Worker V: 1.9 (The Sade)

Sade? What?

For you youngsters who don’t know who or what the hell I’m talking about, that’s Helen Folasade Adu, OBE—the magnificently gorgeous, talented, inimitable Sade (which is pronounced Shah-day). Google and listen, darlings. She’s like no other.

For some reason, I woke up last Thursday, and dressed for work very uncharacteristically. Perhaps it was that new, kinda sparkly sweater I had to have, even in a size XL because it was the only one left. I don’t know. But for me to wake up, slick my hair into a braided pony and rock hoops like Sade…it was no ordinary day. But I have to say I rather liked the change. And the braid.


Sweater: LOFT • Tank: Express • Belt: DVF • Pants: Ann Taylor • Heels: BCBG • Bracelet: Tory Burch • Ring: YSL


As you can see, I made this too-big sweater work for me. I didn’t even envision wearing it this way when I tried it on. But since it has no buttons, it worked perfectly in a kimono-style wrap. I was so chuffed when I wrapped and tied and it looked good. Don’t you love when that happens?


PS: If you’re a Sade fan, what’s your favorite song? I’m definitely eternally captivated by the sensuous, sultry No Ordinary Love.


  1. You look fantastic as always, V! Love that belt cinching the sweater. The hoops and pulled back hair, VERY Sade!

    My favorite Sade tunes:

    Your Love is King
    Love is Stronger Than Pride
    Is it a Crime
    The Sweetest Taboo
    Kiss of Life
    No Ordinary Love
    Mermaid (beautiful instrumental)

    (Yeah, I kinda like Sade, lol)


  2. I WAS NAMED AFTER HER! except my parents thought she spelled her name kinda funky so they spelled mine shardé 🙂 smooth operator is my personal favorite, but ordinary love is a close second! 🙂 when I read this post on twitter I knew I had to come comment. Love the look v!

    And ps all of my sweaters end up being worn this way, I just feel so much more feminine this way!

  3. V~ it’s all about By Your Side baby…I live and die Sade…what a shame to know there’s young’ins who fail to speak her truth…I swear they don’t make ’em like they used to anymore…although Adele may be a grittier version if I had to compare a modern day diva…

    Anywho, you look incredible in this ensemble…love the sexy sophistication, but I gotta tell ya, literally working on tomorrow’s post as we speak and I’m almost rocking some similar garb…It’s like we “here” babe! *cue double finger eye-to-eye action* ;D

    Visit me manana and you’ll see exactly what I mean 😀 Until then….Lovers Rock!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. Smooth Operator, which, along with your fave, are the only songs I know of. Had no idea that was her full legal name; just knew her as Sade.

    Speaking of, you definitely rock The Sade very well. 🙂

  5. YES! Small victories strike again. The sweater looks awesome with that belt (which I love in its own right). Funny enough, we were just talking about Sade earlier today at my job, my project manager is a huge fan and will be attending her upcoming concert here! I actually didn’t really grow up with English music, so most things that people assume I’d know (like New Kids on the Block) are fairly new concepts to me, as I took it upon myself to find out what was going on as I grew up that I’d missed 🙂

  6. This is a perfect wear to work outfit. I especially love that you reworked the XL sweater with that belt. So glad that you are showing how easy it is to rework pieces so it actually fits and flatters. (-:

  7. I shall be spending todaylistening to her, love her music, and have used your suggestions as my playlist, my fav is No Ordinary Love, gorgeous video too.
    I like this look on you, jealous that you can wear big hoops, I don’t think they work on me 😛

  8. just realised the suggestions were a comment by Any Second Now…shows I’m still NOT awake, I just go on reading and reading and not assimilating ANYTHING! i used to be like this at Uni, any early lecture was listened to, but I would not be able to recall who said what, or in what order… I think I need a second coffee 😛

  9. What a wonderful look. It’s great that you can make a workplace outfit so special! It’s actually a waste only to wear it in an office, I hope you took it out for a drink or something nice. 🙂

  10. I am sure Sade would wish to look like you, my beautiful Vahni.
    I love The Sweetest Taboo.
    I love what you have done with the oversize sweater, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. You ROCK again!!!

  11. Your love is King and Sweetest Taboo! I loves me some Sade! Now there’s a woman with a signature style! I may have to try this braid idea with my hair. Summertime makes my hair feel like FUR! This is a fun way to get it out of my face and off my neck without looking too “done”. ~Serene

  12. I so like Sade. Ironically it was my brother, who loves rock music, who introduced me to her music. One of my favorite among her songs is “By your Side”. The song is totally lovely with it’s soothing melody. By the way, I like your sense of fashion. Keep it up. 🙂

  13. Girl you are sooo rocking that Sade braid! I love it on you! Super flattering on you and I love how you worked that oversized sweater. Very, very chic darling!

    If any of ya’ll do NOT know what Sade is, please, please, please look her up! I literally grew up on her music and my favorite song of hers is King of Sorrow. I was going through a tough time in college and I literally listened to that song a few times a day and it always made feel better. It was like she was singing for me. Now I listen to it and reminds me of how far I’ve come since then!

  14. I am a huge Sade fan – she and her music are both amazingly beautiful and I definitely get a “Sade-vibe” from your look here. Favorite songs: No Ordinary Love is definitely one, but also Lover’s Rock and King of Sorrow. I’m not going to lie though, I love all of her music.

  15. I love the sweater! You look so chic… This is an outfit I’d totally wear. I’m digging the braid, too — a refreshing little change!

