La Bomba

Let’s get one thing straight: La Bomba is Anika. I’m only borrowing the title for a post. Pardon me, darling Anika. You will always be the original La Bomba!

I was super flattered with the mysterious Antoine of Florilège d’Esthète asked me many months ago if I would indulge him with my interpretation of his Bomb Next Door series. Perplexed, I sat on the idea for a while, enjoying Antoine’s clever and absolutely entertaining half-English, half-French comments here on G&G  and Twitter (@stilettostetico) as I got to know his personality and site.

Eventually the right idea for a shoot hit me, and I’m excited to be featured as a Bomb Next Door!  Click over to read Antoine’s lovely narrative about my interpretation, and to see the other photo that inspired my new header…


  1. AAaw Thanks INFINITELY for such inviting post AND so delightful words Dear V, Truly a Pleasure for me to interpret these “BOMBnextDoor(icious)” pictures on “Florilège d’Esthète” (“blushing French guy”) !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Love the photo it has a kind of vintage effect on it which looks cool. Has a real sexy vibe to it as well… I don’t know what you’re looking at on your iPad but I wanna know!

  3. Yauuuuuuzzzaaaaaaaaa!!! Hello fellow bombshell! I am getting my smelling salts ASAP. (…)

    Have now recovered enough to tweet. Good on you Vahni. Hugs!!

  4. That is ONE SEXY PHOTO Vahni! I need your help, I’ve entered in this contest and I need your vote for a chance to win! Please see my latest blog post for a step-by-step.


  5. I agree with Arash, this photo does have an incredible vintage vibe to it! I love that dress V, I feel like you’re about to put on some killer records or something for a listen. Beautiful capture dear! xxoo Happy Friday!

  6. Gorgeous! Off to go check out the feature, of course. I agree with Arash – I wanna know what’s on the iPad! Ten to one you were browsing B’s Tumblr when she posted all that gratuitous Tom Ford. Just sayin’.

  7. The hottest blogger ever!!! The photo is two dimensional, coquettish and cerebral because if the iPad! Love it!!

  8. Somewhat off topic b/c you didn’t write about it but your dress in this picture is really adorable. Those prints and colors are everything I crave for summer rolled into one sweet little package! 🙂


    1. Thanks, love. I didn’t write about this dress because it doesn’t even have a label in it! It’s some super cheap summery number I pulled off the sale rack at my local deaprtment store a couple years ago. But it is fun, and I’m glad you like! I usually wear it over skinnies or leggings.

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