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Ever since I spotted Leann Rimes with this exquisite, expensive, and elusive Chanel crochet fringe bag, I have been obsessed with a finding a bag with long, swingy fringe. Of course I really want Leann’s bag, which is the only Chanel bag I have ever truly coveted; Chanel really isn’t my style. But the fact that I’m not a celeb and I don’t make Leann’s bank makes that dream a complete impossibility.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, I hit the Internet, of course. My criteria for a fringe bag were:

  • Something I could carry year-round. So cream-colored, cotton macrame/crochet, which is abundant and inexpensive, was out.
  • Long fringe. Something dramatic. Hard to find. Trust me.
  • No suede. Sheds on your clothes and stains if the wind blows wrong.
  • Leather, but not black. I didn’t want it to look like a motorcycle bag.
  • No cross-body or down-to-my-knees shoulder bags. Not practical and not me.
  • Gold or warm-toned hardware, if possible.
  • Under $400.

With that list I scoured the Web. I saw a lot ofย  J.J. Winters, some Michael Kors, and scores of other bags that didn’t fit the bill in one way or another. Everything seemed to be too long, too small, or too suede.

Then I saw laid eyes on the Bonita Fringe Bag by AllSaints, which I debuted earlier this week in WVW: Striped Summer Sweater. While it will never be that amazing Chanel bag, and I wish it were a bit lighter, otherwise, this mushroom-colored fringe bag is perfect.

Despite the fact that it is so sizable, my mom said, “That’s the whole yak!” the first time she spotted it on me, I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying it. So I thought, what better than a feature on this new bag, plus a peek inside…


This is what I tend to carry on a daily basis. Since my bags are mostly gargantuan, I have puh-lenty of room for lots of things. As you can see, the black I wear so often also dominates in the small accessories department.

I always carry extra hair accessories, a pen or two, my ancient Mont Blanc travel wallet (which is shown unzipped in these shots), makeup, my phone, keys, and sunglasses.

I prefer a having an iPod and an iPhone, for two reasons. First, I don’t drain the battery on my iPhone when I’m listening to music while working out (you know I cannot be without this device!); and second, I have an iPod connector in my car, so if I want to check tweets, or text or something while at a traffic light, I can do it without being connected to a cord, and it saves me from toggling back to manage the tunes.

I always have my MOO Mini Cards with me, but I’m horrible about handing them out. Need to get on that! They’re just so cute!

Speaking of cards, how cool is this credit card? Yup, that’s my mug on it. Wells Fargo offers free personalization, so I put one of my Instagram shots on my credit card. Easy way to promote le blog. It’s a great conversation starter with strangers in retail.

Contents of my makeup bag. See more in Lipstick: Faves, Tips, and Tricks.

A few posts back, I promised to give you a closer look at these cat eye sunnies from Christian Dior. They’re a subtle cat eye, and I love the red on the inside of the frame.

And that’s what’s in my bag! How about you? What do you tote around on a regular basis?


  1. You remind me of myself and my (ongoing) hunt for the perfect pump. Such a list of criteria, but sometimes you just have a vision for those things, you know? In this case (Leann’s Chanel), your vision is absolutely divine. I think you nailed it with the All Saints! I even like it a bit more than the Chanel, but I’m not partial to mesh on my own bags. I used to carry around a bright purple polka dot make-up bag – not exactly mesh-friendly.

    And I love the personalized Visa card! What a brilliant way to promote G&G. I was thinking just today about investing in those Moo cards; I’ve just made up my own that I’m printing from home and it’s okay but something tells me I’d be much happier with those fabulous ones from Moo. They’re so cute, though, I’d have a hard time handing them out!

  2. V, there is something so voyeuristic about seeing the contents of another woman’s purse. Or maybe it harks back to the days when we were little girls, fascinated by the contents of our mothers, yeah? Either way, it’s one of those guilty fascinations for me to get a sneak peek! So, since you asked:

    Black sunglass case w/Michael Kors purple cat eyes
    Black reading glass case w/purple LaFont reading glasses
    Tiny fake patent leather pale pink wallet
    Bigger miscellaneous flower zip case that says “happy” for comb, headphones, blotting papers, pens, lipstick, other similar stuff
    Multi-zipper pink case for other girlie things like toothbrush, dental picks, etc.
    Small Chinese green satin pill pouch for ibuprofen, camping knife, clippers, eye drops, lip balm, etc.
    Keys on a chain with built-in bag
    Work badge

    Aack! That’s all I can remember for now. Over all: LOTS of stuff!

