Cream of the Resort 2012 Crop: Alexander McQueen

OK. Don’t hyperventilate. I’m trying not to.

I’ve been studying looks from the resort 2012 collections, and actually created a whole “best of” post, until I laid eyes on Sarah Burton’s resort 2012 collection for Alexander McQueen. It is the best of the best of the best. That’s it. I have nothing else to say except it is the most comprehensively stunning collection of the season.

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View the full Alexander McQueen resort 2012 collection.


  1. Amazing. Love Alexander McQueen. The belts are to die for. My 2 fave dresses: the lace one and that tough leather one. Great choice V! I haven’t look yet at a lot of the resort collections, but this is a good one!


  2. I LOVE this collection- I don’t usually look at collections but McQueen’s are always so beautiful and this was no exception- each picture was pure perfection and I loved all the long gowns.

  3. Two things I noticed. One, I’ve been dying for a big honkin’ belt for months….a corset belt. Just makes so many things look great and tailored. Two, for the first several pics, it’s the same shoes. I have this theory developed by tons of blog slogging…..great shoes can be worn with completely different outfits and almost daily while still giving a different look! GORGEOUS COLLECTION!!!! ~Serene

  4. I am dying, literally dying over the cropped trouser type pants. They are perfect, absolutley perfect! Guess who will be keeping an eye out for similar pants when they leave their little village this weekend and head to Toronto?!
    Also am really into the corset style belts. Excellent taste Vahni.

  5. I agree with you 200%, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I love everything about this collection, but the jackets, ahhhhhhhh, the jackets are to die for…
    Have a grand weekend, my dear friend.

  6. I’m having fashion heart palpitations…OMG… this collections is absolutely STUNNING!! From the belt to the shoes to the jackets…OMG…I can’t take it…

    I need to go play lotto…

  7. God I love this. I posted the fourth shot you have up there (trenchw/tail and lace skirt) on my tumblr yesterday and kept going back to stare at it, it is so perfect. Burton really outdid herself this time.

  8. OMG! the white lace! I just died and went to heaven! I can never get enough of white lace and this particular type I adore the most! It’s a truly beautiful collection!

  9. Well, looks like I’ve found my wedding dress! 😉 I am so impressed with Sarah Burton. I think she’s done an excellent job in keeping the McQueen legacy going. She has really done that label justice

  10. Girl, this collection gave me the chills. It is absolutely brilliant. And I would rock that white & gold piece on the bottom right as my wedding gown in a hot second. It’s breathtaking!

  11. Thanks for the beautiful post V!! Love Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton has kept his spirit alive by not compromising on the edginess! Love the collection!

  12. Sigh! What an amazers collection? I knew Sarah could bust out a creative, vampy sexy collection. I can see you work these looks girl!

    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend doll!

  13. Holy! I wish I had a reason to dress up more often. Seriously those outfits wouldn’t look so hot with toddler hands imprinted… If only I had a office job… lol I would SOOO rock those. Esp. those slimming belts! And those slacks are to DIE FOR!

    Woman, your fashion sense is right on!

  14. I had the pleasure to visit the exposition of his work in NYC and I was blown away by his designs. It felt like another world, like live poetry. So I can imagine how these designs look in real life. Love the color palette too.

  15. HOLY MOLY!!! I can’t even pick a favorite. Every piece is so highly designed with a strong aesthetic, even the lace piece feels very assertive somehow. LOVE.

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