WVW: Striped Summer Sweater*

You know how in summer, it’s hot as Hades outside, and freezing inside when the air con is pumped? A summer sweater is the perfect solution—cotton breathes, but the knit affords a bit more warmth than a tank top or strappy sundress.

I recently wore this for a lunch date, and although I was literally dripping sweat in the time it took me to shoot five quick photos outdoors, after I cooled down, it turned out to be a wise choice. The restaurant was indeed quite chilly, but I felt very comfy in this sweater with sparkly stripes, and my hair up.

*WVW = What V Wore
Sweater: Ann Taylor • Skirt: Guess • Heels: Dolce Vita • Bag: AllSaints • Cuffs: Tory Burch • Sunnies: Christian Dior

See that bag? New fave. I know, I know—I have a “new fave” every week. Such is the shopaholic’s life. I’ll give you a closer look, plus a peek inside later this week.


  1. I LOVE! The pattern play of horizontal stripes in your sweet sweet sweater with the striped strips of leather on your sandals. Adding zest like spice on a taco is the fringe from your gorgeous leather bag. Vertical stripes makes play on your deft use of textures and patterns. YUM.

  2. Now I’ll admit I thought you were KER-AZY to wear a sweater in this fire oven they’re calling summer, but you make a great point. Air conditioning is a gift and a curse and once you make it indoors you’ll need something as cute as your sparkling sweater to keep warm. Well played.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in your bag.

  3. I previously would’ve thought you crazy too! Until I moved to the bay area and I’m wearing leggings during the day and hoodies every night! What is up with that?!? I love the Ann Taylor sweater on you, it looks great!

  4. Loving the studded shoes and the reappearance of the new cuff bracelets. Also, that bag is totally funky and fun. Makes me want to consider fringe. – Katy

  5. I tried an all cream look which included a summer sweater last week. Although, it raised some eyebrows, I was VERY thankful for the sweater when I was in my office. Not so much when I stepped outside though, I mean I was a few degrees from melting. I love this sweater though because I have a deep V neck one that is very similar. Hmmm.. matter of fact I love the look so much that I am going to try this look tomorrow. Great job!

  6. Am I detecting a little sparkle in that jumper as well or is it just the lighting? Either way I love it! The bag is also very amazing and I’m sure it would warrant a post all of it’s little own.. 🙂

  7. Let’s not talk about how many times I’ve gotten sick because of the hot outside freezing AC inside thing!
    This is a good solution 🙂 I also always carry a pashmina with me to use inside, which I can take off when I get outside. It fits into ANY bag, which is a big plus 🙂
    Love your outfit!

  8. Great oufit! I can’t stand it when it’s hot outside and the air conditioning inside is turned up so high you need to wear something to keep you warm! I’m always dragging around knitwear even when its warm because of that. Love that bag!

  9. I totally LOVE the fact that you’ve pulled your hair up into a bun, as i’m so used to seeing you with your hair down – you’re lookig fab and uber chic in this striped sweater!

    Those sexy studded heels!!! Love ’em girl!

    Have a fab rest of the week.

  10. Those shoes!!! OMG! How amazing are those! (how amazing are ALL your shoes?!?)

    I love the idea of a summer sweater. It’s so hot outdoors but you’re totally right, as soon as I go inside to work it’s frigid. The idea of a summer sweater really balances it off.

  11. Haha!! Totally know that feeling of having a new favourite piece every week – every day more like for me!!! Drives the boyfriend mad!!! Haha!

    Love the long-ish jumper with the short skirt – cute outfit 🙂 xx

  12. Love this look! As for the bag well that is All Saints through and through. I’ve seen a lot of fringing on bags lately but all the bags are teeny tiny, I need something I can carry my life in and this looks perfect! I’m finding it so hard to adapt to the humidity in NYC, I agree outside it is as “hot as Hades! (my new phrase, I’m borrowing it!) and then inside I’m chilly chilly chilly. Outfits like this are the way to go. Ps – girl I love all your shoes, always.


  13. Hold up. Wait a minute. THAT BAG!!!! OMG!!!!
    it is gorgeous..so cool…unique..I LOVE it. Kind of reminds me of a Lust for Lux that I have….also kind of reminds me of a Carla Mancini that I am coveting right now.
    Anyhow…you look beautiful..love the shoes too…I can’t beileve you are wearing a sweater…I am sweating just looking at you…but restaurants are so damn cold….

  14. Love love love! V, you look edgy and comfy. Only YOU can acheive that mix so well! I understand about the shopaholic life, because I live that life myself. But I have yet to buy something from All Saints, although I see them all the time on ASOS. I’m digging it my dear!


  15. I know what you mean! I’ll be wearing a dress and go to dinner or shopping somewhere and it’s freezing inside! But of course the minute you walk outside you start sweating. It’s such a horrible situation. I usually try and keep a small cardigan in my bag. I like your idea of a light sweater too! I LOVE the sparkles!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your bag!

  16. I am in love with this summer sweater look- you made a great point about it being good for the heat outdoors/coolness indoors problem! Also, I really like your hair up, I’m not sure that I’ve seen it like this before! =)

  17. Love this look on you! Summer can be such an awkward season for fashion in terms of catering to the temps; it’s actually one of the reasons I’ve always been an autumn/winter girl, I felt like I lived in denim capris and unflattering tanks in the summer. Not fashionable. This summer and last (the “blogging years”, fondly) I’ve been experimenting a lot more, but on a muggy morning it’s easy to want to reach for the same old same old.

  18. Sweet mother! The fringe bag! I seriously need to add more fringes to my bag to get the full impact. I adore your look, so chic and practical, which of course sums up both of our dress sense 🙂 . The shoes are fab, and the sweater is lovely. Your bracelets are divine, I have been coveting something by her for a long time. I love that you got two. Also, I LOVE your lippie! Ok, I am officially gushing, but I am ok with that, I know you are too honey :D.

    I really enjoyed the closer look at your bag and your must have items in it. I always carry blush, lippie, keys, a book (of late it is The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama, fab read), lotion, nailpolish, and of course my wallet. I love that you got your fab car shot on your visa card, very smooth indeed! I seriously need to get some of those cards, yours are fab, and I think you should pass them out to people everywhere. In fact, I will plug for you when we get to N.Y. YES!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer sweetheart. Big hugs to you and your hub. Love you.

  19. That bag is fringed heaven. I have always wanted a bag with some tassels but never found the right fit. All Saints usually has some surprisingly good bags- haven’t been in a while and will have to check them out. Fabulous outfit, per usual.

  20. I like the sweater. (Very good idea BTW. I try to carry a shawl or something with me everywhere this time of year just in case.) I live the purse a lot, but I LOVE the shoes!


  21. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You don’t even know how excited I was when I instantly recognized this sweater. You know how much I’m obsessed with the company I work for, right? Hell freakin’ yeah! I love the way you styled it.

    1. Ha…that’s right, you WOULD recognize this sweater! I really love the company you work for too, especially for fall 2011. Wow, have they come a long way!

  22. Love how you styled this, but considering the 100+ degree weather raging outside right now I felt faint just looking at it. LOL

    Very cute though. I always overlook sweaters for teh summer and stick to scarves/cardis for indoors. perhaps I should re-evaluate my wardrobe.

    Then there’s that bag again – love it more each time I see it!

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