Gucci Style iPad App—Why It Should Matter to You

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is officially today, at least for the house of Gucci. Just released is the Gucci Style iPad app, Version 3.0, and if this is the what we can expect from fashion in the 21st century, then honey, I’m even more in love.

Gucci’s iPad app is a major breakthrough in the technological delivery of fashion. Gone are the days of relying solely on print campaigns and brick-and-mortar sales. Smart brands—digitally-aware brands like Gucci—understand today’s consumer, and this iPad app is proof. We want compelling imagery. We want to see how the clothes move on a body, the size of a clutch in-hand. We want the ability to order, quickly and easily. And wirelessly. We don’t want to be tethered, but we want the full experience. Now.

The iPad app is a little like the Gucci Fall 2012 Shoppable Video, but with richer content, more interaction, a deeper brand experience, and the ability to access it all from the iPad, so there are no Flash display issues. Gucci’s Version 3.0 app teases you with a selection of covetable ready-to-wear pieces that link to its online shopping site, where the complete selection of a season’s products can be procured.

You remember that slogan used by the Yellow Pages back when we actually used to consult printed telephone books for a number? “Let your fingers do the walking”? Well, now, your fingers can do the shopping. Tap on a little hanger, flick, scroll, and before you know it, you could have those sweet Trish boots shown below delivered to your front door.

So Gucci has and iPad app…who cares? You should.

Maybe Gucci is more of a dream than a reality for you. Maybe you don’t have an iPad or tablet…yet (hint: like Gucci on Facebook to see a demo of the app). There are still two reasons you should care about the Gucci Style app:

  1. Inspiration is free.
  2. It’s the future of fashion marketing, which means an even better experience for you, whether you are a Gucci customer or not.

Even if Gucci is out of your price range, if you have an iPad, you should check the app out. It’s free, and for the fashion-obsessed, is chock full of inspirational imagery and videos that will absolutely have you salivating for the new season. Gucci is one of fashion’s top trend-makers, so if you want to see the direction of the new season, you should be watching everything the house is doing. Gucci sets the bar. And then the rest of the world spends the entire season trying to measure up to it.

I especially like Frida’s Selects, a category in the app where Gucci designer Frida Giannini shares some of her favorite looks, like this ’70s-inspired ensemble I am crazy about:

And if you’re a blogger, take note—this is just one more way you can expect to interact with premium brands in the future. Fashion is no longer limited to those with a front-row invitation, and that is such a good thing. It’s because brands like Gucci put an obscene amount of money toward the development of apps like this, plus engagement in other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (Gucci’s on Tumblr!) that we as everyday consumers enjoy unprecedented access to shows, behind-the-scenes peeks, and real-time announcements. They’ve invited us in, y’all! Take advantage and take a look!

And one more thing. Seriously…how can you not love a designer who cranks out amazing pieces season after season, and recommends Fight for Your Right (To Party) by the Beastie Boys in her app? Any fan of the Beasties is a friend of mine.

If you’re an iPad enthusiast, why not download Gucci Style and tell me what you think.


  1. Frida had me when I read in an interview that she loves Depeche Mode. And her collection for this fall was so 70’s glamorous. Thanks for sharing this with us, wish I had an iPad to see it all.

  2. This looks SO amazing! I wish I had an iPad > if I say it 3 times will it appear? Probably not! But I would love to check out this app! I love the Gucci line. I can’t afford it but I sure do dream about it. Gucci + Christian Louboutin= Perfect!! One day I will own a Gucci something and a Christian Louboutin pump!
    You always have the best tips and tech insights!

  3. I’m with you on the beastie boys front! gotta love a designer with such cool taste. Gucci really isnt my bag but its good to see them embracing technology and im sure other brands will soon follow suit.

  4. Wow, I wish I had an IPAD! Though Gucci still alludes my wallet, you’re right about gaining inspiration. I really started getting into their clothes recently and I’m loving all of it! Awesome of them to have an app!

  5. Wow, this app looks incredible!! I feel like a little girl by saying this, but I plan on asking for one for Christmas this year. If I get one, I will definitely have to check this app out!!

  6. it is really amazing…I don’t have an ipad..but it is only a matter of time, I am sure.
    I also support anything that makes fashion accessible to the masses….even if it is fantasy (meaning we can’t all afford gucci) it is still amazing to be able to experience the runway shows and feel more connected to the brand.
    thanks for sharing.C

  7. I am in love with the Brooks Brothers iPad app, and have been for quite some time. It allows you to download digital catalogs and keep them. It serves as great inspiration.

    1. I love apps as inspiration.

      And a word on BB. I was never a fan until in a HUGE pinch, Hubby and I discovered the wisdom of suit separates at BB, at a local outlet. We literally could not find a suit to fit him anywhere in my city. He’s muscular/athletic on top, and lean in the waist and legs, so a suit is not an option. A 46L jacket is great. 46 x 33 pants, not so much! I have renewed respect for Brooks Brothers after that. Plus, we had the nicest sales associate.

      1. BB really has a thing about service. Even at the outlet stores. I have particular salespeople both in Dallas and in Osaka. I have their business cards, they know me by name, and I don’t even have that many Brooks items in my closet (I think we’re up to five, six if you include my Brooks watch and the two bands for it). No matter what country I am, or what store, the associates know they survive on service. If you spend more time hanging around in my corner of the style/fashion blog world (mostly prep/trad/ivy style), you will read stories of bloggers who have had the same BB associate for thirty years…

  8. I still have to get an iPad. I don’t know what the heck I am waiting for.. this Gucci app may be the final incentive I needed to get in gear. Thanks for sharing V. I wish more brand – cough – Tom Ford – cough – would get behind social media this way!

  9. What the eff!?!? I did not know about Gucci tumblr!!! Geeze louise! I actually have just downloaded some fashion apps on the itouch (no ipad, but I do have ipad envy). I think it’s kind of an awesome way to keep track of collections and campaigns. Wonderful write up. Gorgeous app!

  10. Glad I’m not the only techie in this bunch…thanks for chiming in, loves! Do let me…and @Gucci…know how much you love the app when you have the chance to experience it yourselves.

  11. I am officially in the dark ages in terms of technology. I want to have everything you do, and your silky hair blowing in the wind as I am surfing on my Ipad. But, for now I am chosing to love my unruly curles and outdated cell. Old school, babay! Ok, fine, I am broke. Haha. Hugs to you sweets!

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