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You know Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly was chosen by jcpenney and MNG by MANGO to participate in a style mission (produced by Style Coalition and sponsored by jcpenney), along with nine other bloggers, right?

Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Photo via

If not, consider yourself updated, and add PSS to your blog reader. Kristina not only knows how to build a beautiful, highly-functional blogβ€”she’s sassy, super stylish, a great writer, and totally down-to-earth. No blogger ego there, folks. I love that.

These are the bloggers participating in the mission:

Speaking of updates, Kristina has a pretty important announcement herself, that has to do with yours truly. Remember I told you I had some exciting news to share? And that Kristina and I are a package deal? Well, the cat’s out of the bag.

Proceed to PSS and read Caddy Chic – MNG by MANGO for the deets!


  1. Congratulations on your impending trip, Ms. V! It’s so awesome that you’re able to help Kristina out with the contest!

    Enjoy your time in Spain madame ! xoxoxoxo

  2. Welcome to Spain Vahni. You will love Barcelona, I worked there for a year, and barcelona will adore you.
    What an adventure. I am so happy for you.

  3. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to be my eyes in the sky! Thank you V for the lovely words and cannot WAIT to work with you on this part of the mission!! You’re going to have so much fun! We should Skype during your trip so you can give me the low down….yes…yes….that sounds like a plan. Haha!

    1. Awwww! Yes, we’ll Skype. I’ve got an international data plan already on the new iPhone so I can Insta/Tweet/Skype/Face Time to my heart’s content! We might even be able to face time while I’m at the shoot…just need to figure out the time difference.


  4. OK..SERIOUSLY jealous girl. That is the trip of a lifetime, how EXCITING!!!!
    Absolutely amazing!
    So sorry I have been MIA, business has been great, so I have had a lot less time to blog…good and bad news I suppose.
    Hope you are well! Can’t wait to keep up on this adventure on the blog!

  5. The two of you make a powerful team. PSS is against some formidable bloggy competition but her talent combined with your makes it close call. Have fun in Bar-tha-lona, and I’ll be watching! Good luck to Christina!

  6. Vahni, I’m so excited for you. You are truly going international, baby, and I think you are going to translate no matter what country you find yourself in! I can’t wait to read about your adventure in Spain. Also, so curious, HOW are you balancing all this blogging fabulosity with your job? It reminds me a little of Ken Jennings being on Jeopardy for all those games. At some point he must’ve asked for a leave of absence. Are you having to do something similar? XO, Jill Oh, will Lee be able to be there and be your photographer? What a great team you two would make there!

  7. Oh wow, V! I can’t wait to read all about your Barcelona experience!! I love that city (I celebrated my 21st and 25th birthdays there!!!). Have fun, xx

  8. Geez… I’m so late on this news. Congrats Vahni!!!! So excited to see some of my favorite bloggers on the missionlist including Karen, Kristina and Dianna (go Connecticut!!!!. That’s Ms…ahem…Mrs. Budget Babe if ya’ll don’t know).

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