). the last photo is so inspiring to me for some reason, I love the blurred edges. *I agree with Lee, it’s hard not t follow all the goodies on Instagram. haha.

  3. It is so perfect that you stayed in a hotel with a monogrammed “G” on the towels! Whenever I see a “G” monogram I think of you! Hotel looks divine and the glass elevator sounds like an adrenaline rush. Love the photos! Popping over to check out the rest of your trip at PSS!

  4. Hey y’all, thanks for sharing your thoughts, on this post and all of them! I am so appreciative and just wish I had more time to say hi to all of you more regularly!

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