    Love that fringe purse:)
    xo, f
    The House in the Clouds

    1. Thanks for sharing, Fabienne! Sounds like you are deifintely very organized. Since I change bags multiple times a week, it is so helpful to have items in pouches. Also easier when you’re digging in your bag while driving!

  3. I love the bag. And for as much stuff as you carry, you are really organized. I slip my moo cards inside my wallet. The credit card is a cool idea–and proof that you’re you!

  4. As I said to jill on Everything Just So not long ago – I could never do one of these bag posts – I’d die of shame. I think my poor Marc by Marc Jacobs bag has seen all sorts of crap stuffed into it and I should pay it a bit more respect! But y’know they say creative minds are untidy (that’s my excuse). What a great idea about the credit card! You’re one smart lady.

  5. As if I ever needed an excuse for another credit card. I love that idea and I especially love how glam you look on yours. I also think the bag looks pretty amazing although I have to admit, Im not a very big fan of fringes! Maybe you can make me a convert. That said I do have a pair of fringed gladiator sandals, (nicer than they sound) so maybe Im slowly converting myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love your sunnies.. and I always have my earbuds, macbook charger and usb in my purse lol! Lots of cords, and you can’t forget the must hair accessories.

  7. Gorgeous bag! I love that you didn’t go for black too, this colour has a really nice “worn” look but not scruffy either!

    I’ve gotta say, I am a big bag lover too! (okay that sounds a bit strange but you know what i mean!) I carry around WAY too much stuff. I have a small packet of tissues and sometimes plasters in case of emergencies lol. my friends always know i’ll have something useful in my bag if needed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. OMG I wanted this bag so badly, I was invited to the Chicago opening when I was there … sigh … I left with a beauty of a belt instead – I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the bag [I am not a bag lady lol]

    and now … this is a SIGN! lol I am ordering it.


  9. Love this post! So fun to see what everyone carries in their bags. I hope this idea keeps circling. I could not pull off fringe, no way, no how, but I can see this on you. You are so organized in your bag, which is something I love and can relate to. And now I want to look at Dior sunglasses. I have been on the hunt for new ones but most of them look ridiculous on me.

  10. I’ve been having a bag issue myself lately. Its way too hot to lug several bags around campus, but I’m a purse girl and have been since I was my daughters age soooo I need to find something fabulous that carries everything. The hunt is on. I will also be showing the shot of your makeup bag to the hubs. He finds in completely unreasonable to carry 7-8 lipsticks and glosses at one time, while I say you never know what you’ll need.

  11. Your bag is perfect. I feel like the two of you were made for each other. The Moo cards are so amazing. I’m not sure if I saw the original post about those before but I went and read it and I’m seriously thinking of ordering some for myself. I also LOVE that you’re on your credit card. What a great idea! Your Christian Dior sunnies are devine, the accented red is perfection!

  12. Love that bag!! And I love that you can fit all of that stuff in there!

    Since I’ve started blogging, my purses have gone from non existent to getting bigger by the day! Besides the basic stuff, I have a bunch of lip glosses, hair stuff, my headphones, and my shades.

  13. Fab bag and contents.
    Mine is a standard ‘dealer’s bag’ – hand lotion, make-up kit, notepad, pen, biz cards, tape measure, small magnifying glass, and small garden gloves for occasional hauling of dusty/rusty furniture.
    Joy x

  14. I tote around my entire world in my purse! Truly, we have much of the same stuff, I’m just less organized.

    The only odd things that are in my purse would be one of Dominic’s Hot Wheels and baby wipes because he’s not the neatest of eaters at 2-years old, lol ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Love that bag, the colour is pretty easy to combine with other shades. I also carry sooo much in my bags, i have the horrid habit of misplacing things constantly, which means that objects that go missing are normally in a bag somewhere, but which one? drives me nuts.
    Your idea for the credit card is preeeetty good, may steal it from you ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. V, this bag is amazing! And I love what’s in it, too. LOL. Those Dior shades are it, honey. I was just contemplating doing a “what’s in my bag” post and you’ve totally motivated me.


