Worker V: 2.1 (That belt again. And new kicks.)

I’m sure you all must think that I wear this belt every day, since it’s on my blog every other. I actually don’t wear it every day. But every week? Possibly, yes. That is why I bought it, after all. To wear it as much as I please.

I’ve told you that belts are part of The Formula; when I score a new one, it stays on the top of the pile for a bit. These days it seems I only have time for Worker V shots, so here’s the belt making its 10,000th appearance. My cost per wear is very good, no?

Cardigan: NY & Co. • Sweater: Banana Republic • Belt: DVF • Skirt: Kookai • Heels: Boutique 9 • Bracelets: Tory Burch

But enough about the belt. I picked the sweater up at an outlet store thinking it to be less versatile than it turned out to be. But I had to have it, because I love chevron. Such a flattering pattern, and the scalloped hem is good for not creating a horizontal line across this curvy Greek body.

And hey! NEW SHOES! You can’t even see that belt anymore, can you?

So you. Are you crazy obsessed with your new things and wear them all the time for a little while? Or is that just me?


  1. Yeah, I do that, too. Part of that, however, is also due to having a limited wardrobe, which kinda sucks, but I’d rather have a few quality pieces than a dozen quickly made options.

    I love your new shoes and your new top, as well! I’m a sucker for D-rings. 😉

  2. Looking gorgeous, as per usual. I will never not enjoy that belt and I’d absolutely be wearing it every day. I actually do have a belt that I wear nearly every day. It’s wide and elastic and gives me the corset-waist-without-the-corset look and I’m just a huge fan. Plus, it works with so much. Why not? And in general I rewear new pieces a lot when I first get them. Half the time I feel like I don’t utilize my full wardrobe because whenever I get new pieces they become the only things that exist in my closet. I sort of find myself with fashion blinders on.

  3. Sorry, my eyes went straight down to your heels, man alive, they’re stunning!!!!! I was thinking they had to be new and they look amazing on you! Fabulous look hun! Have a happy 4th July!

  4. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I am so guilty of the new & shiny favoritism trick ~ my latest purchase/DIY always ends up being the first thing I go to when getting dressed. When I’ve worn it two or three days in a row, two or three weeks in a row then I really do try to restrain myself from wearing it AGAIN. > o <; But like you said V, cost per wear is really good by the time you've finished with your latest obsession!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. If I had that belt I’d wear it all the time too! Cost per wear is an important factor to consider in any garment.
    The print of your top is stunning & the scalloped hem is a really nice touch.
    You have the most amazing taste in shoes!! I’ve scrolled up 3 times to stare at them!!

  6. Ooh I truly understand your crush for this belt, this (far to accessory) finery shall never cease to epitomize your “day to day GLAMazon-ittude” Dear V !!! AND I (bashfully) must add that this final close up, notably such bloody(licious) polished toes, sounds like a (KILLing) Knockout of “Fetish Glam” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. That belt cinches your waist wonderfully, and enhances your perfect figure. The skirt adores your body and the longer jacket gives it an extra dimension.
    What can I say about the shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh of joy and admiration)

  8. Love this! I am so loving belts right now, it is a good way of tie’ing outfits together. You have inspired me to invest in some more belts ha ha! When I get something new I live in it all the time. That is why we shop! Great post!


  9. I LOVE belts and am always adding them to my wardrobe. HOWEVER, I find myself wearing the same 2 or 3 ALL the time. Hey, work it while it works is my motto! FABULOUS look! ~Serene

  10. I do that too! For a few weeks (sometimes longer) that thing is my obsession that gets integrated in every outfit, especially if it’s shoes, a belt, purse, or piece of jewelry!!

    Love that chevron striped sweater V, and the scalloped hem is perfect for your Greek curves! I think I need a top with a scalloped hem for my black girl curves :-).

  11. Love the belt babe…wear it as often as you please…such a statement piece!! And YES those shoes are gorge!! The epitome of sexy stiletto…never one to resist a black and gold stunna myself 😀 You look fabulous!

    Happy 4th hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. If you love something, than you should wear it often! I used to be embarassed about wearing certain things too much but my perspecitive on that issue has changed a lot since I started blogging. I love your belt and the pattern on of your top! You look glamorous as always 🙂

  13. I put my new things into rotation. I wear them as soon as I can after I get them, and then i put them into my regular rotation of clothing. I wish I had more closet space to see all of my things at one time – it would be more helpful so mix it up even more! I do tend to wear things that make me feel good and look good in my OOTD pics. Cheers!

  14. Wicked shoes, I want them! Getting use out of an item like your belt is always great especially when you factor in the cost per use!

  15. Well maybe it is because I am a newcomer…but I haven’t seen the belt that much…and I LOVE IT! Obviously you are going to wear it to death. Its fab. great new shoes too!!!! the skinny gold heel is sexy mama!!! Hope you had a happy 4th pretty girl!

  16. STOP IT!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE your new shoes!!! And I totally do the cost per wear analysis in my head too! I live in my new things too!! And go ahead and wear that belt on the blog as much as you like, V!

    So funny when I saw the title of your post I thought of sneakers! I was like Vahni in kicks!? Stop the presses!!!

  17. This is my first time visiting your blog – I found you through IFB!

    I love the belt & those seriously amazing shoes! I get obsessed with things from time to time – right now it’s this little target gray tank that I literally wear with everything!

  18. If I had that amaaaazing belt, I’d sleep with it on!!! 🙂

    In the past my new items use to sit in my closet for awhile before using them, but nowadays I tend to use them more often – but accessorize them differently each time of course!!! 😉


  19. Oh girl I cannot get enough of that belt! And don’t even get me started on those shoes…just gorgeous!

    And I’m totally like that too…I wear my new thing over and over again! Why not, right?!

