Worker V: 2.3 (in Ann Taylor Pre-Fall 2011)

I’ve come to rely on Ann Taylor separates for work for more than a decade, because they are well-made, comfortable, a great value—and for me, there is no tailoring required. Over the years, some of the store’s collections have been better than others, but the upcoming season may well be the best, ever. Ladies, this is not your mom’s Ann Taylor!

I couldn’t believe the chic, modern, gorgeous pieces I saw when I popped into the store a couple weeks ago. It seems like the design team at Ann Taylor is finally getting what young, modern executives are looking for when it comes to building a sturdy but creative work wardrobe.

Top: Ann Taylor (As seen here, but sold out) • Pants: Ann Taylor Doubleweave Trousers with Hardware • Bag: Topshop
Heels: BCBG • Ring: YSL • Leather Bracelet: Tory Burch • Sunnies: Christian Dior

When I tried these pieces on in the store, I just could not help myself. The top and pants are very Gucci, circa Tom Ford era. The doubleweave fabric of the pants is amazing in person, with a fantastic sheen, and the perfect amount of stretch. They are fitted but generously cut, and so comfortable, even after sitting at my computer in them all day. I actually bought a matching jacket too—will have to show you the suit as soon as the temps get back to lukewarm and not boiling. Ugh.

This outfit is just the beginning of what is looking like an enviable fall selection. And with Demi Moore starring as the face of the new ad campaign, you know it has to be good. That woman is an absolute arbiter of cool. I can’t wait to see more, seriously!

Images via Ann Taylor on Instagram, via Extragram.

Excuse me, Demi. I need that cape thingy in my life…


  1. Excuse me, V. I cannot, in good conscience, let you keep that cape. It’s for your own good, really. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that I intend to work it into my own rotation, perhaps over a tweed blazer and some navy slacks. Nope. Now, pardon me while I relocate it to my closet for er, uh, “safe keeping.” Yeah. That’s it.

  2. All black but nowhere near boring! These pieces do look like classics that you can work into a million different looks. And those pants? They fit you like a glove!!

  3. Owow she looks MONEY! Love the new direction…when I was working in retail about a decade ago, Ann T. was super duper “your Moms totally shops here” kind of shop but now I see the transition! Love the young, hip, sexy vibe…c’mon that fur?? Umm, yes please!

    You look fab V! Very svelte!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. That little tiny metal detail is so perfect. It’s the same at the neckline of the top as well, isn’t it? So simple and beautiful.

    Demi Moore looks fab in those photos by the way!

  5. WOow AND Frankly better than any kind of glossy advertisings, the effortless-like way you are in symbiosis with this dark outfit (widely) talks in support of Anne Taylor creations’ “Working Girl(icious) compatibility” Dear V !!!
    * as a kind of stylish completeness

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. Loving all over that dress on Demi Moore….the gray, the fur, the fit… ALL works! I tend to get my staples, especially bottoms at Ann Taylor. I can always find the right fit and then it all fits in with my vintage, boho pieces! By the way, you rock the black on black. I don’t know about you, but by the end of the day, I’m wanting to shave my head!!! My long hair feels like FUR! Stay cool! ~Serene

  7. STOP YOURSELF LADY!!! I diiiiiie for your outfit and the way you rock it!!! Completely modern and sexytown, USA!!! You always reminded me of someone and now I know it’s Demi Moore. The awesome bod and modern aesthetic w/ edge is a huge part of it but I think you really do have that same super sexy aura.

    Go Ann Taylor!!! Totally not my mama’s Ann Taylor and I WANT that trench in my life!!!

  8. Love the silver detail on the shirt and let’s talk about that leopard bag miss?!? I probably sound like a broken record, but you do professional attire like nobody’s business! I’ll take orders from you any day! 🙂

  9. I worked at Ann Taylor for a number of years before moving to Boston and was always impressed that the company seemed to be looking younger and more fashionable as the months went on. I went from being interested in wearing a couple things they carried to loving a good portion of the in-store collections. They are working hard to revamp their name and look. Love it! – Katy

  10. Did you steal this outfit from my closet? You must have. I wore this to work last week! HA! Ann Taylor is my go-to brand for work, I would be lost without them and I agree, they have ramped up the style quotient in recent collections!

    It looks much better on you though, plus love how you accessorized as always!

  11. Don’t you look fantastic? I love the new pieces you picked up. I haven’t been in their store in about two months or so but will be stopping in one of their Factory stores next week. Excited to see what they have!

  12. Such a chic look! I’ve never seen any Ann Taylor shops (maybe they don’t have them in the UK?) but it sounds like a great place for versatile workwear.

  13. I’ve always been a fan of Ann Taylor pieces, there pants are always the perfect length (I always need tall every were else) and are tailored to fit you perfectly without the tailoring price! I can’t wait to update my wardrobe for the fall after the baby come in some weeks. Ann Taylor will be my first stop after my weight lost! Love the all black you look so chic and streamlined with touches of simplicity!

  14. So, if I already own a cape coat…Can I get away with two? I WANT that now! And I totally scored at Ann Taylor this past weekend too! I got a couple of darling dresses 50% off!

  15. You’re killing it, V! Always tres chic. You must outdo everyone in your office. And Demi looks smokin’. Totally impressed with Ann Taylor lately, too.


  16. Wowsa, they are brilliant for getting Demi in the fall campaign. I too, discovered things had changed there recently. I was floored when I came away from the store recently with a black silk romper and had to pass on a seriously chic snake necklace. I love what they have done with the place!!

  17. You look just as amazing as Demi. Ann Taylor started restructuring the design team over two years ago. Its takes a while for it all to come together but it does look fantastic.

    Your Top Shop Bag is fabulous…looks very YSL.

    I’m sending you an email regarding your trip to NYC.
    XO Mish

  18. OMG. I just commented elsewhere on how I got a new job, I spent most of today trying to beef up my professional wardrobe (currently composed of two pairs of pants and a few shirts, enough to have survived my first week). So now I know where to go tomorrow 😀

  19. I think it was a fabulous choice to cast Demi in the adverts for this brand.
    As for your outfit well this is just perfect inspiration for me – this is just the sort of thing I love to wear to work as a psychologist, simple, chic, modern. I was after a similar pair of wide legged trousers a while back – I found it so hard to get the perfect tailored leg. I must get me to Ann Taylor!

  20. Was thrilled to see Demi is the new face of Ann Taylor. Some day I’ll get my paws on some Ann Taylor stuff – till then I’ll admire the clothes on you!

  21. LOVING those double-weave trousers! If only I was as tall as you, V! I’m a mere 5’2″ (and that’s with heels on!)…I like to call myself “vertically challenged”. Thank god for tailoring!

  22. I’ve loved Ann Taylor for years and was treated to quite the spree when I finally was able to fit the clothes there. (Twigs was a childhood nickname.) The only gripe I have with the current campaign is that she is so photoshopped she no longer looks…well…normal. I mean she’s almost 50 and looks great for her age anyway. Why over do it?

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