  17. V! I’m on the same hunt as you babe!! Been looking for the perfect leather fringe bag since spring and between the crazy costs for designer and the poorly made for low-budget…I was at a total standstill…Your all saints is GORGEOUS!!! Love the color, love the cut, love how HUGE that baby is…alas, it’s not an option for me ‘cuz no zipper…I’m so clumsy everything would fall out ๐Ÿ™ Back to the drawing board…but I will be reading your reader’s comments for some help along the way ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the tips babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  18. Wow – that is a gorgeous bag! Thank you so much for the peek at its contents! I am fascinated by what other women carry. I have to admit to feeling like a bit of a voyeur as I oggled your handbag goodies.
    It is so fitting that you drive a BMW – I knew from the start you are no domestic car diva. I’m also betting it is black!!
    Those sunnies are perfect too! Love the red insides, but red is my color so of course I adore them!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne!

      You know me well. Actually, my first BMW was black. This one is space grey, and a lot easier to keep clean. Future post on the car is coming!

  19. We have similar items in our bags, except you seem to be more organized than me. Lol.

    One other item I carry in my bag that I don’t think any girl should be caught without is the Band-aid Friction Block stick. Have you heard of it? It’s the best thing ever! You rub it on your feet wherever your feet tend to hurt after walking in heels or any uncomfortable shoes and the pain goes away. It’s like magic!
    Oh, and I also carry a needle and thread in case of a wardrobe malfunction. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Friday!


  20. Isn’t it just impossible to find something when you want something specific. I’m really surprised you were able to find such a perfect bag so fast. (Ah the internet.) I do love the hunt too. It’s fun isn’t it?

    Right now I’m carrying a really small bag, so there’s not lots in it. But I’m sure that will change.


  21. Lovely bag! I like it a lot…a while ago I coveted a Treesje turquoise cross body bag and never picked it up – I hunted around the internet forever to find something similar and never did – you’re lucky you did!

    Stop by, I’m hosting a giveaway – I know the item isn’t really your style, but who knows, we can all try new things ๐Ÿ˜‰


  22. Oh.. Good to see what’s inside of your bag… You checked mine before.. (full of junk..hahaha)
    Loving the new fringe bag.
    Call Karl and ask for a sample bag… hahaha
    Lee x

  23. Everyone in blogland seem to be doing a” What’s inside my bag” post;-)
    I have yet to do one. I adore your fringe bag – it’s practical and trendy.
    And of course it’s nice to see what’s inside;-)
    Have a sweet Sunday. xx

  24. Never had a fringe bag but I like yours a lot. And I chuckled so much over your mom’s comment. Mom’s are the best eh? Love Lee’s suggestion!

  25. Thanks to those of you who shared the contents of your bags, and for your comments! Be sure to let me know if any of you do a post like this. I want to see what’s in YOUR bag too!

  26. Um, okay. First off, I need to switch to Wells Fargo for my bank ’cause that card is freakin’ sweet. Secondly, that bag is straight-up hot and I’m lusting after fringe now. Third, I also carry huge bags…

  27. Do like a “what’s in my bag” post!! ๐Ÿ™‚ That bag is uber cool!!! And your bag is filled with fun and interesting things – love that you’ve had your purse for years!!

    Think I need to do a what’s in my bag post soon…

    ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  28. Love the bag find as well as the glimpse inside. Those MOO cards are in my not-too-distant future and the credit card is GENIUS! I have blog biz cards that if I feel up to it, offer it up to someone in retail but this is way more in your face in a great way. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I think your patience while hunting for the “perfect fringe bag” paid off!

    I saw this on the AlSaints site and passed right over it because it looked rather bulky (more in weight than size), but from what I can tell its actually not that bad. Great eye, doll. I love when you share your finds with us.

    The color I actually LOVE. I prefer it over something lighter, but I can see the appeal. Leann’s bag is gorgeous.

    As for all the contents, my first thought was “dear God MY bag is a mess”. You are so organized… my bag never looks like that. Love that credit card, and those business cards make me smile every time!

  30. When it comes to super coveted items I totally take my time too. A fringe bag was definitely on my wanted list last year and the bit about NOT being suede or too summery was a big deal for me too. Loooove the bag you picked out!

    The contents in your bag make me want to cry!!! Mine is such a mess!!! Love the credit card with your lovely face on it! No mistaken identity for you :).

    The sunglasses made me melt! The must have in my bag are sunglasses and lip something! I hate being in the sun without sunnies, I make sure this never happens to me and I need my lip hydrated all the time so rosebud salve or carmax (ahem thanks to you) are always in my bag.

    1. Thank you Jamillah! I suppose I keep it lean-n-mean on the inside because I literally change bags 3-4 times a week! I have to be able to transfer contents in a few seconds.

      I am loving the sunnies, I must admit. It’s been a while since I purchased and expensive pair, and I have been really enjoying these ever since!

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