WVW: Fuschia, Remixed*

I LOVE this All Saints silk dress, for so many reasons. I bought it specifically for the last IFB Conference in February, and felt so comfortable in it, literally from sunrise-to-almost-sunrise (Lee, Erika, how fun was that night?!). Back then I layered it with warm weather gear because NYC was fuhreeeezing, and was chuffed when Lee shot me in it for his blog. So it already has a very special place in my sartorial history and heart.

Now that months have passed and the weather is warm, my little All Saints number can come out to play—and shine—in all its unfettered, unsweatered glory. This vibrantly-colored, sari-like dress was just begging to be worn with my Indian glass bangles. And so I did, to meet a friend for a drink (thanks again, B!).

*WVW = What V Wore
Dress: All Saints • Heels: Michael Kors • Bag: Nine West • Leggings: Celsius • Ring: YSL • Bracelets: Beachcombers
Lips: YSL Rouge Pur #128 • Nails: OPI, Yoga-Ta Get this Blue


  1. Wow, gorgeous shade on you! That matching lip color totally amps up the ensemble to super hot status! Love the draping on the dress…I could totally see this restyled to a formal event as well…great find!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. Oh.. I remember that gorgeous dress!! And the fun we had together in NYC.
    Get ready in september V, coz I am going to take your photos in a WHOLE different level. (pressure.. hahaha).
    Oh my.. I need to try those YSL rouge pur #1-2-8.. (damm).. 😀 LOL

  3. Oh this dress definitely needed its own post. What a gorgeous colour and perfect draping. You know I love the fact you used Indian bangles to rock it!

  4. I love the way the fabric drapes and the rucheing in the leggings is hot. I’m a sucker for fuchsia myself, thinking about doing a dip dye treatment to my hair in dark fuchsia this summer in fact.

  5. You look gorgeous, V! That really is such a pretty dress and I love its versatility. It looks just as good in cold NYC as it does in the warmer weather!

  6. That dress is your color, V, I love it to bits. And the leggings, seriously? This might be my favorite look you’ve done yet. Everything is flawless and so you!

  7. I love the colour and shape of that dress, looks really comfortable. Isn’t it great when the weather finally changes and you can wear a favourite dress? The shoes are seriously sexy too.

  8. Such a gorgeous dress! I love the drape-y effect with the rouched trousers! (I think that’s the word, but I’m not sure…)

    I remembered Lee’s picture, the necklace you wore there is superb!

  9. Ahh, here is the mystery post you teased me with last week!

    So happy you decided to feature this dress. I was dying for a closer look after the IFB Conference in February and it does not disappoint. I love AllSaints aesthetic, and this color is perfect for you. I am going to start calling that shade of pink “Vahni Fuschia”

    Superb styling helps of course and those leggings and bangles are fantastic!

    1. Thanks, B. I really like the All Saints aesthetic too. So wish I had a store in my city. I got lucky with this dress. I ordered it online, and it was perfect for me. Saved my life for #IFBCon!

  10. Whoa Vahni! This is some kinda fierce! I adore that color on you! Love the leggings with it too. The accessories you added are purrfect!

  11. OMG you look soooo gorgeous!! Pink is definitely your color doll! Lee is such an incredible person and photographer!

    p.s saw your post about your lashes you linked to my blog. I think they came out fantastic, but I know exactly what you mean about putting them on the first time. I had a tough time putting them on at first. I looked ridiculous to be honest. But then I got the hang of it, and I didn’t look so drag-like. Lol.
    Anyways, I love the sparkly lashes on you!!


  12. Whoa!! Loving this dress and the clutch and well, let’s be honest, the whole look. Fingers crossed I make it out to NYC this September and we finally get the chance to meet and party in person. – Katy

  13. ok so I saw this post pop up into my loglovin and google reader and was just waiting for it to go live on the blog so I could say: OMG you look so gorgeous in that color!!! I love is without sweaters. You look amazing!!!

  14. This pink is your is your color V!! WOW. Love the sandals you have paired it with and of course your always fabulous accessories. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours!! xo

  15. Ah, Vahni I think Im just going to come to New York and we can go shopping together and we can wander around looking fabulous… and then Ill follow you home and steal all your clothes… and shoes…. sounds like a good time no? xx

    1. HA…I suppose I do have a good array of crazy leggings, don’t I? Thanks, Santina! Hope you’re settling in in SF.

    1. That’s probably because I was wearing a grey cardi over the dress since it was bone-chillingly cold in NYC the two days I was there! Thanks, Jennine!

  16. aaaaaaaaaaahhh HOT MAMA!!!! You look FANTASTIC, V! The color is amazing on you and the the fuchsia lippie is setting this outfit off. I love it!

  17. Vahni!
    I met you in this dress so it is special for me too!
    (well technically I met you the night before at the Ace…but sadly the cocktails and the jetlag at the time are not helping me remember that outfit!)

    1. HAAAA! Yes, this was the dress I wore the day we really got to know each other a little better. Such good memories of that day. Looking forward to seeing you in person again soon! Thanks!

  18. Omigosh! That dress is all kinds of beautiful I love the cut and color so much. Beaaatuiful post, V.

    Aside: Your new banner looks great!!! I LOVE it!

  19. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I so love everything about this outfit – the colour of the dress, the amazing gold bangles, the gorgeous clutch, the fierce leggings and those amazing shoes!!! Love, love, love it!! Oh, and I love your new banner 🙂

    1. Hey, Steph, that’s actually another B, a non-blogger, not our B of Beautifully Invisible! I didn’t think about that when I wrote this post. Funny!

  20. Love everything about the dress! I can’t fit into All Saints unfortunately, though I’ve tried on more than one occasion. I do love their clothes.

    I also love the way you wore it when Lee photographed you. Very glamorous!


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