Spring 2011 Favorite Things

Things I’m loving right now…

Brightly-colored bikinis. See, I’m not always in black!

Bling for my bikinis. Jersey Shore ain’t got nothin’ on me!

My Juicy Couture pool tote. Fits towels, sunscreen, magazines,  hats, and then some.

Juicy Couture flippies. You know I don’t do even flip-flops the regular way.

My tan American Apparel zip clutch and gold-based statement rings and bracelets. But you knew that, right?

Freshly-painted grey bedroom walls. Thank you Hubby!

Catching up on blog reading and shopping via iPad, in bed. Love my iPad 2!

Figurines of Hubby and me. ♥  Wink, wink.

What are you loving right now?


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      Bronte, Bronte, Bronte! When the time comes, I’ll be there with bells on + my bikini! It must happen this Christmas. MUST! xo

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    I’m loving your 8 things!! The bathing suits are great. Love the colors!! I really need to just buy that clutch already. I’ve been dying to get one!

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    I do indeed think all bikinis are improved by this kind of bling. Get thee to Ibiza :-)

    Great Spring things! (I love that you have these figurines, I have a Cylon and Captain Apollo in my apartment!)

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    Jersey shore go hide! I love that you wear fab flip flops, as it happens, I don`t do regular ones either. HA! Beautifully painted walls too, I am also painting my living room french grey. Lovely. The figurines are lovely, I loved that post of you both channeling Cruella de Ville et husbond. Do you really miss him sweetheart? I am thinking about you every day, as I always do. Hugs to you.
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    You’re just all set for the season aren’t you? I like the Juicy Couture tote, your AA clutch and your new walls! The color looks so good! I don’t think I’ve ever seen grey walls before!

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    Haha! I love your humour V, those figurines are so cool, what’s even better are those infamous V-fabulous statement rings! Just bought two new bikinis that I cannot wait to wear (as soon as The boy & I get a holiday). Love all of these! :)

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    Spring? What’s that? We didn’t have one of those seasons in NY this year — went straight into blistering summer, boo! I’m about to paint our MBR dark grey — it’s too bright to be relaxing — although your wall shade is tempting! Heehee, love the Jack and Sally as that’s how the Punk Glam King and I refer to ourselves — we were married on Halloween! Off to cool this sweaty bod in the pool!

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      Hi Suzanne, thanks! Jack and Sally…cute. Hubby and I haven’t renamed ourselves, but I can tell how he feels about me by looking at the figurines. If he’s mad, I’ll find Sally on the other side of the dresser, or bloody face down!

      RE: The paint. My BR is light grey, and bathroom is medium-to-dark grey gloss. Love it!

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    Jack and Sally/you and the hubs are too cute. Those Juicy Couture flip-flops are gorgeous, and I’m usually not much of a Juicy fan (love Viva la Juicy, though) or a flip-flop fan for that matter. I take my whole laptop to bed for late-night blog surfing, but I wouldn’t mind having an iPad!
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    Okay, maybe three is the charm… “feedler” keeps shutting down on me while trying to leave a comment! Here goes again…

    Spring? That season seemed to have bypassed us here in NY this year. We skipped right into sweltering heat! (Just got back from a cool swim, but tomorrow its supposed to top out at nearly 100, ugh!) Love my iPad too, and of course I wish I could upgrade to iPad 2, but honestly can’t complain as it’s served me well for almost a year. Travel with it is a dream! Love the shade you chose for your bedroom — I’m about to paint our MBR grey as well! (Dark grey though, as it’s too glaring for the room to be relaxing.) Heehee I say Jack and Sally (or Morticia and Gomez) are my husband and me too — we were even married on Halloween!
    Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen’s latest post: Creative Urge – Swimsuit Coverup DesignMy Profile

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    Is it OK to be green with evny after reading this post? Because I’m lusting after not just the material things in it but after the lovely sunshine you must be having there as well. Thanks for suggesting I enter my blog post on the Links at IFB. I’ll take a stab at that.
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    Eeeeep! I want me an iPad 2! I love all of these things. Those figurines are seriously too perfect, V.
    I am loving my neon bikinis (much like yours), summer fruit and my pattern dresses.

    Gasp* I need me an arty ring!

    Erika’s latest post: The Lazy WeekenderMy Profile

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      Now shoes…I could suggest a gazillion of them! Books, not so much. Haven’t read one in a year! I’m a magazine/Internet girl. :)

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    Love the last picture especially, since I am a Tim Burton fan. I was just at the YSL Rive Gauche boutique in Manhattan on Sunday, lusting after bags, and saw some of their rings. I thought of you instantly!

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      Thanks Kristin!

      You know, I see so many one-pieces I LOVE, but I’m long-waisted, so they’re always too short on me. I’m sure you’ll find one soon. Swimwear has come such a long way in the last several years!

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    Inexpensive potted orchids from Trader Joes (a local grocery chain), my new black short-sleeved rain coat (which I’ve found is perfect to wear drawing because the sleeves are short and the long length keeps my lower back warm) and my new gel mani which has made my nails so strong!

    I love your poolside look!

    Heather Fonseca’s latest post: Gel Nail Polish – What’s the big dealMy Profile

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    Great post! I am loving your iPad. And your bling (as always!) And everything else too. Love the flip-flops and bikini tops are super cute.

    Right now I am falling in love with my camera again. I was on a photo hiatus but have started shooting nature-related pics again (along w/the occasional ring!).

    Also in love with my WendyB ring, and my Gucci heels and bag! I feel like life is finally complete.
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      1. WOOT! Fantastic!
      2. Yes we do. And so does Apple.
      3. Yay! Going over to visit you in a moment.
      4. Thank you, doll!
      5. Amen to that. Now if I could just get a pair into my closet.
      6. I need one.
      7. And yours too!. xoxo

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    hhhmmmmmm gold based statement rings and gold jewellrey, a weakness of mine! Excellent taste.

    ps. I’ve been reading through your blog over the last week or so and I have to say not only do you have a lovely, classy style I find your perspective interesting and refreshing. Keep on keep’in it real!

    ~Em K
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    Oh boy! LOVE your bikini tops…I have a problem with too many tops and not enough bottoms, I would like to also borrow all the jewelry in this post :) and while we’re talking borrowing Ipad2! Gawsh I have ipad envy like a crazy person!

    I’m loving discovering my summer favorites as I switch out my wardrobe.

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      I forgot to put my favorite summer things

      1. My H&M Maxi Dresses, one ina Blue and White Print, and an ALL Black one.
      2. MY Prada color block wedges from the Spring 2011 Line.
      3. I have these two Necklaces that I got from H&M while in Rome.
      4. a Pair of Curvy friendly cut offs that I’ve had for 3 summers, I wear them all the time, and with time they gather more personality.
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    i’m catching up on your blog and saw this and had to comment! i love favorite things posts, they are so much fun. =) i used to have juicy couture flip flops and they were unbelievable. soo comfortable and beyond adorable. my only complaint is that they broke way faster than they should have. =( i hope the same does not happen to yours!!
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