Worker V:2.0 (Ode to the Pencil Skirt)

I wore this to work last week.  I never get to take photos in an actual office, so pretend you see a desk behind me instead of an air con unit, OK? I shot these just before I dashed out the front door for my morning commute. And, yeah, I do realize it’s another black outfit. What can I say? It’s what I do best.

Anyway. You’ve seen the jacket and cami. You’ve seen the skirt. You’ve seen the shoes. But you’ve never seen them like this before.

Wait, have you seen the shoes? Get clicking if by some bizarre chance you haven’t. Business in the front, party in the back.
Worth the click(s)!

Jacket, Cami, Skirt: Ann Taylor • Belt: (unknown) • Heels: Sam Edelman • Bag: Marc Jacobs

I don’t know what you think about this look, but it is one of my favorites in terms of how I felt when I wore it—which was powerful, feminine, a little edgy. And I dare say even a little French (Jill, perhaps it’s because I watched Le Divorce the night before? Antoine, can I pass for a femme Française?).

I think there is nothing better than a fitted pencil skirt. It is the epitome of ladylike sexy, appropriate for virtually every environment and every occasion. I have six; they vary in length, fabric, and style. Despite how many other pieces circulate in and out of my closet, the pencil skirts, they stay. Year after year.

Are you as in love with pencil skirts—either as the wearer or admirer—as I am?


  1. Can you believe I use to hate pencil skirts? I thought they looked old. Well, now I don’t think so… I think they are quite flattering on a woman’s body. 🙂

  2. Mullets… metal… your shoes are pretty much both! And that AC is très chic aussi !

    Pencil skirts… haven’t worn any; guess I’m just waiting for the right pieces to come together before I’ll say yes to one.

  3. Wow oui! I love this look on you! It is totally edgy, powerful and stylish!
    A pencil skirt is a wardrobe classic must. Loving the heels too, pretty sure we haven’t seen them yet!

  4. I am sure you are the only super stylish girl in your office!
    You are so right! Pencil skirts are fabulous.. the really shows what V is all about..
    Yummy shoes V.
    Lee x

  5. You look incredible, V! I just love pencil skirts, too. I find them a little bit difficult to walk in sometimes, but I definitely reach for them when I’m working. Also, your hair looks so glossy and shiny in these pics!

  6. I agree, there is nothing better than a pencil skirt. Even though I don’t wear them enough, in fact only on certain special occassions, but a pencil skirt is instant style, so flattering and amazingly feminine. You look great in these pics, love the flash of red lipstick xxx

  7. Pencil skirts are pretty much the only skirts I own. They work best for my shape which is pretty curvy. I agree when I wear them to the office, it does give you a certain air of authority. I love them!

  8. YES! I love a pencil skirt, especially for professional dressing. The mystery is, I generally loathe the bits of my body that the pencil skirt seems to love and yet I don’t hate myself in a pencil skirt. It is some kind of sartorial magic. And you look fabulous–utterly fabulous!

  9. AAaw and I truly understand your crush for the pencil skirt, this finery shall never cease to “epitomize” THE “Corporate Mistress” Dear V !!! ps: Ooh Yes, you naturally could pass for a (GLAMazon-icious) “Femme Française”, this aesthetics truly enjoys such an universal power of evocation (“shy gentleman’s smile”) . . .
    ps: This Fetish alchemy business / party is uber tasty indeed, a fortiori with such bloody twist next to your toes I (bashfully) must add !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. Wow lady that is one chic office outfit there. I really hated pencil skirts was I was younger, but I have these staples in my wardrobe. There is something about the fit of a pencil skirt that makes me feel particularly feminine and powerful I think. I like the belt you’re paired it with here, it accentuates the waist even more.

  11. I LOVE pencil skirts! I don’t wear them as much as I used to, but I agree they are ladylike and sexy (if the right fit). I do think some people wear them too tight, but yours fits you perfectly! I saw those shoes on Instagram; they are GORGEOUS!!

