WVW: IFB Conference, September 2011*

I posted some shots of what I wore to the conference in Pre-Party and IFB Con in New York, but here’s a closer look. I did typical Vahni high/low, and that’s not just the hemline I’m talking about.

Of course, I had to do this dress. I had “mullet dress” reverberating in my head when I tried it on—a term coined by the fascinatingly contradictory Wendy Brandes—who makes me feel like a complete proletarian when I’m beside her, though it’s not due to anything she’s done or said. Yeah, Wendy B. Don’t let her Upper East Side, nary-a-hair-out-of-place look fool you. She could sass the pants off you in a string of four-syllable—or four-letter—words, and is adept at both. She is the designer of the swear rings, after all.

Anyway, I think “mullet dress” is brilliant terminology, for the record, Wendy. It might be the only time one can reference a mullet and not suffer the slings of societal stigma. Clever, that. Here’s another for a future Huff Post mullet dress file.

Photo via IFB Facebook photo album.

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: Lush • Harness: Sass & Bide • Boots: Gucci • Bag: Prada • Ring: YSL • Bracelets: Tory Burch


  1. At a first glance this “Mullet” idea’ s capillary vibrancy is far to flirt with Sexy / Glam indeed, AND I (bashfully) must confess that this (strongly enlacing) Harness Here tends to catch all my “SM CHIC(icious) attention Dear V !!! “Uber Radiant day-to-day Mistress-ittude” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I love you with that dress so much, Vahni. The contrast with the FABULOUS black boots, bracelets and bag is chic, stylish and STUNNING.
    Have a weekend full of fun and good things!!!

  3. Hahahahh you never cease to amaze me with your style of prose and corresponding outfit posts…This look totally screams Grit and Glamour V! Love the mullet, dying over that beautiful blush tone, and that S&M bondage action….OooOOowee! Who wouldn’t wanna get strapped to you!?!!

    Happy Weekend babe!

    *p.s. thanks for all the Twitter love! Still trying to maneuver around that media…I still don’t get it 🙁 hahahah in due time!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. You know, I’ve had a harness similar to that for over a year now, and I’ve never worn it. What the hell am I waiting for?

  5. The harness took that look from tame to out of this world. Sara, of Style on the Couch and I were marveling at it all day. Glad you were on the panel this year, rather than moderating!

  6. V, you are so stunning… I love your hair with the soft waves like that. It’s so pretty. The dress, the boots, the whole thing you’ve got going on is just to die for. Oh, an that leather body chain, harness, thing-a-ma-bob is hot sh*t! I love it!

    I am so sad I missed your panel. I totally forgot to tune into IFBCon until the afternoon. Hoping for some good video footage on IFB.

    I feel like this comment is all over the place. It’s friday. I’m tired. Have a great weekend! LOL 🙂

  7. amazing outfit. love the mix of feminine with the leather boots, harness, cuffs etc. hope you had fun at the ifb conference, i managed to catch some of it on livestream.

  8. I think your mullet dress is fabulous! The color is soft and pretty, and then I love the contrast of the tough leather boots and the harness! Wish I could have met you while you were in NYC but hopefully you’ll be back soon! =)

  9. I wish I was like this one guy I worked with at Lehman Brothers, who shamelessly took credit for all good ideas while shifting blame for bad ones onto everyone around me. But I’m not, so I’ll have to point out that I did not invent the term “mullet dress.” It’s probably been kicking around since the unsightly Oscar dress worn by Geena Davis back in the day! The only thing I can take credit for is developing an obsession with the look! And, yeah, you WILL be in an upcoming post, because you looked hawt!

  10. Okay. To really hammer home the mullet dress, you need to pose next to A) an El Camino or mid-’80s Camaro with B) a dude rockin’ a sweet mullet C) doin’ a burnout. 😀

  11. V-
    First of all, LOVE the dress with the harness!
    Second, did I remember to send you an email? I know you’ve been travelling but I have something to drop off to you. Drop me a line.

  12. I love the mullet dress! You look great in that dusty pink hue. Plus, I like the juxtaposition of the sweet dress with the harness/black boots!

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