WVW: The Halter Dress, Take 2*

I’ve had this dress for several years, and love that it’s not only OTT, but comfortable and versatile. The halter has extra long straps that can be tied a number of different ways; in fact I wore it quite a while ago in another variation, and that post, WVW: A Clear Cut, is still one of my most popular posts to this day. Proof that what you all truly appreciate here on G&G is creativity—not conservatism.

I donned the dress again for date night with Hubby at a fancy schmancy steakhouse, and wore it my favorite way: Tied at the neck, straps pulled tight and tucked under my belt.

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: Brand unknown • Belt: DVF • Bracelets: Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne • Clutch: Nine West
Rings: Yves Saint Laurent • Heels: Elie Tahari

And your eyes do not deceive you. I added a couple knots to the hemline of my dress to keep it casual and let my sandals peek out. The knots are something I picked up from the Sass & Bide salesgirls in Sydney a few years ago.

You’ve seen all these accessories a lot lately—I’m having quite the love affair, aren’t I? Hubby especially likes the spikes, so I wear them often, for him and for me. And he specifically requested smoky eyes (if you were around last Friday, I had a Twitter convo about the fact that he requested “slutty eyes” which is hilarious boyspeak for smoky eyes). And he chose the lippie and took some snaps, Good, non?

So am I right? Is it true that you, my wonderful readers, prefer the wilder, more dramatic side of me? You prefer the scorpion?


  1. “Triple WOow” for this outfit V, which truly tend to let me (quite) speechless ! This “Back(alicious)”) unveiling simply is breathtaking, AND this majestuous dress (perfectly) gives the fantastical illusion to adorn your sculptural nakedness . . .
    ps: Ooh Yes, we prefer the scorpion, even if I can’t help to add that next to you any soft § girly-like twist (such as this pink lipstick) will naturally turn into a kind of strong stylish manifesto !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Well, to be sure Girly, subtlety is not your venue! But why should it be?! I love the dramatic-NESS of your wardrobe! You have such striking features anyway, that demure clothing would not suit you. This is just an amazing dress!! And you look stunning in it! Happy Wednesday! ~Serene

  3. You look fabulous, this dress is fantastic! I find myself also loving the same few accessories lately…. maybe its the weather….

  4. V! I love how dramatic the back looks. It’s wonderful that the straps are that long so you could tuck them in. You seriously look beautiful and I love your make-up! Your husband is too cute!

  5. Good gawd, you’re gorgeous. Also, love the idea of tucking the halter straps into a belt. It must relieve some of the halter pressure on the old neck cords, no?

  6. “Slutty eyes!” I love it! Sounds like something my husband would say!

    Now you know I’ve been following you awhile now and I have to say that this outfit is one of my absolute faves!! You are KILLING IT!! (in a amazingly good way!!)

  7. Hahahaha, slutty eyes! I love boy talk. So silly are they.

    And UM yes, I most definitely love the badass Vahni. Spikes, smokey eye and all. The knots are clever! Leave it to the Sass & Bide girlies.

    You are the baddest blogger in the blogosphere, V!


  8. Wow you look amazing! I bet your hubby is thanking his lucky stars that he nabbed you! Elegant and clever – killer combo!

  9. I think someone needs to higher you as a stylist. Seriously. Either that, or you need to design your own line of clothing. I’d be the first in line!

    You look AMAZING. Hubby is one lucky guy!

  10. Wow > love this look on you! I love what you did with the tie ends tucked in your belt! One thing I have noticed on you > you always wear black but it always looks fresh and different. Love the knots on the bottom of the skirt. i may have to try that trick!

  11. (Okay, Mr. Stylist is too presh. He does good work, too!)

    Love this, Vahni! Your scorpion style is no doubt the most popular because nobody does it like you. You take that edgy, sexy, wild, showstopping element of high fashion straight off the catwalk and translate it into something attainable. (Because let’s face it, practical wearability isn’t high on the list of musts for the runway.) You’re a huge inspiration in that way and I’d say as a blogger that’s one of the (many) things that really sets you apart. And then there’s the whole being-gorgeous thing that factors in, too. So, you know. You’re amazing, stunning, fabulous, et cetera!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Casee! Such a kind comment. I really appreciate the compliment and the feedback.

  12. Well, well, well, V. You, your “slutty eyes” and DVF belt are sure the combo to beat this summer. No wonder your husband is smitten. I’m really into tying knots at the ends of my maxi dresses as well. This halter dress is such a great staple! I love how you tucked the straps under your belt.

    I’m all for the scorpion!