  20. Shhhhh.. don’t tell anyone, but I do that too. I’ve been kiling this short sleeve red cardigan that I bought last week. I think I’ve worn it maybe three or eight times already. I see why you love that belt so much. Its very versatile. And as for the shoes, those are definately swoon worthy. These days though, I can only look at shoes with heels like that and wish. Hopefully the good doctor will be able to find an explanation soon as to why my right leg keeps failing me whenever I prop myself up in my stilletos…and when I am near stairs. Here’s to looking and wishing.


  21. Belts – I love them. In fact I don’t buy an outfit unless I know which belt I can wear with it. My husband says I have more belts than he has clothes – a bit of an exaggeration but I’m working on it.

  22. I love your new shoes! Those are HOT! I too tend to wear my new things often. I have to hold myself back from “overwearing” them. Love your look and those red lips and nails are fierce!

  23. I feel that way about my Sam Edelman Gigis…I’ve worn those bad boys with everything under the sun! And your new shoes…WOW. Those are gorg!

  24. I love the new shoes they’re awesome and the belt is cool as well. It’s great that you get a lot of wear out of it. A lot of people’s natural tendency is to go out and buy new stuff instead of wearing what they have there is nothing wrong with wearing items over and over and mixing them with other elements of your wardrobe.

  25. I love that blouse. I snatched up a Creative Worldwide ( green and brown striped shawl-neck sweater in that design a few months back that is just right for the cool “winters” of Arizona.

    And the beloved belt seals the deal. Now, I’m off to find one.

  26. First of all, you look great! Love the shoes very very much 🙂

    But I definitely do that! When I get something new, I wear it for a week straight (sometimes 2), then it goes in the closet until I find it again. I’m actually doing a new feature on my blog based on a People Style Watch segment called “I Love My…” I will post pictures that are not full outfit pictures, but me captured in pictures wearing something that I’m obsessed with.


  27. I’m definitely with you on this one, I wear my new things to death and then, well, I forget about them when the next shiny new thing comes along. How mean 🙁 I can see why you wear the belt a lot though – it’s amazing and I am officially in love with your shoes. Swopsies for a little cute dog?!

  28. I heart this intro. I agree absolutely… we buy things so wear it! I have a new jacket I wear so much lately. lol
    I love these close-up shots= Breathtaking beauty V! The black & white colour combo is just classic and the shoes? on fire. You’re on fire! 🙂

  29. I can’t get enough of that belt! You keep giving me great ideas. It is at the very top of my belt stash too. I love that you rock a major fashion shoe to work. That is style and personality I can appreciate. Hugs! xo Mish

    1. I don’t think I could ever not wear something new for a year! But having said that, I do have a pair of practical pumps that are new and I’ve had for months now. I’m just not ready to break them in during sandal season!

  30. So I’m not the only one who, like a five-year-old, forgets all her old toys as soon as a new one is in hand!

    Thanks for your comments, loves! Out to see you all very soon!

  31. I totally do the same thing, V. Unapologetically. LOL. And I mean, c’mon…the belt is DVF. No need for justification there. Um, Boutique 9 shoes for the WIN. It only made me realize how great they go with the belt! LOL.


  32. Love the sweater’s pattern. I used to work at BR-did you know that the pieces that they have at the outlet stores were created specifically for that? It’s treated like a completely different line.

    I bought a belt 2 weeks ago at Marshalls that I can’t enough of. It’sthin and tan, with gold studs and I’ve been pairing it with EVERYTHING-I even used it on a shoot I styled last week, lol. When I find something I love, it gets worn to the max, lol.

  33. Are all the girls at your work place completely awe struck by your style/beauty when you come into work? Seriously, you look amazing! As for the belt its fabulous, why not wear it all the time? (and dont get me started on your new gorgeous shoes)

  34. i adore this look!!! those heels are killer.

    and you are definitely not the only one who does that! when i get something new i become obsessed with it and tend to wear it incessantly. i don’t know how people can get really awesome new things on a daily basis, i would not know what to wear first.

  35. I do that too. What looks like just the piece I need in the shop takes a while to fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. Your belt gives the chevron print a nice edginess. And those heels, wow. Now I know you are tall too I can see you walking down the road and owning it!

  36. The shoes are H.O.T. Most of your shoes are. I’m always ‘obsessing’ with new stuff that I get and I wear them to the bone. Now and again I research my wardrobe and see if I have any neglected pieces and rewear those.

  37. Fiiiirst of all – hot outfit! Great, great belt. Very versatile and classic w/ an edge! I always get obsessed w/ my “recent acquisitions” (as I dub them) and do wear them over and over again. I love that though – you make a great point – that’s WHY you buy something!

    Way to rock the Chevron striped top. I adore that pattern. I wish I could wear open toe shoes to work!

    xo xo xo

  38. Vahni don’t worry I could never get bored of seeing that belt, it’s awesome! When I buy an accessory that I realllly love, I probably wear it to death in the first 3 months lol!

  39. You know what I like most about this outfit – and you – that you are tall like me and have no problem wearing sky high heels. You give me the confidence to accept my height and rock my new platforms. Really. You look great in heels.


  40. I am the QUEEN of getting something new and wearing it at least once a week over the course of the next month. But I guess who wouldn’t be, if you only buy things you are in love with. 🙂

    Lynsey Michelle

  41. Oh those shoes!! I almost forgot about the outfit, you’re right, but not the belt, never the belt, because I have these obsessions too, I think they are perfectly healthy and adorable in fact. When you love something why not embrace it as much as possible?! One thing I am loving about your outfit posts is that you dress for your shape. I make so many “mistakes” when I forget my own shape and how to dress for it. Lesson number one I am sure.

    Over to Boutique Nine I go….

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