Packing for IFB Con!

OK, so I’m not really packing. Yet. It’s coming, but at this very second, I’m sipping wine and relaxing before all the craziness starts!

This video is a few days old, but tomorrow, these are indeed a few of the goodies going into my luggage…

PS: This video was shot the same day—and in the same outfit—from WVW: Setting Summer Sun.


  1. Oh, so wish I were coming! Love the tassel idea with the yellow clutch. Genius. You’ll love using your keyboard with your iPad. I did this at the last blogging conference I went to and it made it so, so much easier. I’ve got an iMac so just took the wireless keyboard from that and my iPad has its own cover/stand.

    … and yes, my husband hates my iPhone 😉

  2. Okay… I have lots of favorite parts to this.

    1) Your jangly bangles.
    2) The fact that you look like a hippie in this outfit (but a very chic one… not a dirty one or anything).
    3) The ‘laaa’ sound you make at 0:59 after putting on the rings.
    4) ‘Yay for bloggers!’ Yes… yay for us 🙂

  3. Love your Vlogs!!!! Leather leggins are perfect for the trip and love what you did with the clutch so creative! I love little inventions like that. Loving the wireless keyboard! Yay so excited for you! I think in my email I got the dates confused and asked you if you were going straight to Tampa from NY, obvi disregard that question.



  4. Now, why was the thing i got most excited about the wireless keyboard?! OMG I’ve been with my husband for far too long! Love the little tassle you added to the clutch. Have a great time and wish I could be there 🙁

  5. Eeeee! I’m so excited/nervous/everything — can’t wait! I love this glimpse at everything you’re bringing and especially what you did with your AA clutch! I so want to bring mine, but is it crazy that I’m all paranoid thinking it will be too easy for someone to snatch it? I’ve probably been to Manhattan only a handful of times so I’m still a ninny about things like that. But anyway, it’s pretty much my goal to be as fabulous as you someday. x

  6. There are so many awesome things that you are taking with you to IFB Con, but I love 1. The fact that you added the tassle to the American Apparel clutch and 2. the wireless keyboard to accompany your iPad. I hope you have fun at IFB Con and in NY!

  7. I’m pretty good about not coveting…seriously. But ever since I saw those black cuff bracelets I’ve been on the look out for something JUST like them! And wearing them Wonder Woman style….(shaking head) JUST. LOVE. THAT!!! Have a blast! Wonder woman lasso hugs! ~Serene

  8. Vahni I’ve been missing your videos! I’m so sad I can’t go to IFB Con but I’ll try to watch as many streaming videos as I can to try to join in on all the fun 🙂

  9. Yay, looks like you are totally prepared! I hope you have a safe flight over here and I really hope we get a chance to meet at one of the blogger events next week! =)

  10. EEEEEEEE! Thank you all for your comments and support! It’s been tough for me to get out to your blogs with all I have going on at the moment, so I am especially appreciative that you keep coming back to mine.

    I leave for NY today and am super excited!

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