G&G in Sydney Morning Herald!

A big thank you to my Sydney-based friend Jamie who spotted this in The Sydney Morning Herald and shared it with me. Even with the misspelling of my name (who can blame them, it is bizarre) and the fact that I don’t live in New York (I am deliberately evasive), I’m still HUGELY flattered to have been listed with the likes of elle.com! The lovely write-up about me and my blogโ€”well that’s just icing on the cake!

Thank you Rachel Olding of Fairfax Media for including me in your round-up!

I located the blurb in the paper’s archive for September 15, 2011…here’s the full post:

If you’re new to G&G, here are links to the posts referenced in the write-up:


  1. A big congrats.. Anyway, big hugs on the shout out! You are already international..Thanks for sharing..More power!

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