WVW: Setting Summer Sun*

Celebrating the setting of the summer sun in the color of autumn…

*WVW = What V Wore
Tunic: River Island • Jeans: Citizens of Humanity • Heels: BCBG • Bracelets: Beachcombers

What are you celebrating on this first day of September?


  1. I’m celebrating with a cup of coffee as I type this. I’m trying to make a change in my life, so September could be the start of a new era, except I need to find what I’m good for before I can make any decisions. I’ve also started reading the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster which I’ve always wanted to finish, but never did. Love the top, looks gorgeous on you xx

  2. WOow AND the way this flaming § crepuscular sun wraps your “Hippie CHIC(icious)” Haughtiness Truly exudes Sensuousness V !!! As if your (usual) “GLAMazon-ittude” (nonchalantly) would flirt with a (so natural) kind of Poetry . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Loving the Bohemian vibe with this one! That tunic is gorgeous!!

    I’m celebrating the start of September with my official bday countdown! (8 days and counting! 🙂 )

  4. Love that top! Such a gorgeous color on you.

    I’m celebrating September by packing up the few things the movers didn’t take before my road trip to the east coast tomorrow (which was supposed to happen on Tuesday, but didn’t, as is the way of things in my little soap opera of a life. It’s a long story, needless to say).

  5. Love your tunic!!! Gorgeous colour, I’m obsessed with orange for AW11. I’m celebrating my new job that starts on Monday, I’m on the team for a brand new online magazine! Hurrah! Hope you’re well, V!

  6. I am celebrating a creative life. I am broke as fuck, but doing what i love, including being in love AND getting to meet YOU and a gaggle of my favorite bloggers come Sept 7th in NYC. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever make it out to New York, and I am. Whooo-hooot!

  7. I live for you in this tunic V! A gorgeous goddess indeed. I am celebrating September by ordering production quantity of Green Tourmaline. All for this jewelry line I am birthing and I do feel like I’m giving birth. So blessed to do what I love every single day. Happy September!

    See you soon! xo Mish

  8. You had me at the first photo. =)

    I’m celebrating the first day of September by working on my resume using the LinkedIn Resume Builder. Okay, not a normal way to celebrate, but it’s also 97 °F right now, so I’ll be inside lol!

    I can’t wait until autumn comes!

  9. Favorite look EVER alert…Love this.that top is just perfection..no matter what the season!
    And I love it paired with the dark denim, bangles…total modern day gypsy fabulousness.
    Hope you have a fantastic labor day weekend planned…

  10. Hello! I found you on Sacramento’s blog and I had to come over and tell you how much I loved your interview and your style! You are amazing! I am now following your blog with pleasure! Kiah

  11. I always adore you in black, but it’s always a nice treat to see you flaunting the colors! I love your sun-flared shots + you look SO relaxed in front of the camera. Gorgeous, gorgeous V!!


  12. OMG! You look stunning!!! I saw this on my reader it completely stopped me in my tracks. LOVE the first image with the sun shining so brightly. I’m celebrating a new season…summer was so rough I’m hoping for a brilliant fall 😀

  13. These photos are STUNNING, V! The light is gorgeous, and I love how you are working the fabulous cut of that top for the camera! You look so graceful; when I do stuff like that I just look painfully awkward!

  14. Great photos Vahni! It’s pretty far past the first day of September now, but here in L.A. it’s gotten really hot, like 100 degrees hot, so I’m not celebrating the start of Fall that’s for sure!

  15. I love the tunic! I’m always on the hunt for a new one.

    I know I’m late in responding, but I celebrated the first of September with an awesome concert! I went to see The Human League and Men Without Hats. it was a fantastic show and a great way to ring in the month. Then my family and I went to Vegas to spend Labor Day weekend with the in laws.

    Hope you’re having fun at Fashion Week!


  16. Thank you all for your comments! I think when you really love what you are wearing it shows, especially in photos. I loved this tunic. It’s inexpensive but dramatic in an earthy way. Glad you all like it and my rare opportunity to capture the gorgeous afternoon sun!

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