  12. Oh, wow! How could your co-workers concentrate on their jobs is a wonder! 🙂
    This skirts suits you so well! I love the whole look!
    I’m always reminded of Marilyn when I see a pencil skirt and pumps – I wish I could look as great in them as her and you!
    (Actually in Some Like it Hot, when she’s rushing for the train, she wears something very similar! Complete with feathery bolero. 🙂

  13. You look stunning, V! Ohh and those heels. I think I saw a photo of them before but opening the link had the same impact on me as the first time! Ha!

    I really like pencil skirts too. In fact, in my next outfit post I’ll be wearing one about the same length as yours! I saw some shorter ones at Target the other day in various colors and patterns for only $12. I may have to go back…

  14. Yowza, you’re killing me with this ensemble. It’s so Le Divorce! I never ever get tired of a pencil skirt, or all black for that matter. And I love your Marc Jacobs bag. Thanks for the shout out, unexpected, and made me laugh!

  15. V – you always look glamorous and as though you can conquer the world. I don’t doubt that you can. I love black – even in summer. It also make me feel like I can do anything!

  16. Love how pencil skirts look- I just bought my first one, but haven’t worn it yet. Still out of my comfort zone, but I’m going to give it a try. Love your all black look- it does seem very french 🙂

  17. I’m always sneaking looks at Ann Taylor’s website though they don’t ship here. So it’s wonderful to see those looks come alive on you. Viva la pencil skirt. Once I find a well-fitting one I hold on to it forever!

  18. GIRRRRL! You look so “girl about to take over the world” here…you felt it and it oozed outta your pores. LOVE this look. Might be one of my favs I have ever seen on your blog:) Perfectly classy but so sexy too. I usually don’t wear a ton of black in the summer…but THIS summer I have been…and it has been coming naturally…I am just going with it.
    And I love those SE…

    PS thanks for the last comment…felt good to be a bit scandalous…you should totally look into getting the dress if you have weddings coming up…it would be BEYOND on you….or maybe don’t…you will look better and than I will have to take my post down.
    Happy week.

  19. V, you look absolutely fierce! You could rock the boardroom just as well as you inspire the blogging world.
    P.S. I saw your tweet last night, and I seriously hope you don’t quit blogging. Can’t wait to read your post that you are writing about all of the snarkiness.

  20. Oh la, la ma cherie as Alfred would say woof, woof! You look amazing and I love the pencil skirt on you – on me, I’m afraid it hilights too many lumps and bumps but I’m a great admirer! Bisous

  21. Those heels, lady! Adore them and this whole look. I’m an ardent pencil skirt admirer (blame it on Christina Hendricks and her rocking Mad Men costumes, I think) but for some reason I never really wear them. I have a few dresses with the pencil vibe, but that’s about it. I’ll have to take my lack of skirt into consideration…

  22. I’m a HUGE fan of the pencil skirt, unashamedly feminine and sexy and this outfit suits it perfectly! And I’m a big fan of all black – very professional in the work place and super empowering I find!

  23. Love this work outfit! – sniff – had to send those very same Edelmen shoes back after I bought them as they were just too narrow for my feet – have to keep reminding myself that his shoes don’t fit me everytime I see you wearing yours and die of shoe envy! I have a couple of good pencil skirts and they look fantastic but I do feel a bit restricted by them if I have a long day sitting down all the time.

  24. Thank you for your comments, lovelies! I am trying my best to get out to see you all on YOUR blogs as soon as I can!

  25. Pencil skirts make their mark on a chic woman’s wardrobe. I just enjoyed another blogger’s post (Terri, Rags against the Machine) rocking out a bright cherry red one, and yes. it was edgy, polished and sexy. Now I want one.

  26. I love pencil skirts too! I don’t have too many or wear them too often though as their narrowness disagrees with my lifestyle of biking everywhere I go.

  27. This is by far the best wardrobe staple beside the white button down shirt and blazer. A Pencil skirt is NECESSARY in any queens wardrobe, of course I know this is true ask Victoria Beckham!



  28. I adore black pencil skirts. Currently I have 3, like yours they’re different lengths and fabrics. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has multiples of this staple because I keep thinking I have too many! Guess not.


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