    I only know who Sade is because my gay best friend in high school was obsessed with her 🙂

  16. i LOVE this outfit V!! it’s so pretty. i love that you took a size XL and made it look really chic on you. i always opt for things on the slightly larger side because i like the drapey-ness of it. and you just did a really good job of bringing it together with that stunning belt and everything.

    i don’t know very many Sade songs… did she sing smooth operator? because i really like smooth operator. =)

  17. Wearing my favorite ring! I see you are sporting another Burch piece. I love the gold and black details, I did not know that Tory made such cute bracelets! I am inspired. Wonderful look!


  18. Omg!!! Do people not know who Sade is?! That makes me saaaaaad. Your love is king…I love that song like a maniac. Great idea on wearing oversized sweater kimono style…your waist is so tiny!!!

  19. Deeply dying over this look on you. Smokin’ hot! I love everything but I’m especially drawn to the belt, the cuff and the nails. And does Sade ever age? She looks as beautiful now as she did in the late 80’s. I still love ‘Smooth Operator,’ it reminds me of being young and living in San Diego.

  20. This outfit is “cool confidence”. Hot yet professional. I think the braid keeps it modern and sleek and not too sexy for work. You look great! Oh and I love so many of her songs… Paradise is one of my faves. 🙂

  21. I keep getting time out or feedburner errors so not sure my comment went through… sorry if this is duplicate 🙂

    This outfit is “cool confidence”. Hot yet professional. I think the braid keeps it modern and sleek and not too sexy for work. You look great! Oh and I love so many of her songs… Paradise is one of my faves. 🙂

  22. Hey V,
    Again you have surprised me with your extra ordinary innovative skills for dressing up….awww i always admire your new creative ideas,i really appreciate them and use them on me.You are a very good teacher for students like me who don’t have such a good common sense for fashion trends.
    I also have two XL size sweaters and i was decided to throw them in a garbage before reading your this post,but but but thank GOD and thank you for this innovative idea,now i’m gonna try them at your way.

  23. Sweetest Taboo > that is what I think of when I think Sade! A bit old school but still, such a sultry song. Which of course pairs perfectly with your braided look here – SULTRY and SOPHISTICATED! Loving it! I am never brave enough to wear my hair braided to work. Now I am having second thoughts on that.
    Love what you did with the sweater!

  24. Sade is fantastic! I’m still working out details, but she is actually going to be in Cleveland on July 9th and I am hoping to go see her in concert. Smooth Operator and No Ordinary Love have long been my two faves.

    You definitely did Sade proud with this look. Love everything from that perfect braid all the way down to the heels. That belt really was a fantastic purchase, wasn’t it?

  25. This is NO ORDINARY LOVE! I’m thrilled that you are giving me some major inspiration on how to rock that belt. I was pretty obsessed with Sades Love Deluxe album. She is the best and I am very happy to know we share that sentiment. I have been catching up on your posts as I have fallen off the map. You are looking gorgeous V and always inspiring. Gratitude and hugs, Mish XOXO

  26. Oh god I grew up on Sade, & have many favourites from that goddess of a woman, she’s amazing. I encourage everyone to see her once live. I love the lover’s Rock album. However, other than Ordinary Love, I really adore “Cherish the Day.”

    Great ponytail V, I’m loving everything about this polished look.
    -xxoo ~Madison

  27. I NEED A LOVE BUTTON!!! This look is pure, incredible, utter perfection, from head to toe. You look so gorgeous with your hair on a braid! I love heavy, thick, dark hair like yours, you can pretty much pull off any hairstyle! And I think that it’s much better that the sweater was an XL size because it just flows much better. It looks like it was made to be paired with that belt.
    Of course I also dig Sade! My favorite songs of hers are also “No ordinary love” and “By your side”. It’s incredible how she hasn’t aged one tiny bit since her “Smooth operator” days huh?
    Thanks for sharing V!!! XO

  28. Haha… I’m laughing because my initial thought was how on EARTH could anyone be young enough to not know who Sade is? Aaaand then I remembered I’m in my 40’s now. Heh, I keep forgetting!

    You look fantastic, btw.

  29. Ah yes Sade! What an icon. ‘Smooth Operator’ and ‘No Ordinary Love’ comes to mind at once. The whole look works very well on you; from the neat braid to the loose cardigan cinched with the belt.
    On a different topic entirely: I now see the power of having a post featured on the IFB LALM. My little post has had 380 views and counting. Now that’s big for a small blog like mine. Thanks again Vahni and IFB.

  30. I remember Sade! She still makes great music. Anyway, that belt with that sweater is heaven. Love it! Makes your waist look super tiny. Fabulous outfit, for work or otherwise.


  31. Sade puts all of today’s pop singers to shame.
    “Kiss of Life” is my favorite Sade tune. Reminds me so much of the Mexican Caribbean coast–exotic, tranquil, stunningly gorgeous, yet somehow understated.
    The slicked back hair with braid looks great on you.

  32. I am very encouraged by how you made a sweater that was too big work for you, because I recently ordered a sweater online – final sale and it might be too big, so I’m just kind of hoping and praying it fits. But even if it doesn’t maybe it will still be fabulous!

  33. I CAN NOT believe you also love Sade! Actually I can, you are a kindred spirit after all. I have loved her since the `80s, and her songs are my fave to sing. You know I love you right? You look stunning, I am so loving your outfits lately. You are on fire! Mwuah.

  34. Darlings, thank you all for your rave reviews, and for sharing your love of Sade with me! She is so fantastic…that’s one thing we can all agree upon, for sure.

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! By the way, you don’t have comments turned on on your blog, do you? I wanted to comment, but couldn’t seem to see how.

  35. Love your outfit! This is my first time visiting your blog – and I plan to come back.

    My favorite Sade song – Never As Good (As The First Time).

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