Seduced: Shoppable Gucci Fall 2011 Video

Oh, Gucci.

You tempt me with your sultry ad campaigns, with those glossy images of that girl living that life. You libertine—you entice me with snake and gold and silk and luxury. And now, for your 90th birthday, you take it one step further with an interactive, shareable, shoppable fashion video. With all that black leather and sartorial seduction, this feels, well, a little illicit. A little naughty. And call me a hedonist…a lot good.

Gucci, you tease. I want you. And that Broadway clutch. And studded belt.

Go ahead. Be a voyeur. Watch, click, share, shop.

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Tell me, darlings, which pieces seduced you?


  1. Guccis should carry a warning – one telling you to put away your credit cards or any form of plastic that’s gonna get spanked at a Gucci store/online!

    Stunning clutch!

  2. The ad is very sultry and seductive….the Broadway clutch and studded belt are pretty sick. And I would be financially sick if I purchased them, a girl can dream though.

  3. I love the way you write. Have I mentioned that before? Just in case I haven’t, let me reiterate. I love the way you write.

    And I love this video. And the studded belt. And the slouchy bag. And the jewelry and footwear that aren’t shopable through the video. So perfect.

  4. I am fascinated by the ad to be honest. I really appreciate them making the video interactive so that the customer could shop the ad. Definitely signs of the future.

    And I am loving the clutch! Would be a perfect addition to any wardrobe!

  5. smilla chain bag! too bad i’d never spend that much money on any planet with any budget! 🙂 i’m just going to wish really hard that one falls into my lap, or the thrift store by my house. ;)!

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