WVW: The Jumpsuit (Loving and Loathing)*

I haven’t worn this jumpsuit in a while, so I pulled it out for a mother-daughter shopping excursion last weekend, literally from the back of my closet. I was about to reach for the usual belt I wear with it, then I had a lightbulb moment, a vision: the super long, reversible belt from my Foley + Corinna dress! Ah, that fringed belt with the jumpsuit…perfection! And the dream ends there.

*WVW = What V Wore
Jumpsuit: Benetton •  Belt: Foley + Corinna • Heels: BCBG

Oh, jumpsuit, how I loathe you.

I alternately love and loathe jumpsuits. As much as I love this comfy jumpsuit, I don’t wear it as often as I’d like. The thing about jumpsuits is that the only time you really can wear them is when shopping. You see, onesies for grown-up girls—they’re just not practical.

If you’re a male reader, you may appreciate the avoidance of jumpsuits—especially if they are of the harem pant ilk, as mine are above. There may be nothing more man-repelling than harem pants, and I can’t say that I blame men for disliking them. They do absolutely zero for the beautiful female form. But I digress.

No, the problem with jumpsuits, long or short, is that every time you have to go to the loo, the whole schebang must come down. You basically have to disrobe. Like every 30 minutes, if you’re out for drinks. It’s not only a pain, but in cramped, often not-so-clean public bathrooms, a veritable nightmare. I won’t paint you any pictures here, but if you use your imagination, I’m sure you could envision a few different scenarios that would be catastrophic for the jumpsuited miss.

Guys, what do you think about jumpsuits? Ladies, do you suffer them for a small space of time, or avoid them?


  1. Girl, you nailed it with this jumpsuit!! I LOVE IT!! I feel you on not wearing them often, but when you do they can be pretty stylish!! I actually hated these until about 6 months ago!! I thought they were tacky and awful, but I bought my first one (shorts) a few months ago and I can’t wait to wear it!!


    1. Thanks, Krystle! I’m a late adopter of the jumpsuit too. I see so many cute ones out, and every time I pick one up off the rack, I think of the bathroom drama, and I put it back on the rack. I have a grey one like the one in this post…I think that’s enough for me!

  2. That jumpsuit looks great on you, V! Especially with that belt. But I know what you mean. I have a couple of shorts rompers, and while cute for the summer, I definitely do hate dismantling my entire outfit just to go to the WC.

    I was actually deciding on getting one from Forever 21 because of the print. If it were a maxi-dress, I would have snapped it up in a jiffy. I put it back after walking around the store with it because I decided it was too much of a hassle.


  3. I’m dealthy afraid of the jumpsuit, and yet, I’m dying to try it. I see it look so awesome on people and think “why not??” Then again, there aren’t a ton available in plus-sizes. Oh well, someday I will find one and try it. Thanks for reminding me to branch out!! And btw, that outfit is stunning 🙂

  4. Sorry my Twitter handle should be @slavetofashion…… don’t ask me why my address popped up. Stupid Google Chrome auto-fill!

  5. Well I adore this jumpsuit on you, but I can certainly agree on the whole inconvenience factor!

  6. I think any notorious man-repeller you try instantly loses its ability to repel. You’re totally rocking the jumpsuit here and I’m a little (read: a lot) jealous. I haven’t tried one in eons, but I bought a romper off a clearance rack last fall and it’s just…ugh. The lack of figure-flattering is my biggest problem. I’m just not a fan!

  7. hehehe! the hubby despises jumpsuits and rompers. Of course, I love them but you are so right about the bathroom issue. It’s totally unpractical but really, neither are 5″ heels and that doesn’t stop us from wearing them, right?

    The addition of the belt = GENIUS

    Fabulous, V!

  8. Oh this looks fantastic, and those shoes I just saw them yesterday on an outing to the local shops with my daughter and I just love them, too bad not in my budget right now, but I have my eye on them. Glad to have caught this I have been so busy lately have had no time to post on my fashion blog or even my very important for business travel blog 🙂
    ♥ Noemi
    Fashion: Classy N Glamorous

  9. I don’t own a jumpsuit, never wore one, and I think I’ll be okay without one unless it was leather and came with a MotoGP or NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Honda.

    I love how your fringe nearly touches the ground, though, as well as how your jumpsuit doesn’t look so… suit-y? Yeah, that works. The belt makes it so.

  10. The bathroom scenario? It has kept me from wearing jumpsuits. The idea of having to get essentially naked in the stall, only to have a broken lock and then someone accidentally walking in…. this is the stuff nightmares are made of!