  13. Vahni that dress is PERFECTION!
    I love the way is drapes & hugs in all the right places. It looks amazing with that belt & the wee knots.
    I really like hubby’s input too, “slutty eyes” made me laugh out loud, I bet he know’s just how lucky he is to have a cameleon such as your gorgeous self!

  14. WOW WOW WOW! Yowsers doll! You are lookin’ smokin’ hot! Love everything from the make up, the amazing dress and the slick knots on the hem – something I also used to do if the frock is too long!
    You are every inch a Grecian Goddess! It’s dramatic all the way for me!

    – Ever since you posted that other amazing dress you have (the one you can wear many ways with all the knots and ties), i’ve been searching everywhere for a similar-ish dress… well i finally found one and had to fight tooth and nail for it. Will have to do a post about it later! Am so excited!

  15. Umm.. LOVE THIS LOOK! First of all- what great buy this dress is…from daytime to black tie- this dress can take you anywhere. So fun w the knots in the hemline…this is a perfect solution if you don’t want to wear heels too- just pick up the hem and tie it in a knot. Also love how you tucked the floating pieces into your FABULOUS belt.
    Beautiful look my dear…hope dinner was delicious:)

  16. Saw this on Twitter yesterday, but I was too blown away by the hotness to comment. 😉 I love the knot trick – absolutely brilliant.

  17. Loving the black dress and I love how you added the knots at the bottom. Definitely a great way to show off the sandals! I think this whole look is hot and I love how your hubby helped with the makeup selection!

  18. Hello Vogue fashion editorial! Fantastic pictures of you, once again. I am especially loving the smoky eyes and the knots at the bottom of the dress. Good stuff. You really know yourself, it comes through again and again in your style choices, and it’s something I really appreciate.

  19. I haven’t visited you before but I must say I adore your style. You look smokin’ hot in that maxi and the knots are just brilliant. x

  20. Haha, yes I saw that on twitter last week- so hilarious that he asked for slutty eyes! Also, you are just so gorgeous in this halter dress, ow, owww! I love sexy-back view! 😀

  21. The back is extremely bold. It definitely makes it stand out from the crowd. if you end up at a party with tons of black dresses, yours will be memorable for the back strap and for the choice of belt.

  22. The knots are so clever, & stunning makeup dear V, you look beautiful. I love women like you with such a defining style, I think it’s important to still stay true to yourself even when trying new things/being creative in your styling. 🙂

    *I love fancy Schmancy, hehe!

  23. You are always creative.. even with small details.
    Not only you and the hubby loves the spike. We all do!
    Did someone had a heart attack as you walked in at the steakhouse? … easy hun on the outfit… hahahaha
    Lee x

  24. The knots on the bottom, brilliant! And who doesn’t love slutty eyes? Haha, I could see my husband asking for the same thing. The pop of color on your lips is a great addition, as well.

  25. Oh this is such a stunning look! You will have that dress in your wardrobe forever it is that good! Love the smokey eyes! I’m glad to see you knot the skirt and that it was a style tip from the Sass and Bide girls – I’m such a shorty I always have to do that with some of my maxi dresses that I haven’t the time to take up to prevent myself from trodding on them.

  26. V- gorge, as usual, but totally unfair you don’t know who made your dress! Love the combo of the slutty eye and girly pink lips.
    I actually just got in two serpent jewelry pieces that made me think of you and the scorpion: Serpent bangle which layers w/ everything http://www.stelladot.com/sites/jewelz22/productcatalog?page=productdetail&sku=B167G and the Snake Orb necklace: http://www.stelladot.com/sites/jewelz22/productcatalog?page=productdetail&sku=N238G This season oddly is totally you.
    Are you going to SocialFresh by chance?

    1. Great suggestions, Victoria! Thanks!

      Wondering if we could come up with a deal to feature the bracelet on G&G?

      Not going to Social Fresh, though I’d like to. I’m going to be at the IFB Conference in NY those days.

  27. V, this dress is MAD hot I love it! I do have a genuine appreciation for your other sides, too, and it’s pretty exciting when you throw some color at us, too! (Like the sexy purple dress!) There I go, fan-girling 🙂

  28. Smelling salts, please! Actually forget that. Hard liqour, please!

    You know what Vahni. You are georgeous, as you know. And that is the thing. Thank God you don`t make any apologies for it. If people only see your exteriour, too bad for them. I am always blown away by your beauty, but to behold your soul, heart, strength, bravery, vulnerability and humour is nothing short of a fierce blessing. I feel you so.

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