WVW: Winged Eyes and Spikes*

I absolutely relish the opportunity to put on a dramatic frock and get dolled up. This past weekend, I attended a cousin’s wedding, and it was the perfect chance to pull this dress from the back of my closet. I picked it up in Australia, and it is one of my most beloved dresses, because it is vibrant, unique, and so comfortable.

And you know I never like things too saccharine. Hence the spikes. I can assure you I was the only lass there rocking spiked bracelets! Grrr…

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: Sheike โ€ข Bracelets: Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne โ€ข Ring: Yves Saint Laurent โ€ขย Heels: Elie Tahari

This is the best shot I got of my makeup…I did seriously dramatic winged liner (kind of like in this video), and also lined the inside of my eyes too. One of my most favorite looks. I would do it more often, but it takes me so long to get the winged bit right. I wish someone would invent a template…wouldn’t that be great?!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


  1. The contrast of the red with the gold, it’s genius! I love it. Very pretty with an edge- you look ethereal and beautiful, your hair and make up just complete the look so well. I’m sure there has to be a template somewhere out there haha!

  2. Smokin’ koukla!!!!! Wow, i love this dress on you, but more so the fact you’ve mixed this look up with hard edge bracelets and a soft, feminine frock!

    The eyes are perfect and extra sultry! doing the winged eye look can be time consuming, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be so much quicker at it.

    Have a great week gorgeousness.

  3. WOow AND this (so efforltlessly worn) dress achieves to prove us that you (absolutely) do not need dark tones to dazzle, AND that a (sharp) bunch of accessories (kindly) can extol / electrify your “GLAMazon-ittude” too Dear V . . .
    ps: I (naturally) vote FOR this bloody triptych next to your lips, your fingers ยง your toes, with any kind of glossy hesitation I must add !!!

    ร  Bientรดt, Antoine

  4. seriously amazing look! I love that dress and the spikes give it that little extra.

    I takes me forever to get the eyeliner wings right too! It doesn’t help that i have very round, almost south east asian, eyes, so it’s a challenge to get the line to go outwards and not look interrupted.

  5. The dress without the bracelet would just not have been “you”. Spikes for a wedding? I bet you were a unique guest in this respect!! I love the dramatic make-up you wore on the day, honestly I often feel I must tone it down a bit to weddings but this summer back in England I went for it with my own dramatic eye colour and eye liner and I don’t know why I thought twice before…

    Great look.


    1. Thank you! Tone it down is NOT in my vocab. I say, just be you! And yes, never think twice about dramatic eye makeup. We only live once.

  6. It wouldn’t be V without those spiked cuffs! The dress is gorgeous! I love the unexpected pop of color at the bottom!

    A winged eyeliner template would be awesome by the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. OMG, Vahni you are GORGEOUS in that dress!! I love the color and fit on you. Your makeup is flawless, as usual!! I wouldn’t want you coming to my wedding and looking better than me in this look! Lol

  8. i work at a great high end boutique and i always tell ladies that are going to weddings to pull off a maxi dress.. and this is why … YOU LOOK AMAZING love the dress detail.
    i hope the wedding was great ๐Ÿ™‚
    have a good week doll

    fashion provocateur.

  9. Uh, hello, did the bride get any attention that day? Yowza, smokin’ hot here, lady! Deeply loving the YSL ring, the bracelets, the red nails.

  10. You have the most beautiful creamy skin. I swear it looks flawless and I love the way it blends into your dress. Just gorgeous. I like the little braid you put into the side of your hair. I too have been wearing one lately when we go out. Those spike bracelets of yours are a favorite > i love them every time you wear them!

  11. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! You look so amazing so unbelievable in that dress!! I love how this dress is so fun and feminine, yet you decided to rock the spiked bracelet, which works!! The combination of the two is a perfect match!


  12. Hello,

    I really like how you wear the maxi dress, since it is one of the summer trends! You did look like a Greek goddess with the braid, and the spike bracelets are such a twist. I’m sure you stand out in the wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a good day.


  13. You look gorgeous! (Do you ever get tired of people saying that to you all the time?) I love the colors in that dress, so very vibrant and so very V. I love all the little elements that contrast each other, like the romantic little braid and edgy spiked bracelets. You always combine looks into such a rich outfit. Love, love, love!

  14. Seriously V, you are so inspiring. You are a beautiful and stunningly amazing woman. I love your natural curves, you make me proud of my own. I’ve loved watching you grow through your blog and gain this amazing stature in this blog world and I’m sure outside of it. You’re a wonderful woman, I hope to see you again during FW.

  15. Gorgeous. Im in love with the colors on the bottom of that dress and of course those bracelets! I have yet to master the winged eye look. I categorically can not do it! Shaky hands and eyes that turn down slightly at the corners…= disaster! Im just going to have to find a makeup artist and become her best friend, its the only way…

  16. Love this dress…..almost an ombre print…absolutely stunning….you probably stole the show at this wedding. Isn’t it so amazing getting beautiful pieces on vacay…and bringing them home where no one else will have them…LOVE THAT!
    Your makeup looks divine…lipstick especially!
    Hope you have a fab week girlie.

  17. Holy smokes! This is one look of yours I think has propelled itself instantly in my favorites- I love the long lenghth of the miaxi, the cool play of color with the bloodless bone ivory silk that bleeds into this delirious mix of beet, fucshia and wowzah. Good God, woman you are made of sexy. The make up is phenom- so striking, so modern and so much impact. And the spikes? Classic G&G, total yum factor. You turn head the way a locksmith turns keys. Sesame!

  18. V I swear there actually are templates! I have a makeup obsessed friend who I will ask because I know she told me about them before ๐Ÿ™‚ you’d think since I’m a hairdresser I’d be way more into makeup (and tattoos for that matter) but I’d rather spend time fussing on clothes than makeup! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. What a beautiful dress. I think the spikes added the perfect amount of edge to this outfit. I wish I had your abilities with eye make-up. If I tried to do something like that I would end up looking like I had two black eyes or worse. Love this post and thank you for the inspiration!

  20. This dress is fantastic, V! I’m one of the prissiest girls I know and I must say out of everything, surprisingly, the spikes were my favorite. Such a beautiful piece of jewelry.


  21. I wish there was template as well!! I spend hours trying to get the wings right and always mess up at the last minute :/ So annoying!
    I love your dress, the spike and the cute braid in your hair ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a lovely wedding look.

  22. That is a wonderful dress! And I love the dramatic makeup. Hope you had a ball at your cousin’s wedding. It would be criminal to let opportunities like that to get made up and dressed up pass you by these days, society is so dressed down.

  23. Wow wow wow, your dress is stunning! Also, haha, yes, that would be awesome if someone made a template for winged eyeliner- do share if you find one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. You look stunning. I thought the guests were never supposed to look better than the bride?!

    Love the braid in your hair. It caught me off guard because you tend to do more edgy and less romantic in your looks, but it’s a great touch with the dress and those studs!

    And that dress… perfect accessory for your girls! beautiful, just beautiful.

  25. Stunning frock, so gorgeous, the print is absolutely amazing. You look beautiful, but that’s nothing new ๐Ÿ™‚
    And completely agree there should be a template for the winged eyeliner thing, I suck at it!

  26. stunning dress! The colors are so vibrant but the neutral top makes is great for anything! Love the shoes you’re wearing with it too! Really really gorgeous dress!!

  27. This is my fave of yours yet. And that, my friend, is saying a lot. Have been thinking about this look for days, feeling very inspired by you. And woman, you are hot. Would love to see you walk in that dress. HA!

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