WVW: Paisley for Pumpkins*

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit M.I.A. That’s because I’ve been out enjoying my favorite season of the year, instead of staying inside to blog. My Klout score has plummeted as a result, but you know what? Marriage score is super high. Hubby and I have been indulging in local fall festivals, pumpkin picking and carving, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

September was exhilarating and even a tad overwhelming, so I’ve felt the need to unplug, especially since I have lots of fun stuff coming up very soon…and yeah, that announcement I’ve been promising. Soon, loves!

*WVW = What V Wore
Tunic/dress: River Island • Necklace: Unknown • Boots: Dolce & Gabbanna • Bag: Allsaints • Sunnies: Christian Dior

Uh huh, that’s the same tunic I wore in WVW: Setting Summer Sun, this time as a dress. A little on the short side, but not indecent. Paired with a moderately-high, chunky-heeled boot, I think I got away with it. You can see the boots in their full glory in WVW: Earthling, one of my earliest (and favorite) outfit posts.

A couple other snaps from the weekend. Told you I unplugged!


  1. Mmh There is a kind of “70’s(icious) Boho CHIC-ittude” vibrancy in the way you enjoy Fall à fleur de peau, AND these classy boots (spontaneously) evoke me giant Loafers I can’t help BUT add Dear V !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I love how your spin on boho chic always maintains an edge. I have to admit that I often shy away from bohemian inspired looks because I like to keep at least a teeny tiny bit of edge to my looks. I need to learn from the best – YOU! Those boots?!?! Amazing!!!!

    And I think it’s important to take a break and enjoy life outside of blogging and being on a computer! Looks like you’re having lots of fall fun!

  3. A super high Marriage score trumps Klout scores ANY day of the week! You look so happy + relaxed. Enjoy!!

    p.s.– Still excited to hear your news ^_^


  4. I think it is essential to unplugged from time to time in order to have a real perspective. The people who really love you and your blog, such as me, will always be there waiting.
    Life is what matters.
    I am so glad to see you so happy.

  5. Love this quote: My klout score has plummeted, but my marriage score ranked high. LOL. Thanks for reminding me which score should score the highest. I need to let go of my attachment to blog life and link back in to REAL.

    You look AH-mazing per usual, and I can not wait to hear your good news! xo. Bella Q

  6. Good for you V! It’s so important to unplug sometimes and spend times with the people who matter most IRL 🙂 Love the photo of you hangin’ with the sheep! Baahhh.

  7. Gosh, it feels so great to read this, as I’ve been so busy with life and know my klout score is an embarrassing digits, but i’m happy and love autumn too! You look so radiant, so good deal with the priorities. I love pumpkins so much!

    *Oh loved those pink thigh-hight boots in the last post too, Yeow! -xx
    Looking forward to the goodies coming up!

  8. I love that “my klout score plummeted but my marriage score is super high.” It’s so easy to get caught up and forget our loved ones, who need our attention more than our blogs or social media scores. Glad you got a chance to unplug from the matrix.

  9. This post is so in tune with my break this week! My girlfriend score has plummeted tremendously, so I’m looking forward to being a bit unplugged. You look glorious amongst all the Fall colors! I wish it was more Fall like here.

  10. LOL, love the line about your klout score plummeting but marriage score is rising high. I have totally let go of my stats…I do my best and I really remind myself that is all I can do. Lady, we all need to live and I’m glad you’re enjoying your fave season. P.S. I wear questionably short pieces like it’s my job. Can’t wait to hear your news, V!

  11. V – I love that first photo of you!! The perfect autumn photo 🙂

    That dress is loooovely!!! And next to the pumpkins in that light looks great 🙂

    Hope you’re well, xx

  12. Oh, I think it’s totally necessary to take some time off for stuff IRL from time to time- gotta stay connected to the real world too! Love your tunic- it’s the perfect fall colors 🙂

  13. I can totally relate, V. Same is going on here. My relationship has been better than usual. I’ve been doing less, which I think it totally reasonable given that I’m not actually stopping. In a way I’m having my cake and eating it, too. Just in little bites, that’s all. It’s all about the balance.

    I have a new way of thinking about blogging less frequently: I’m causing less stress to my followers by not making them feel like they have to check every single day. See how I turned it around?

    1. I like the way you think Fabienne!

      As you said doing less IS reasonable, since we’re still doing something! Have to admit that lately I’ve kind of lost my mojo. I just kind of feel so exhausted all the time. I’m hoping that will change soon!

  14. V!!! How awesome and exciting, I can’t wait to read your exciting adventures out there ;D Good for you to unplug, I’ve been way unplugged myself, though it’s really because once I’m home from work I can’t look at another computer. Hopefully, I will find a happy schedule for myself and get up and running again 🙂 Enjoy!!!

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