  11. I actually really adore jumpsuits/romper styles because of the comfort, but like you don’t wear them as much. I think I own around 3 or so… I usually wear them with a belt of depending on the style of it (as one that I have is in business collar form), also sometimes wear the heavier one with a crop blazer so it looks like separate pieces. I totally hear you on the restroom situation… that’s the only frustrating thing trying to go to the bathroom with a onesie. haha! However, V you look so stunning, and I love the way that you styled this jumpsuit. Oh, and yes…that killer belt is soooo wonderful here!*
    I hope that you had fun on the shopping excursion! -xo

  12. I think certain people can pull of a jumpsuit and you are one of them! I made my first foray into the jumpsuit/romper world a couple of weeks ago and I really love the print on the romper I bought…BUT, like you said, I don’t like having to disrobe every time! For some reason, I didn’t really work out the logistics of how I would go to the loo before I put it on! haha =)

  13. I love, love, love ’em! Know what you mean about the whole disrobing malarky (and especially if you’re out for a few drinks and you’re trying to avoid it dangling in the beer-sodden floor!), but I will put up with this for their comfiness and how flattering they are (for me anyway!)..

  14. I totally agree! I find them comfortable, but SO annoying when you have to go to the bathroom. I’ve only worn them a few times.

  15. You are totally rocking yours! I don’t own one, because I have ginormous thighs and clothes that are the same size at the bottom as the top (obvs!) don’t work for me because they’ll be tights round the bottom and loose round the top. I can’t wear shift dresses either, just full skirted ones! I like the idea of them though, they’re comfy, but also a bit fashion, and well, silly. Which are basically my criteria for a good outfit!

  16. You look fabulous in it, but before you mention it, the fist thin that came to my head was going to the loo, hehehehehe.
    A sikrt is so much easier, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm perhaps that is why I like skirts???…just joking hehehehehe
    Much love my dear Greek Goddess.

  17. Jumpsuits are glam… but to be honest, not always the most practical in big cities where public bathrooms are what they are! Need not paint a clearer a pic;)

  18. Oh V, this is exactly how I feel about jumpsuits! I have a lovely vintage semi-animal print one, that I adore, but rarely wear! I am even pondering having it altered into a pair of printed pants and a cropped top, lol.

  19. LOL! I have a love/hate relationships with jumpsuits as well. The restroom issue and the dreaded camel toe they tend to give. Maybe we can all just learn to hold it in order to continue wearing jumpsuits! You look great in yours btw

  20. I avoid jumpsuits and rompers like the plague. They do nothing for my figure at all. In fact, I would probably look better in a potato sack.

    You, however, can rock a jumpsuit like it is nobody’s business. I feel your pain though regarding the downside of wearing them. That is another reason I avoid them like the plague. Anything that requires that much disrobing is just too much work! for me!

  21. Jumpsuits look really good on you. I stay away from any pant/jumpsuit that tapers at the bottom… I don’t think I’ve ever owned one and do not expect that to change soon. I have “junk in the trunk” which must be dealt with when picking any outfit. 🙂

  22. i like jumpsuits. i m a big fan of ropers tho! some ppl cant pull it off.. (ive seen it working at my boutique..) but YOU CAN1 i love how you matched it with the heels great choice


    fashion provocateur

  23. This is the best jumpsuit ever!! You look gorgeous! I love rompers and jumpsuits! They are so comfy. The only problem is when you have to go to the loo, like you said. It’s such a hassle. Definitely not good to wear them when you’re out for drinks. 🙂


  24. V, though I am with you on the love/hate relationship with jumpsuits, you look gorge in this one! I love the fringe belt – it’s perfect with it. One of the things I hate about the jumpsuits are as you mentioned, getting completely undressed to used the restroom. Especially for a semi germ-a-phobe like myself (its toning down as the years pass, thank goodness!), placing my entire outfit on the floor in a small, unclean restroom freaks me out. It’s the worst!


  25. Haha, I have the same problem with jumpsuits you describe. I was very very tempted to get some and tried on so many different ones – at least I realised in the dressing room that getting out of them is gonna be a problem.
    It’s a case of choosing the practical over the whimsical, I guess… For now… Until I’m tempted by them even more. 🙂

  26. I love jumpsuit too.. It looks so divine on you!
    I would wear a male version if some designer makes one day.
    oh.. and your shoes.. ” I died”! (literally)
    Lee x

  27. Well you already know you look fab in that jumpsuit so I don’t have to tell you! 🙂

    I like jumpsuits and wish they were more practical! You’re right about having to disrobe to go to the bathroom and you do have to be mindful of that panty line especially if the pants tend to flare out towards the bottom (like mine does!) So for those two reasons, I rock them sparingly!

  28. OMG- I love onesies, but do avoid sporting ’em for the exact reason you mentioned- the waterloo of the jumpsuit is the loo.

  29. I do not own a single one for the very reason you site here: removing for nature’s call! I think you look fabulous in it though. And honestly, I haven’t found one that I like. Although, I did see one in May’s issue of InStyle mag that looked really pretty. But I don’t think I could tolerate the disrobing required. I only want to get dressed once a day!

  30. If I looked like that in a jumpsuit I think my opinion would be different. However, I did just buy a short romper that I kind of like for how cool it is to wear. I’m not sure how much real life action it will see, but like it for just looking put together while at home.

  31. I think I’ve never read such a short post that went straight to the core of the topic. Back to your question: yes, I own one jumpsuit, ah well two, which I wore like uhm two times, yes. Too bad, it takes so much hassle to get them off, so I agree as far as practicability, they don’t score high on my wardrobe list. But when it comes to a fun fashion piece: I do like them.

  32. We love jumpsuits! I actually feature one on our first post on our blog. I love that yours is black, meaning it can be styled so many different ways. Love your candor.

  33. Sweet mother! Just when I think I have seen my fave look on you, BOOM, there you up the anty! I love this look on you darling, so chic I don`t know what to do with my self. I love the double G picture! And the shoes, the black colour, the belt, and the image of you tackeling the practicalities of wearing a jumpsuit. Be still my heart. HA!

    I don`t own one, all though I have been thinking of getting one, blowing up my box as it were. Very inspiring stuff, Vahni. Thank you for being just who you are, in every way.

  34. Completely with you on its impracticability when one needs the girls’ room…
    Looking good, though, V 🙂
    Joy x

  35. I adore jumpsuits I even have a floral one. This one really suits you and its styled as impeccably as we’d expect from you. It shouts ‘effortless style’.

  36. I’ve tried on one jumpsuit a couple of months ago and it just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t even think of having to use the restroom in one of those! Yikes! I’m always a freak when it comes to public restrooms too. So glad you pointed that out!

  37. SHUT UP V!!! Omigosh!! I toooootally posted me in a romper today and complained about the whole nakedness situation. I looove the way they look man-repelling and all but the first time I wore a romper to work (also only time), went to the ladies and the realization, “oh crap, i have to get naked right now” totally ruined the appeal to wear, ever sadface.

  38. it’s this exact reason why I’ve never tried one! You look fabulous as always though- that belt was the perfect touch!

  39. I really like jumpsuits, but I get how they can be impractical much like a body suit without snaps. I own one jumpsuit (shorts) simply because I’m a bit taller and have trouble finding ones that fit properly. My fave part of this outfit is your shoes- loves!

  40. V! First of all the jumpsuit look perfect paired with the F+C belt…what a genius idea! And second, I had the same jumpsuit/romper situation this weekend. I had to get completely nude every time I wanted to try anything on or go to the loo! Was an adventure I tell ya…xoxo

  41. I love this jumpsuit. I own about 20 of them from casual to dressy ones. The whole loo thing doesnt bother me at all. I don’t mind one bit.


      I love this jumpsuit. I own about 20 of them from casual to dressy ones. The whole loo thing doesn’t bother me at all.

  42. amen sistah!
    i was talking to a friend the other day about what a proper remedy would be to the loo in a jumpsuit situation. there was the option of snap/pop buttons ala the crotch route, but even then, tis not a very ladylike scene in the potty.

    1. what my old addy is doing next to my name there, beats me! dunno how i did that. see how my commenting skillz have become crummy do to the lack of use! :o(

      1. Well, hello, stranger! Long time no hear! thanks for dropping by! I’ve often wished for the snap crotch, but then I really WOULD feel like a grown-up in a onesie. I suppose the only options are suffer it, or don’t wear them, right?!

  43. Well, I like the way jumpsuits look, but they can only be worn in certain situations. Like grocery shopping, or to the library, or just running a few errands.
    Do not wear them if:
    1. You’re clothes shopping (you have to take the whole thing off just to try on a pair of pants)
    2. You’re out for dinner, drinks, or at a music festival (due to bathroom issues)
    3. You’re out with your man, and you’re feeling frisky (no easy access! Lol)

  44. I hear you on the jumpsuit and going to the bathroom palava. I cannot make those things work for me style wise but love seeing them on other people as they can look fab – love what you’ve done with yours and the fringed belt!

  45. First let me say that your jumpsuit looks wonderful on you and I love it with the fringe belt! Personally, however, I will probably never wear one. I have tried them, and they look NOTHING SHORT OF AWFUL on me. I think a similar look can be achieved with a top and pants in the same color, which I might do if I could find harem pants that looked good on me, but I think I’ll stick with separates.

  46. OK, it’s virtually unanimous that many of us love jumpsuits, but we HATE gettin’ naked just to go to the loo! I suppose that at least rompers, since they are short, are not as painful in that department. Easier to manage. Lord, it’s all just so complicated!

    Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts and for your comments!

  47. Funny, I just bought my first jumpsuit today, great timing! I have avoided them for a long time, mainly for all the reasons you detail in your post, but I finally couldn’t say no to this one. Black, silk, light as air, and on sale!! We’ll see how things go when I actually wear it for the first time;)

  48. lol – ah the perils of jumpsuits – you couldn’t be more correct! They are so darn cute, but quite possible the most impractical outfit ever! I can’t help myself though!

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